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My long road fortunately of

Can to someone this story will seem uninteresting, or perhaps will inspire someone. Anyway is my history. Why long? Yes because to happy 02. 04. 2009 I went 10 years. Now even it dread to think, term is how huge it.

I Will begin

from the very beginning. We with the spouse, as well as many people loving each other, right after a wedding began to try to conceive the child. Month, the second, third, half a year, year... The term of our expectation of dews, and nothing was impossible to us. Finally became agitated after three years of unsuccessful attempts. Of course, all these three years we did not sit in empty expectation. There were female consultations, the centers, any doctors and a lot of analyses (I then thought that heaps). Diagnosis one:“ You with the husband are absolutely healthy“. The pleasant attempts relaxed and continued. But not here - that was...

both the fourth, and the fifth Passed

, and the seventh year. We with enthusiasm of young pioneers try, and except pleasure we receive nothing! Desperate thoughts began to climb in the head. What to do if at all it will not turn out? Perhaps to adopt the child? But it is necessary to pay tribute to my spouse... His belief in happy end was stronger and very much supported me.

For these seven years we, of course, strongly got tired both morally, and physically, and is material. As bad dream... The relatives and acquaintances who are constantly inquiring in addition in family, hordes of doctors in white dressing gowns, liters of the taken blood test, devices ultrasonography, all modifications of chairs in viewing offices... Even there is no wish to remember the rest. Generally, as my knowledge about a structure and functioning of a female organism grew, I understood how there is a lot of dull doctors in our hospitals. For an example...

On one of ultrasonography sessions the doctor declared to me that my uterus so small that her neck is more than uterus, well and as a sentence:“ You will never become pregnant“. To tell that I was shocked, - not to tell nothing... I both sobbed, and damned everything on light, and was ready to give up and to reconcile... Fortunately, it not in my character.

selflessly left to

Ya work for the sake of long courses of inspection, it was given to doctors as an experimental mouse. At the beginning of every month gave hope to me, and at the end of everyone I was upset. Well and, respectively, the farther, the worse... Hypotheses were made... And each time diagnoses became more terrible and scarier. Healed me.... The liver was “put“ at once and slowly other bodies killed. In parallel we as the desperate people, visited different sorcerers and sorcerers, went to monasteries, amicably prayed... The result was not... Eventually, all this bothered us, and the decision to do EKO was made (relatives had a successful example).

for this purpose went at the other end of the world, to the city of Kiev. I will not tell much. I will tell only that we gave the decent sum there, I was nearly ruined hyper stimulation, made two transfers, and we left home. Embryos did not get accustomed.

there Passed three more years. This time without doctors, but still waiting for a miracle.


of the Miracle it did not happen. Decided to do EKO, in the hometown again this time. Did not allow to do anything conscience.

On the first reception to me were handed by the list of necessary inspections and analyses. I a habitual route went on doctors. Made everything, except one analysis on the third - the fifth day monthly. Forgot to tell that I all the time had very irregular cycle, and by that moment the delay was about a month... Habitual history. I wait for monthly... Here my sister asked already bothered question: “But whether you are pregnant?“ Also bought the test... I that the spent sum was not vain, made the test... It was positive. Waited!

Here happiness also began

... Absence of toxicosis, to doctors, as for the holiday, a heart beating rounded a tummy, the first pushes... Classical happiness of nine months. Thanks to all angels and for pregnancy, per se, and for easy pregnancy, and for easy childbirth... I, probably, one of the few happy women who remembers childbirth with such positive. I have no words to describe all pulled hard happiness...

of the Girl, darling,s never despair... The miracle is! I became a mother! And my child became also my muse, I write verses now... There are lines devoted to it:

We created that nice miracle,
That every time, smiling to us in the morning,
all day and all life fills with Happiness,
Even then when sadly happens.
the Small nose, sponges ridiculous,
Clever eyes and brows native,
Legs and handles, a tummy, pupochek,
what distinguishes sonnies from daughters. .
Well, and we wish that there was it happy,
That all adversities passed by,
That it with advantage spent years. In it all sense, sweeping aside doubts.
the Son - our best work...
It is thought, will become the famous scientist, Perhaps the politician or the doctor.
So we dream, lives the program -
That we were the father and mother!

P. S. I am happy mother already half a year, and today made the test... And it is positive!!