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The birth of Happiness

Happens, live in the world which is so habitual where everything is already placed in the places where there are plans for the future. Got up early, ahead mad, busy day, you speak to yourself: “Everything will turn out... Surely it will turn out!“ And one tiny turn of destiny can change everything in a fraction of a second, and happiness becomes such close and such long-awaited.

Excellent solar day, nothing foretold any vital changes. Everything went the habitual turn, only the small spark of hope warmed a cold stream of everyday thoughts. But here the mad stream of the joyful, concerning, frightening emotions overflowed during a moment! In me new life arose...

Ya jumped with the test in hands, with happiness tears in the eyes. In the head turned: “I am pregnant?! I? She is pregnant? Yes!!“

of 9 months of hope, 9 months of love...

the First ultrasonography - in 5 weeks. What this happiness - to see the tiny pulsing heart on the monitor.

Second ultrasonography. Kid already such big. On the monitor it is visible how it waves handles. And what fingers, tiny on them! The smile did not descend from my face all day.


In 19 weeks how the kid is pushed. The daddy put a hand on a tummy, and it as was kicked! Got acquainted.

In 38 weeks it became heavy to p to go. Pulls a stomach bottom, sometimes it strongly strains. These are training fights. The kid is kicked, sticks out a back.

On the 40th week woke up from severe pain. Began to note time. Fights repeated each 15 minutes. When time was reduced to 10 minutes, went to maternity hospital. It is near the house.

me looked at

In a reception and sent to patrimonial office. I changed clothes in a “smart“ hospital dressing gown of the sizes so five more me and left to say goodbye to the husband. Gave smacking kiss to him in a cheek and went to give birth. And still made an enema.

In patrimonial office groans, shouts. Brought to the patrimonial block. Fights amplify poorly. Decided to have a sleep a little. Long, however, it was not succeeded to have a sleep. Nevertheless fights amplified, and deeply I could not sink into a sleep, was afraid that I will miss an important event...

through one and a half me looked at

of Hour. It was “especially pleasant“ to hear that disclosure especially did not change and that I am a halturshchitsa.

Still a little bit lay down, then made KTG. I was so glad though I will synulkino listen to a heart!

there Passed some more hours. I felt inflow of forces and energy, despite the amplifying pain. In chamber I lay - I did not like prospect of circulation or jumps on a ball. Time flew very quickly, I did not manage to watch a hand. Hours became minutes, and those, in turn, seemed seconds. I talked to the sonny, calmed him, said that I with it that I will help it with everything. At some moment of fight became intolerable, and I began to plunge into some patrimonial trance. Everything began to gain smoothed lines around, everything ceased to concern me, except the process, everything concentrated on me and the son.

I began to postanyvat

On the next fight, then to groan. And it is not similar at all on any pain which I ever felt in life. It is a wave which spreading on all body, since a stomach, washed away all thoughts. Before fight I asked God to give me minute on a dream, a minute more, at least an instant - again this wave. I remember, I was faced by my small bottle of water which I overturned on myself to bring myself round.

attempts here began

I. Minutes through the 20th the doctor ran up to me and told that we pass to a chair. In the head everything was started turning, and the body as if was loaded with a new stream of forces and energy. At last!

Ya took seat or settled on the maternity unit, and couple of hand-rail which I surely seized fell into my hands, and whispered: “I am ready“. The doctor by a command voice dictated: “Means so, now listen to me and do everything as we speak, then everything will be excellent!“

On a chair I did not make a uniform sound. It is a little more, and here synulyu lift over me. Pink, shouting, small.

was Asked what sex of the baby. And on the disappeared stomach put it, such warm and soft, native and already strongly favourite. It is possible to express that stream, that whirlwind of emotions which was during those moments only shout and so that the whole world heard!

in 2 hours I lay in postnatal chamber, and my sonny lay nearby. Also it was not happier than us at that moment anybody in all this world!