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Give birth with pleasure!

I Remember the first labor... 2002, September. Air already frosty, under legs leaves gold, already strewn lightly with the first snowball. At us in the north the winter comes early...

the Carriage and a bed are already bought

. Often I approach a bed and I shake it. The husband straightens out every time me, superstitiously noticing that it is a bad sign. I in reply only smile to it, representing as very soon in it my baby will snuffle.

Should tell

that I had an idea of babies very mediocre and therefore I neither about sleepless nights, nor did not think of possible problems with feeding. Perhaps it and to the best! Not without reason speak:“ Nothing venture, nothing win“.

Term to me was put for September 26, and the daughter was given birth by me a week earlier - on September 19, at birthday of my grandmother. Pregnancy took place quite normally. In 21 years about health especially also you do not worry. Sometimes, of course, in vain.

Giving birth to the second child, the son, six years later, I prepared psychologically and watched over health more - run, yoga, hardenings, a bath, courses of vitamin therapy are not just before pregnancy, and so by then already it developed in my life. But I will return to first labor.

the Spirit of me was quite good. At 12 o`clock waters began to depart. I somehow not really understood what occurs. Called mother and reported that I have for some reason all wet laying. Mother at once: “Yes at you waters departed, urgently call the man! And in maternity hospital!“ I right there call the husband, he breaks from flight and comes for me. It is lucky me in delivery room of the cardiocenter (I very much wanted to give birth there since there everything was new and beautiful, as in Europe), and from two maternity hospitals that we have in the city, this was just a person on duty. I was happy.

to Sege in a reception, also I understand, repair European, and service absolutely Soviet. Everything is slow, slowly. One and a half processed documents about an hour, then changed clothes for a hospital night dress, made an enema, sent to prenatal office. Everywhere it is pure and beautiful. I lie in separate prenatal on good, quite soft couch and I think: “And to give birth - that appears not painfully absolutely!“ I look out in a corridor - there one woman in labor, having writhed, creeps along a wall. “And what it it, - I think, Really and at me so will be?“ I lie, I wait.

were Connected by KTG. I lie, I wait. Made “a hot ukolchik“ that to stimulate childbirth and that the waterless period did not drag on. Well, also began!! Fights went waves. Ah, here it how to give birth - that appears! Time by the night. “Stick to me something!!“ - I ask the doctor, complaining of pain. And he says to me that thought of the child that to it this chemistry to anything. The good fellow the man, only I - then silly was, only about myself, darling, worried. But all - at it elicited one prick of anesthesia.

Soon I feel

- grieves. And in prenatal anybody. And I lie one on a couch. As I will shout - “Tuuuuzhzhzhzhit! Me grieves!“ There is no answer. Again I shout. One midwife runs in, for a moment looks “there“, and speaks to herself:“ Oh, yes here already childbirth“. Begins to direct how to make an effort as what. All chairs were employed in office, so I in prenatal on a couch also gave rise. Child 3670 gr., 51 cm. Made to me an epiziotomiya as thought that I will tear. Everything appeared quite tolerantly.

Euphoria was after the delivery replaced by a fever, and very strongly there was a wish to eat. My daughter on a stomach to me was not spread and as got then carried away to wash and swaddle. Also put to me it to a breast only somewhere in an hour. Now my “lump“ already went to the first class.

I liked to Give birth then. When became pregnant the second time, it was adjusted to give rise not worse, and it is better, than in the first! Pregnancy took place normally, apart from the fact that some doctors tried to appoint to me some medicines from lack of water, from varicosity (there were small wreaths on calves). I nodded, but did not accept any preparations - all to myself listened, realized that I do not want to drink tablets.

One doctors on ultrasonography said that a fruit small, as if to three kilograms to grow. And I thought - but God - that and nature - the mother know better to what baby I will be able to take out and give birth! Why artificially to interfere and razrashchivat it? Generally, tried to keep calm and composure. In the second trimester even in a bath of a hazhival, not for long, of course. Here it is very important to be able to listen to himself.

And, above all, I went somehow to reception to the stomatologist (he is a conservative, the father 4 - x children), he congratulated me and told such phrase which to me and so in soul and sank down: “Give birth with pleasure!“ I still thought: “Well!“ And then she at me somehow sat down at consciousness, and I often remembered her just like that. Thought of that and how it - “to give birth with pleasure“?! In this labor I would like to cost without any pricks, anesthesia and an epiziotomiya. Aha, so to speak, drew the correct conclusions.

Term at me stood for November 26. Too fall, too snowball, frost... Year 2008 - y. And what, you think, I did to give rise in time? Read to a story about childbirth on this website! Gloomy tried to pass, and re-read a positive not once! Also helped! Fights began training weak, however. On the 37th week even went to maternity hospital (now in another to compare and comments on him were pleasant) - so already it could not wait to give rise. But me made KTG, all looked and sent home. 3 more weeks were necessary to go and to strenuously read articles on 7ya. ru.

on November 26 hours at 10 in the evening again began

- the stomach and a back aches. Aches and aches. Called a taxi and went again. This time did not give an enema, state did not give a night dress. Filled forms and sent to prenatal. Lay, waited for fights. Looked at me - disclosure small. Delivered to KTG. So till the morning it promykatsya. The back continued to ache. And in a stomach there were weak reductions.

the manager came in the Morning. office. Looked, sent for ultrasonography, then made a dropper with physical solution and still entered physical solution as it was not enough waters into a uterus. Everything was tolerant and it is even pleasant.

everything Began

unexpectedly. Fights suddenly amplified and became just intolerable. First I tried to meditate, representing that the neck of a uterus is a dismissed bud (I do not know, for some reason to me such comparison came). However soon became not before meditations and buds. The real fights began. And suddenly I understood that all. I give birth! Again I shout: “Tuzhzhzhzhzhit!“ 5 people instantly rush into chamber. The doctor, midwifes also I do not know who else. On me pull boot covers, turn sideways directly on a couch - not to a chair already! And I make an effort. I am abused, and I continue to make an effort. In about 15 minutes get from me my small lump 3306 gr., 51 cm. It was rubbed off and at once put to me on a stomach. There was a placenta. And I ask the doctor: “And now that to sew up?“ And it to me: “And what to sew up - that? The good fellow, did not tear anywhere“. And I look at the lump and I think: “Well, that`s all. Was born“.


I again remembered to me words: “Give birth with pleasure!“ What and to you I wish!