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The fighter Yulka of

I do not recommend to read to Future mummies! Girls, take a walk in the fresh air better, it is better for you not to read such stories.

that moment when there is a wish to share thoughts with the whole world, and not just with by itself Came, probably. For the first time mother I became for a month before term, the baby weighing 1830 gr... It was shock! Tears, emotions, thoughts, feelings - everything mixed up in a ball. Article in one glossy magazine about the little Frenchwoman Klara weighing less than 1 kg inspired, it was re-read 100 times. But! Alas, about premature more nothing practically was, any information (2002 outside).

of the Baby - the boom of 2007 concerned also our family. The bad attack of osteochondrosis for some reason ended with pregnancy. For the time being nobody knew and noticed. Everything was excellent: analyses, pressure, etc. Closer by warm summer days pressure slightly rose and... Gestoz! I arrived to maternity hospital on Sunday with pressure 170 on 90 (it on 28 - 29 week of safe, at first sight, pregnancy), in reanimation the equipment showed already 207 on something else, I do not remember any more. Next day learned that I have a girl, before she was over-modest and showed only buttocks though already all, who our tried - to learn the second cars twice. Tears hail, again emotions, thoughts, feelings...

On Sunday arrived to maternity hospital, on Monday I was told literally:“ Pregnancy should be stopped“. Hypostases, pressure, analyses were obviously not in my advantage, and on Tuesday to me made Cesarean section.

As I remember our dialogue with the anesthesiologist now (to me did epiduralny anesthesia, I heard everything, was in consciousness, could speak, only felt nothing):

- you have a girl!

- It though live?

- Live, but very small...

two More days I in reanimation, the baby too. Communication with the outside world via phone (oh, the civilization benefit!) . On Thursday I pass into chamber, the neigbour in the same situation, only the baby is slightly larger. And term - 32 weeks.

I do not remember

Ya when I went to watch the child, I remember that there were we with it together, held walls and the friend for the friend. Memory here a bit brings me, I remember badly.

Wants to write a lot of things, but the hand cannot, the head refuses to think, thoughts get off. I remember some conversations with the doctor, I remember how went home with the husband, information search on the Internet...

Then series of everyday life, visits 2 times a day... And permission to register the baby. This was an excessive task for us. Among themselves we named her Angelina, but so did not begin to register. Thought long, decided that if it was born in July - let then there will be Yulya!

Still with shudder I watch leave yellow ambulance cars “Reanimation of newborns“, but these people make impossible - believe! By such car our Yulenka was carried in the Diagnostic center on carrying out three-dimensional ultrasonography and transported in Ivano - Matreninsky hospital.

our girl began to Breathe independently in 1 month, we learned to suck in 3 (before the sosatelny reflex fell down somewhere a deep sleep), but in 4 months we learned to eat mother. And since then this child does not perceive either a pacifier, or a baby`s dummy.

Yes, we got home at the age of 3,5 months. Before there was one attempt in 2,5 months to hide from SARS epidemic (to us allowed to take away the girl home on the terms of a day hospital), but at the same night Yulka gave apnoe (respiratory standstill) directly at me on hands. Then - that I gained the experience of an artificial respiration, and since then, likely, a half of hair left my head. As a result, that night we returned on “ambulance“ to a hospital for a month.

Now this madam lies at me on hands, smiling in all two cut teeth, refuses to eat, agikat, laughs. On a floor already to it bothered to turn today, she decided that at mother to it will be more cheerful, demanded to take on handles.

P. S. And still, if there are comments, then the huge request - us not to be sorry!! Yulka - it the Fighter (from capital letter), and I... I any more, probably, am afraid of nothing in this life. The main thing - to believe in itself, in the forces, the word “confidence“ from the word “belief“...