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How to choose a warm jacket for the child? What to pay attention to first of all? What materials it is better? What features of breed do a jacket rather warm and cozy? With our hints to make a right choice not so difficult.

Confidential materials

the Main task of outerwear for winter and fall - protection against wind, dampness and cold. Therefore, it has to be not blown, waterproof and warm. At the same time the clothes have to be rather easy and provide to the child the maximum freedom of movements. In this regard natural materials - skin and fur - significantly concede to modern synthetic materials - easy, strong and very simple in leaving.

Water-proof, not blown, soft and in certain cases even dirt-resistant fabrics are used by many producers. The Finnish Luhta brand offers jackets from the hi-tech material Icepeak. This fabric is developed especially for active boys and girls and is suitable for any weather conditions: snow, rain, slush, pools. In clothes of the Kerry brand the most modern water-repellent materials of new generation of the highest quality are used: Aqua Control and Cordura. Aqua Control provides reliable protection against a namokaniye in the rain and a sleet, and especially strong waterproof Cordura fabric is inserted on those places which suffer when falling - knees, buttocks, elbows.

of of KERRY - a collection fall - winter of 2010
One more important quality of fabric - vozdukhopronitsayemst. Fabric has to “breathe“, otherwise the child can strongly sweat that can end with cold. The Lemmitex fabric patented by Lemmi Fashion DM does not pass moisture, not wind, however keeps the “breathing“ ability. The membrane material Active Finalyson action (Kerry) from the outer side is unapproachable for a rain and snow, and from internal - is capable to take away excessive heat and moisture from a body. In such clothes on the street in any weather it will be warm and dry, and in the room (in shop, in transport) not hot and not stuffy.


As for heaters, and here artificial materials it is more preferable. Widely used Isosoft heater thanks to special microcellular structure holds warm air inside and does not allow cold to get inside. Isosoft not only perfectly keeps heat even in hard frosts, but also very quickly dries after washing in the machine. Thanks to a unique warm and thin filler of Fiberskin of a jacket and Lemmi Fashion overalls are easy and convenient, children can ski and skate, run, play all day long... In a word, to do anything without risk to sweat, get wet or freeze. One more advantage of modern artificial materials - hypoallergenicity.

the Size matters

of of Futurino - a collection fall - the winter of 2010
Clothes which do not approach by the size, will never be rather comfortable. When the jacket sits too densely, the airbag which is necessary for the correct work of the majority of heaters disappears. On the contrary, too free clothes do not detain warmly inside. Nevertheless, many parents try to buy a jacket or a coat with a stock “for growth“: if it is correct to calculate the size, the qualitative outerwear can serve to your child 2 - 3 seasons. The best decision - models which allow to regulate volume by means of belts, laces and details collected on an elastic band. And long sleeves can just be sprained.

the Jacket should not be too short, its optimum length - approximately to the middle of a hip. At the same time the back can be longer than a shelf: such breed allows to protect buttocks of the kid from cold even if he will sit down or will bend down.

Important trifles

But to the child it can be uncomfortable even in the jacket which is ideally suitable by the size. By Rather warm and comfortable the warm clothes are done by at first sight insignificant details.

the design of a jacket should not allow cold and dampness to make the way inside. Therefore (under a chin) the stand-up collar, cuffs of sleeves collected on an elastic band, the lace allowing to tighten a product bottom, and, of course, a hood will be necessary elements of rather comfortable autumn or winter clothes high.


Choosing a jacket, be convinced that the collar does not rest against a chin and does not close companies. It is fine if in the chosen model has a double collar - such is in many models of the Gusti brand (Canada). This fleece scarf - a collar is put on under a jacket and densely adjoins to a neck: both the throat is closed, and it is convenient to the child.

That wind did not blow in jacket sleeves, many producers not only bring together them on an elastic band, but also supplement with internal knitted cuffs. Sometimes cuffs are regulated on a wrist. For example, at the sports Gusti models width of a cuff is regulated by means of a lightning in a sleeve. The hood in a children`s jacket has to have a stock on a cap, but also not to be too volume. The internal elastic band or the dragging-on drawstring with a clamp will become additional protection against wind.

It is excellent if the jacket has the lower utyazhka which in many models is still duplicated by an adjustable drawstring on a waist. One more useful detail - a removable warm lining which will allow to turn into only a few seconds a winter jacket in autumn and vice versa.

the Expert Alexey Voskoboynik, the head of department a product - management, a retail network “Toy Store“

Despite obvious advantages of modern fabrics and heaters, many parents prefer natural materials. And producers meet requirements of them. For example, you will find in a new collection of the Futurino brand not only easy and warm jackets with a synthetic heater, but also classical down-padded coats. These jackets very warm and at the same time easy. The raw materials for a filler of these jackets pass heat and antibacterial treatment therefore the risk of emergence of allergic reactions is minimum.


to protect the child from potentially dangerous materials, choose clothes of the famous producers who strictly watch quality of the production. All materials from which seasonal collections of the Futurino brand are sewed without fail take very tough chemical tests. Not only fabrics and heaters, but also metals of which zippers and buttons are made are subjected to tests.

By the way the lightning deserves separate attention. Both hard, and too easy course of a lightning says that it will serve not for long. That through a lightning wind did not get, it has to be outside closed by a protective level. That when fastening overalls the lightning did not pinch the kid for a chin, in many models the lock closes the fabric corner sewed in a collar.