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“Passing mathematics“ of

After arrival of children in the first class many parents with big surprise learn that their clever and developed children have big problems with the oral account... How to solve this problem? It is possible to be engaged, solve, of course, persistently examples, and it is possible to go absolutely some other way! I call this method “passing mathematics“. It is very simple: it is necessary to consider everything that meets on the way from school, on walk and at home. It at the same time develops observation and just promotes communication with the child. So, began!

“How many red cars passed

? Two cars left how many remained? There are two girls, to them there are three more - how many now girls? How many windows in the house on the first floor? And on the first and second floors together? How many doggies walk in the yard? How many florets on a bed under a window? How many forks are necessary for us for a dinner? Here two - how many still it is necessary? Bring, please, cups that was enough for all guests - how many cups it is necessary to bring?“


By the way, it was at one time possible to buy books - counting rhymes in which there was a set of pictures and tasks. It is necessary to find in them on the picture a certain quantity of any objects, they could be used for the account. But now these books something is not visible in shops...

the Method is simple

, but is quite effective at regular application, and, above all - we reach the necessary effect without tiresome cramming and coercion. Besides, many children so like to go in for mathematics on the road that they begin to ask: “Mother, let`s count!“ As a result of the mathematician becomes quite favourite subject at school or even earlier.

So can be engaged in

with the child since two years, at the same time it is possible, except the elementary account (and it is necessary, perhaps), to study colors and forms. Of course, you should not force studying of mathematics, but to ask the three-year-old kid to bring two red toys or to find a green circle - it is quite possible, it is interesting to the kid, and it already can!

as grants can serve

For kids anything - cubes, multi-colored ringlets of a pyramid (here also the size it is possible to define!) molds for sand and for sorters, spoons and cups, on the street it is possible to use florets, leaves and branches. Certainly, all tasks have to be extremely simple and accurate, all actions should be pronounced, and, above all - any coercion! We display molds - we look for among them round, then square, then red, then green, all this together with the kid, it is cheerful and vigorous (we do not forget to praise the kid if at him it turns out). We give interesting tasks. For example, it is necessary to find 3 green cars on the parking, two cats, a red leaf on a tree... What is most of all interesting to the child, we consider (for boys it is, as a rule, cars), slowly passing to the elementary mathematics: “There were two cars, one left how many she remained? - Correctly, one!“

can Gradually so pass

to game into words, concepts, the cities, the countries... Yes you never know it will be for you interesting and important - play, think out! At any occupations with the child of any age - to find the main thing interesting to you and for the child a form of this occupation, then any most difficult sciences you will be obeyed by all means!