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How to choose the thermometer

Hardly anyone - that needs to explain for what take temperature - its aberration one of the first signals testifying to problems with health. Therefore whether the main question “to take temperature at an indisposition?“, and “by what to do it?“ .

In the market today abundance of different types of thermometers: mercury, electronic and infrared, contact and contactless, with replaceable nozzles and disposable. And at everyone the features of application, merits and demerits.

On - a starinka mercury

- you have a heat? - the Kid asked.
- Still! Touch. - And he put a hand of the Kid on the forehead. But his forehead did not seem to the Kid hot.
- What temperature at you? - he asked.
- Thirty - forty degrees, are not less!
A. Lindgren “Carlson who lives on a roof“

the body temperature measuring instrument Most habitual in our corner of the world - the maximum mercury thermometer. It is a glass flask with the capillary containing mercury. And maximum it is called because the mercury column remains in the last top point of heating and does not fall without stirring down.



It is checked by electronics

the Electronic (digital) thermometer takes temperature by means of the built-in sensors, and the result brings in the form of ready figures to the display.“ The figure“ offers additional functions in the form of memory on a certain number of measurements, sound signals, replaceable tips, water tightness, etc. At the same time for exact measurement electronic thermometers need dense contact with a body surface. So, having bought the electronic thermometer, adherents of habitual “axillary“ measurement can be disappointed. However, for them produce electronic models with a flat tip.



Infrared thermometer

action Mechanism: the sensitive element takes off data of infrared radiation of object and will transform them to temperature indicators, habitual for us. In a line of thermometers it is positioned as a novelty.



often gives to Termopoloski`s

It is a thermosensitive film which appearance changes depending on the body temperature to which it is attached. Whether thermostrips give a big error and often have gradation “is raised“ or not raised“, in fact, showing it is necessary to take temperature in any more reliable way or not.

With such low accuracy they, nevertheless, are demanded by

in marching conditions and at mothers who with their help solve, to uncover the normal thermometer or not. whether

is Lied by the thermometer?

Most often complain of thermometers in a key: “electronic lies, the thermometer - the pacifier shows the increased temperature, and mercury - norm“. But, if to understand a situation, then often it turns out that mistakes in measurement were made by people, but not devices. Because to buy a novelty bought, and to understand here as it works not steel. In this plan the quote from a parental forum is indicative:“ At us the electronic thermometer showed some nonsense. And then the father-in-law read the instruction, and we understood how they need to use“. In the majority of models there is an instruction for application for axillary measurement as the most traditional in the Russian practice. At the same time both in a technique, and in a way of the accounting of indicators there will be certain differences connected with the fact that in a number of the countries are considered traditional an oral or rectal way.

However should not recognize

that problems with the accuracy of digital devices happen also quite objective. At a batch of thermometers sensors can be incorrectly adjusted, the device can be to the low-quality or undergone overloads. To check serviceability of the device, it is necessary to read attentively the instruction and to check indications other thermometer intended for use in the same control points or to address to the service center.

How to force the serviceable thermometer to tell lies:

Where to buy the thermometer

If mercury thermometers buy

in a drugstore, then to the electronic engineer, especially difficult, it is desirable to get in specialized shops of iatrotechnics. There sellers know the range and can tell the buyer about features of this or that model. To buy risk in a drugstore the low-quality thermometer is not so big, but it is better not to count on detailed instructing, and it is necessary, in particular, if similar devices in the house were not earlier.

Before purchase needs to obtain the most detailed information on the thermometer to solve whether it personally will suit you. To return it back it will not turn out - thermometers treats goods which return is forbidden by the Resolution of the Government of the Russian Federation from 19. 01. 98th years. The faulty device will be exchanged for new, repaired or will return for it money only after examination.

And finally... whether

It is frequent on a question of the doctor “Raised, you have temperature?“ the answer follows “I did not measure it“. Meanwhile, information on whether temperature was raised or lowered, important for diagnostics. Therefore if felt unwell, take temperature at least once in day. It will not prevent.