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Care of skin of the child

It is very important to look after correctly since the early childhood the child`s skin. The foundation for its health and beauty for the rest of life is laid at this particular time.

Children`s skin is several times thinner than the adult`s skin, it is finally formed only by 12 years. Skin of babies contains big percent of water, it has few own acid protective layer, it is still difficult for it to resist to external influences independently: to harmful bacteria, infections and other irritants. Therefore gentle, sensitive and whimsical skin requires special attention and care. Any friction - basts, diapers, a diaper - can cause irritation. The clothes containing artificial fibers can also provoke emergence of an itch, a potnitsa and to cause to the kid of inconvenience.

Over the years skin matures, but so far your child grows and develops, it needs special leaving, and, therefore, the special means developed taking into account differences of children`s skin. You remember, healthy skin for the kid is not only feeling of comfort, but also the main barrier on the way of penetration of microbes.

several important rules on care of the child`s skin Exist:

1. Correctly change disposable diapers.

Disposable diapers made the real revolution in care of the child. Mountains of wet diapers remained in the past. But to provide the real comfort to the kid, it is necessary to take care of care of skin. Under a diaper it is especially subject to irritation and reddening. Even if diapers very high quality, time of carrying one diaper should not exceed 3 hours in the afternoon. And here at night if the child sleeps peacefully, this time can be prolonged till 8 - 10 o`clock.

Cannot put on the child a new diaper right after removed old. The child needs to take an air bath within 10 - 15 minutes, and skin at the same time has to be dry.

Before each change of a diaper of the kid needs to be washed away under warm flowing water, and the girl in the direction in front back not to bring an infection. It can be done by means of children`s cream - soaps.

If does not have

an opportunity to wash away the child, use the clearing wet towel wipes. And if the kid has an inclined skin to dryness, your first assistant - the clearing cream napkins “Big-eared Nian“.

Before putting on a diaper, it is necessary to avoid an intertrigo and irritations, to process buttocks and inguinal area of the kid special children`s protective cream for diapers.

2. Do not forget to feed and moisten children`s skin.

From - for weak function of sebaceous glands a surface of skin of the kid to the land, than at adults therefore needs additional food and moistening. The soft moisturizing creams quickly are absorbed, without leaving a greasy luster, maintain natural humidity of skin and soften it. Such creams can be used during the day for giving of softness and smoothness to skin of the kid. But it is especially necessary to apply them to completion of loss of moisture after acceptance of water procedures, and also in a hot season.

Nutritious creams are intended to

for protection and food of skin of kids. Mineral and natural oils are their cornerstone. Mineral oil remains on a skin surface, covering it with a thin plenochka and providing, thus, protection. Natural - gets deep into skin, rendering the additional looking after effect (food, moistening, mitigation etc.) .

children`s skin Open to injury is inclined

to inflammations and reddenings. For restoration of integuments and ensuring protection use children`s anti-inflammatory cream “Big-eared Nurses“. It promotes fast healing and regeneration of skin thanks to an optimum combination of mineral and natural oils.

Attentively watch

a condition of skin of the kid, prevent emergence of irritations and inflammations. If not to prevent them, then there can be serious consequences. Remember that skin of the child is the indicator of his internal state: if the organism does not perceive something from food, then skin reaction (reddenings, heat-spots) will at once tell you that it is better not to enter this component into a diet. In the same way there are allergic reactions to the most different things: dust, flower pollen, hair of animals, is possible reaction to improper cosmetics.

Pay special attention to protection of children`s skin against wind and the sun.

3. You remember, purity - guarantee of health.

to Most of children likes to bathe: warm water calms them and helps to fall asleep. It is necessary to bathe children daily at the same time; best of all before feeding. Do not bathe the kid if he lifted temperature or there are pustulous diseases of skin (dermatologists in such cases do not recommend water procedures).

the Tray before use carefully wash up

, then pour in it water. Air temperature in the room for bathing has to be 22 - 24C. Optimum water temperature - 36 - 37C. It is possible to add medical substances to water (starch at eczema, sea salt at rickets, coniferous extract at functional frustration of nervous system, a camomile or a calendula at allergic dermatitis) or special children`s bath foam.

it is Very important to immerse the child in a bathtub correctly. The left hand it is necessary to capture the left armpit of the child, the nape and the head in this case lean on your shoulder; we support by the right hand the kid from below. After immersion in water it is obligatory to support the head and a trunk of the child by the left hand and a forearm. Water level should not close the top part of a thorax. Duration of bathing fluctuates from 3 to 15 minutes. The right hand soft roundabouts serially soap the head, a neck, armpits, handles, a breast, a stomach and the child`s legs, at the same time the soaped sites should be rinsed at once. For washing use special children`s gel. At the end of washing of the child it is necessary to rinse with clear water. During rinsing close his head a hand that water did not get to eyes.

When washing hair of the child pay attention to a condition of head skin. If you notice crusts of a dairy scab, surely remove them. For this purpose in 2 hours prior to evening bathing densely oil the head of the kid to nurseries, and when crusts soften, remove them by means of a frequent comb. After that wash up the head of the kid children`s shampoo.

you can use

For simplification of procedure of washing of the kid a universal remedy for bathing from the head to legs. It carries out 2 functions at once - well clears both a body, and the head. In a complex of hygiene of kids an important role is played by care of a nose, ears and nails. For regular clarification of a nose use hardly twisted wadded turunda moistened with children`s oil. Accurately rotating movements you enter it into the nasal course on depth of 1,5 - 2 cm and take the accumulated allocations from a nose. If it is too much slime, apply a nasal aspirator.

Ears of the kid should be cleaned after bathing. It is for this purpose better to use Q-tips with the limiter. At the same time it is necessary to clear only an auricle, without going deep into acoustical pass.

do not forget

also about nails of the baby. Be ready that at children they grow very quickly and demand a regular hairstyle. Use for this purpose small scissors. It is better if they are with blunt ends. It is convenient to some to use children`s nippers for nails. It is more convenient to cut nails when the kid sleeps, but be accurate. Not to affect skin, wring out small pillows of fingers.

4. Correctly select children`s cosmetics (soap, shampoo, cream etc.) .

Acidity of skin of babies differs in

from acidity of skin of adults therefore the adult cosmetics is not suitable for children.


For example, choosing the kid shampoo, you remember that the down replacing with the newborn hair in the first months of life, and volosika which succeed it is much thinner and weaker than the adult`s hair. And the formed top layer of head skin still is very gentle and vulnerable. Therefore children`s shampoo has to be pH - neutral, it should not wash away a natural protective layer, not dry skin, it is good to be washed away and not to irritate a mucous membrane of eyes.

Also pay attention that not all means intended for children can be used for newborns. Skin of the baby very thin and sensitive therefore for care of it it is better to use the creams and detergents developed especially for newborns.


Besides tactile feelings, the great influence on the child is exerted by smells. Sharp synthetic perfumery fragrances irritate babies. Natural, delicate aromas are more habitual for them.

At the first use of new brand of soap, shampoo, cream try them on a small part of the body. If after a while on this site there is a reddening, do not use these cosmetics.

5. Pay special attention to care of clothes and linen of the kid.

As skin of babies very gentle and sensitively reacts to external irritants, the special attention should be paid to a kidswear and ware. Kids in the first months have lives still very imperfect immune system and at the wrong leaving the risk of emergence of allergic reactions even at initially healthy child therefore it is better to take care about health of the kid is big and to work a little.

should be Begun with

with what the kid contacts constantly to - clothes and ware. Both that, and another is quickly and often soiled. And it can not always be returned in an initial state just by means of careful rinsing in hot water. And it is impossible to use usual detergents as all of them have a difficult chemical composition which components are aggressive and can provoke allergic reactions. Still many parents continue to consider that to wash a kidswear better to wash with children`s soap. But nevertheless it is not the best way of removal of different pollution. And mother not always has excess one or one and a half hours on a hand wash of the collected children`s things.

Modern developments of producers of detergents allow mother to save time and forces for washing without risk for health of the child. Besides, it is necessary to follow the basic rules of washing.

  1. should Wash children`s things separately from clothes of parents.
  2. needs to wash Underwear of kids about three months at a temperature of 90 º With that replaces boiling.
  3. Children`s linen needs to be rinsed twice more carefully.
  4. For washing needs to use only special children`s means: laundry detergents, conditioners, stain removers.
  5. it is important to li to follow the instructions specified on packing.
it is the best of all than

I if it are means of the Big-eared Nurses series. All of them passed special tests, and this proof of their hypoallergenicity. All of them are intended for washing of linen of newborns. The laundry detergent “Big-eared Nurses“ does not contain soap therefore easily it is completely rinsed from fabric that excludes emergence of allergic reactions. Conditioners “Big-eared Nurses“ give to things softness, facilitate process of an ironing, remove static electricity. The Big-eared Nurses stain remover especially effectively deletes spots from fruit, tea, a grass, chocolate, oil and specific children`s pollution.

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