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Abdominoplastika of

This outstanding part of a body over the years very seldom remains flat and tightened, than brings a lot of disappointment. Experts figuratively call the flabby, drooped ugly folds stomach “a fatty apron“. Fortunately, possibilities of modern surgery allow to get rid of it by means of special operation - an abdominoplastika.

the Stomach without apron

the abdominoplastika Purpose - to take away excess skin and fatty cellulose, having given to a stomach the beautiful form - it is not worse, than at the antiquated beauty Sulamita about whose stomach it is told in the Bible that he reminded a round bowl in which fragrant wine is not exhausted. Many women expect to tighten a belt by means of the diet, massage, shaping burning fat of belts, anti-cellulite gels. If it is about already created kozhno - a fatty fold, these hopes are not equaled.

As a rule, the stomach gets out of a shape after pregnancy during which the organism develops a large amount of hormone of progesterone.

Under its influence of a muscle, connecting fabric and skin of a forward belly wall stretch. That process went, testify one-time - the lilac strips (doctors call them striya, patients - extensions) appearing on a stomach surface. By the way, they arise at sharp increase in weight. The fatty apron pulls for itself a navel down, and once accurate dredging turns in slantwise the located shapeless fold over time.

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superfluous to an organism not in power: skin and the cellulose located under it do not possess sokratitelny properties and do not give in to training. Paradoxically, but fact: if you pump up an abdominal tension and will lose extra kilos, the skin fold on a stomach will droop even stronger. Worst of all, when the woman at first grows thin, then grows stout, after that goes on a diet again. Result - all new extensions and “lengthening“ of a fatty apron. In this case not to do without operation. Here - that also helps out an abdominoplastik.

the First surgical intervention of this sort took place in 1899 - doctor Kelly excised kozhno - a fatty fold of 90ő31 cm in size and 7 cm thick. Remote “apron“ weighed almost 7,5 kg! But all this already medicine history. The principles of modern plasticity were developed in the USA in 60 - e years of the past century especially for “stars“ of Hollywood. Incredibly, but fact: the American surgeons improved technology of operation and perfected skill on stomachs American celebrities.

the Doctor does to

a cross-section in a stomach bottom (here the cosmetic seam is almost imperceptible) and otslaivat kozhno - a fatty rag to the lower edges. Then strengthens an abdominal tension, fixing muscles a double layer of connecting fabric (so-called duplikatury an aponeurosis).

after that the doctor deletes with

superfluous and forms a beautiful navel in the center of a stomach.

of the Possibility of esthetic correction of contours of a body extended when the abdominoplastika began to be combined with a liposuction - removal of local congestions of hypodermic cellulose (fatty pillows). Each surgeon will improve the classical scenario of an abdominoplastika in own way.

experts have a sparing operation option intended for elderly people. At this age when the metabolism is slowed down, and skin lost elasticity, many get an impressive fatty apron. Considering that wounds at such patients heal worse, the special technique assuming the minimum trauma is applied.