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I am 4 years old!

inflated balls at Night and hanged out in the room. Having woken up and having understood that today birthday, Mischa joyfully stretched: “Watch what I am big! I am 4 years old!“

After morning procedures Mischa dressed up, having chosen independently a suit, has breakfast and began to make letters of balls (itself thought up, than to occupy itself while parents managed in kitchen).

in the Afternoon Mischa sleeps (with 13 to 15 - 00). Here and today was not an exception.


the Beginning of celebration appointed on 16 - 00, but since Mischa was unwell, from invited there was only an aunt Marina.

I got the Role of the leader - distributed all masks (noses, points) and caps (in it we also celebrated birthday).

- All little girls and boys, rascals and little rascals we call on representation under the name “Birthday!“ let`s launch the fun missile. You know how to make it? We stamp legs, hands we clap and loudly we say:“ At - at - at“. Time, two, three, began!“ All, really, caught fun and since Mischa chose a cap, he rejoiced most and shouted: “I am the rocket!“.

Here and calls with congratulations appeared in time:

A then.

Between toasts held competitions (souvenirs - notebooks, markers, balls, candies and other trifles).

1. On leaflets of the A4 format to put from color triangles of the little man and to paste. Declared later that it is a self-portrait.

2. Caught in turn fish (who will catch more), standing on one leg, then on another, standing a back to a bucket, sideways... Declared as the winner the father. As a rod - a stick with a magnet on the end. Cut out small fishes from a cardboard, having attached to them paper clips.

3. Guessed riddles, for example:

“Who has one leg,
And that without boot?“ (mushroom)

“Is costed in a garden by a ringlet -
the White shirt.
the Heart - gold,
What is it?“ (camomile)

4. Long jumps with a balloon between legs.

5. Made a collective congratulation - a card (the birthday man participated too, especially he liked to mold stickers).

On a sheet A3 needed to lead round each of attendees the hand, to write in it a congratulation and to decorate (to draw something, to use stickers...) .

were followed Further by gifts to the birthday man from the aunt Mariny.

a gift (parents) from us we decided to present

A so. To catch a gift, it was necessary to pass to Mischa an obstacle course “Fire, water and copper pipes“ (to show what it big, dexterous and hardy).

“Water“. On a floor pasted cut out from color hummocks paper on which it was necessary to jump not to stumble and not “to wet legs“.

“Fire“. In a doorway strengthened a rope with the red rags strung on it. A task - to find a manhole, to creep, without touching “tongues of flame“.

“Copper pipes“. built a pipe on which it is necessary to creep From a Whatman paper.

At the exit Mischa was waited by a gift. Having seen it, Mischa cried: “Hurrah!!! I all life dreamed of hockey!“

Of course, did not do also without festive cake, a zaduvaniye of a candle and singing of “Loaf“ where Mischa, having faced the choice, told: “I love mother, I love the father, but it is most Marina.“

in the Evening, seeing off the aunt Marinu, Mischa offered (that very much surprised us): “Let`s all sing the song together?“, and having said goodbye to it: “Now without song we will go, something became boring for me“.

all admired

of the House: “So fine the task was thought up with water, fire and copper pipes! I want to play such game still... You so much gifts presented to me!“ also “caught“ small fishes in the way, putting “catch“ in a pipe.

Then thought up

to jump, standing in a pipe and to hide in it. And later, having put on a bucket the head and standing in a pipe, said: “I am a snowman“.

Filling up

, asked not to unstick hummocks:“ I want that you never moved away them“. And a day more 3 on them jumped until they tore.