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In school since five years of

the Mouse - to Marishke was about 6 months old when I began to show it letters.

Using information of various authors and recommendations of friends, I without effort achieved desirable result in reading and the letter. The marine came to younger group (day nursery) in October, 2005, uttering all sounds except [R] and [R`]. Entered into collective easily. It had a group of health the first, an assessment nervously - mental development in a medical record “the accelerated development“.

Occupation in group ability to training and need for it revealed at it ability to concentrate. At Marina ability to concentration of attention, ability to build logical communications is well developed. Occupations which force to work the imagination, imagination and sharpness (drawing, a molding, a mosaic) gave it huge pleasure. Likes to listen and tell fairy tales. In three years Marina learned to spell, in four - to tie laces. In a garden except systematic occupations in group, in addition visited a circle of graphic activity and courses of preparation for school. Two years to school Marina visited the developing Romashka studio. On occupations proved to be as the sociable, inquisitive child capable to state the point of view. At the heart of occupations the combined program of development of preschool children approved by the Ministry of Education “School 2100“ and “School of Russia“ for the following disciplines is used: development of the speech; logical thinking; English; graphic activity.

We in a family lead active lifestyle. The child receives procedures of a hardening since the birth. From 6 months she together with us makes annual departures to mountains, we ski in the winter, we bathe in the mountain rivers in the summer. In a cold season we visit the swimming pool.

Ya all the time “had the finger on the pulse“: Whether the child worked too much? Whether was tired after the pool? By five years on a family council it was decided to go to school from 5 years 8 months

the Mentality of usual high school frightened me, and I addressed to elementary schools at kindergartens. There, after conversation of teachers with the Mouse, I found understanding and support of teachers. Besides they provided training in the School - 2100 program famous to us.

the heaviest was to receive a medical record. In kindergarten Marinka supported the time spent 4 times, from them 1 times chicken pox. But physicians were afraid to take the responsibility and just referred it to “Risk group on age“. Having written a lot of statements, having secured with support of the local pediatrician and tutor, we managed “to get“ our card.

on September 1, 2009 in incomplete 6 years (5,8) Mouse - Marishka went to 1 class of elementary school. The child it active and sociable therefore quickly made friends with children.

Teachers consider by

our decision correct. It is easy and interesting to child to study. If goes in a year, she, perhaps, would miss at lessons.

to it really lacks In the evenings

occupations - we read, we solve puzzles instead of homework. I decided not to load Marinka in the first year of study, especially there are enough facultative occupations after a lunch at school.

I Address parents of future first graders: “Be not afraid to take the plunge up if your child is healthy and ready!“