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Adult problems of children`s teeth

the Saying “prepare sledge in the summer, and a cart - in the winter“ it is well-known all. Very actual it is also from the point of view of care of teeth of our children. The earlier and more carefully we will begin to pay it attention, the teeth at younger generation will be healthier.

Formation of teeth at a fruit begins

with five weeks. During this period rudiments of milk teeth and their resistance to caries are put. In twelve weeks there comes the second phase which is characterized by formation of internals and systems of an organism. Violation of this process can be also displayed on a condition of milk teeth.

formation of rudiments of second teeth, their arrangements on a jaw is characteristic Of the third phase (the fifth month). The major role is played at the same time by genetic information of parents. That is, if they have unhealthy teeth, then to predict that at the child “the Hollywood smile“ will be very difficult. Heredity is shown regularly in each generation.

besides, defective food of mother, her disease, insufficiency of minerals, acceptance of drugs, adverse ecology lead to violation of formation of bodies.

can claim

With a high probability that the woman who abuses or lives with the persistent smoker will surely give birth to “the patient of a stomatologic office“.

the Children`s age is characterized by certain phases of development of teeth: prorezyvaniye formation of roots and change of teeth.

On 6 - 7 month of life of the child the first milk teeth begin to appear. By this moment the crown of tooth is already created. Prorezyvaniye occurs in certain time individually. On 20 - 30 month of life (that is at the age of 2 - 2,5 years) the child has to have 20 teeth.

Development of a fang and its final formation happens only after a full prorezyvaniye of a crown of tooth. At temporary teeth this period lasts for 1,5 - 2.

Since five years at children growth of second teeth begins

, and roots of dairy are gradually dissolved. When second teeth grow, it is very important that dairy were on the place because they:

Tooth keeps the correct arrangement in a tooth alignment thanks to action of various forces. Lateral forces result from contact with the next teeth of a tooth alignment. Vertical - action of basic elements of tooth and pressure of tooth - the antagonist on an opposite jaw. Horizontal forces arise owing to pressure of surrounding chewing muscles. Change of any of these forces will affect a relative positioning of teeth. In such conditions there is a violation of process of a chewing of food. If the milk tooth drops out prematurely, then the next and opposite teeth change the arrangement in a tooth alignment. There is shift and an inclination of teeth in the direction of space which was formed. Premature loss of a milk tooth can lead to a delay of a prorezyvaniye of a second tooth because the bone tissue on this site will be more dense, and in such conditions it is heavier to tooth to break through.

After a prorezyvaniye of second teeth formation of their roots continues. Only in 3 - 4 teeth become full.

Milk teeth needs to treat

On reception very often parents ask the stomatologist whether it is necessary to treat milk teeth? They are vremenna. Unless milk teeth have a root? Nerves? Usually is. Both root, and nerves. All has no roots, - drops out.


Nervously - the vascular body of tooth (pulp) in milk teeth on volume is more, than at constants, and a wall - thinner. Respectively, milk teeth spoil quicker and hurt more. Therefore they also need leaving. Not less than two times a year survey of the stomatologist, and if necessary - treatment is necessary.

It is very important

that children were brought to the stomatologist not when already hurts, the doctor needs to come into contact with the kid. His subsequent relation to a condition of the teeth depends on the moment of the first communication with the doctor. A stress which the child in the first visit of a stomatologic office has it becomes very frequent the fear reason to dental care which remains for the rest of life.

It is very important

that parents, having brought the child and knowing that it is necessary to extract tooth, did not deceive him supposedly the doctor will only look. And what is costed by such statement: “If you do not obey, I will move to the doctor, and he to you will give an injection!“

needs to explain

Before treatment of tooth to the child that visit to the stomatologist need which will facilitate life, but not a way of punishment for some fault. Before treatment it is worth meeting the doctor. Emotional, uneasy children before “excursion“ to the stomatologist need to carry out medicamentous preparation. Remember that “stomatologic happiness“ of your child depends only on you.

Caries is one of the most widespread diseases in the world, but it can be prevented easily if to teach children correctly to brush teeth, is healthy food and to address regularly the stomatologist from the earliest age.

the Dental health is a mirror display of a state of health of system of digestion and all organism.


order of a prorezyvaniye of second and milk teeth?

the Teething is a physiological process. Sign of the correct prorezyvaniye is paired relationship of an exit of symmetric teeth in certain time, at first on lower, and then - on the top jaw. It is an indicator of the correct development of the child and his state of health in general.

On 6 - 8 month of life of the child cutting edges of two central cutters begin to appear (²). In 8 - 12 months lateral cutters are cut through (²²). Thus, by the beginning of the second year of life the child has to have 8 teeth.


After a small break (2 - 3 months) cut through the first molars (IV), then on 16 - 18 month - canines (²²²) and the second radical (V) teeth - 20 - 30 month. That is, an order of emergence of milk teeth is as follows: ² - ²² - IV - ²²² - V.

On 20 - 30 months of life the child has to have 20 teeth.

At children with a metabolic disorder, nervously unbalanced, weakened by infectious diseases perhaps heavy teething. Temperature increase of a body, digestion violation, concern, sleeplessness, the general weakness are observed. During this period decrease in resilience of an organism to infections is possible.

begins Prorezyvaniye`s

of a second tooth at the correct development of the child after loss dairy.

What is premature loss of teeth?

Premature loss of a milk tooth is a removal of tooth until its physiological loss and change of a bite on constant. Because of the wrong care of a mouth, violations of food, untimely dental care rather often develop inflammatory processes not only in a site of a painful tooth, but also in other bodies. Therefore the doctor is forced to extract tooth to liquidate an infection source.

What is medicamentous preparation before visit of the stomatologist?

It is about purpose of soothing medical supplies to nervous, unbalanced children. But it is extreme methods. In such cases the best means of influence on children is the personal example of parents who regularly visit the doctor, follow the rules of personal hygiene. In this foreshortening, the idea of the family doctor is quite good. Children in such cases have an opportunity to get acquainted with the doctor outside a stomatologic office therefore many problems disappear by itself.