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Why the right podreberye hurts?

Quite often pregnant women note emergence of pains, feelings of weight, a raspiraniye in the right podreberye. These feelings increase and amplify with increase in term of pregnancy. In the majority of similar cases it turns out that dyskinesia of a gall bladder and zhelchevyvodyashchy channels takes place .

to explain that it means, not to do without elementary digression to anatomy. The Zhelchevydelitelny system includes a gall bladder, zhelchevyvodyashchy channels and three sphincters (a sphincter physicians call the circular muscle narrowing or closing at reduction this or that opening in an organism). Two sphincters are located in a neck of a gall bladder, and the third - in a duodenum, in the place of “exit“ of the general bilious channel in which bile also gets into intestines. Formation of bile in a liver - continuous process, and receipt it in a duodenum happens mainly during digestion. The gall bladder at the person during digestion makes vigorous reductions. A bile exit in a gut occurs at active reduction of walls of a bubble and simultaneous relaxation of a so-called sphincter of Oddi (located in a duodenum), relaxation of a gall bladder is followed by closing of this sphincter and the termination of a zhelchevydeleniye. And so, in relation to zhelchevydelitelny system understand uncoordinated, excessive or insufficient reduction of a gall bladder and sphincters as dyskinesia. Pain arises owing to violation of sequence and coordination of reduction and relaxation of a gall bladder and the extra hepatic bilious courses.

Dyskinesia of bilious ways is not so harmless

as it can seem at first sight as promotes development of inflammatory process, a kamneobrazovaniye. And on the contrary - dyskinesia can be bilious one of manifestations - a stone illness, chronic cholecystitis, anomalies of development of bilious ways.

Between zhelchevydelitelny system and other digestive organs diverse anatomic, functional and hormonal communications exist, they have significant effect on activity of this system. So, for example, receipt of food in a stomach not only causes mechanical irritation of receptors of a stomach, but often also strengthens a bile production and physical activity of bilious ways.

Motive function of a gall bladder and zhelchevyvodyashchy channels substantially depends on a condition of nervous system: so, dystonia of vegetative nervous system can break coherence of reduction of muscles of a gall bladder and relaxation of a tone of sphincters and to cause a zhelcheotdeleniye delay. Psychogenic factors as it quite often is a consequence and one of clinical displays of the general neurosis also can play an important role in developing of dyskinesia.

Muscular weakness of bilious ways sometimes carries constitutional (connected with features of a constitution) character, is sometimes provoked by unbalanced food or can be a consequence of a hormonal imbalance.

Why dyskinesia can develop at pregnancy?

the violations of functioning of internals caused by the general change, a hormonal background are characteristic

Of pregnant women hypomotor (i.e. connected with decrease in physical activity). In the second half of pregnancy the organism of the woman develops a large amount of progesterone. The main physiological sense of effect of progesterone during this period consists in the relaxation of a uterus interfering an abortion and premature birth. However also other gladkomyshechny bodies including a gall bladder “in passing“ relax. The weak, insufficient depletion of a gall bladder leading to its stretching and emergence of pains is the cornerstone of hypomotor dyskinesia.

Developing of dyskinesia can be connected by

also with purely mechanical reasons: the growing uterus presses, “draws in“ bodies of a chest cavity, including a liver and a gall bladder, normal process of a zhelcheotdeleniye as a result can be broken.

Diagnosis of dyskinesia

Usually the woman is disturbed by the dull aching aches in the right podreberye (which can extend to subspoon area), the feeling of weight, feeling of pressure in this area which are quite often followed by lack of appetite, nausea, feeling of bitterness in a mouth, an eructation air, heartburn, an abdominal distension. Pain can amplify at stirs of a fruit, depends on its situation in a uterus.

Excessive emotions, nervous overfatigue, and sometimes and errors in a diet strengthen or provoke pain and feeling of a raspiraniye in a podreberye. There can be pain in heart, heartbeat, a headache, a sleep of extremities, perspiration, sleep disorders - doctors call these symptoms a picture of vegetative crisis.

the leading place is allocated by

In diagnosis of dyskinesia to ultrasonic research of a gall bladder. Measuring its sizes till a zhelchegonny breakfast (usually it is 2 crude egg yolks), the doctor does the conclusion about nature of motive violations and a type of dyskinesia. Besides, the method allows to reject or confirm existence of concrements (stones, sand) and inflammatory changes in a gall bladder.

Treatment of dyskinesia of zhelchevyvodyashchy ways

the Purpose of medical actions at dyskinesia of zhelchevyvodyashchy ways - normalization of outflow of bile and prevention of its stagnation in a gall bladder. Treatment has to be complex and include a number of measures:

Dyskinesia of zhelchevyvodyashchy ways does not exert

negative impact on pregnancy development, formation of a fruit, is not an obstacle for childbirth in natural patrimonial ways. Usually after the delivery the gall bladder and channels restore the tone within the first month. However if pains remain despite carrying out the therapy described above, it is necessary to see a doctor and to pass inspection for an exception of more serious pathology.