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After parting of

to Love as last time and to make plans for the joint future, to exist the happiest... But what to do if it left? Hardly anyone - that could endure leaving of darling of people with ease - all of us suffered. How to leave a condition of despair as soon as possible and to start enjoying over again life? There are several simple rules which need to be observed...

the Illness

Parting with darling involves

... illness. Its signs - grief, passivity, feeling of loneliness etc. As well as the set of diseases, at this illness has stages too.

  1. of Denial. As soon as you learned that your beloved intends to leave you, the first that occurs: “It cannot be!“ . You refuse to trust. A brain only protective reaction of an organism cannot just apprehend the “wrong“ information, and this denial of reality.
  2. Aggression. After acceptance of reality you begin to be angry with “the former half“. Not for nothing speak:“ With hatred to love one step“. There is a wish to play by all means some dirty trick, to hurt. It is only a usual instinct of self-preservation: you want to survive - attack. The stage lasts only a couple of days, but it is very important to constrain itself during aggression from silly acts.
  3. Apathy. It is a final and longest stage, at one it lasts several days, at others - years. In the period of apathy the rejected person feels unwillingness something to do, absolute indifference to everything and all. The loneliness and mistrust to an opposite sex soars in air. If apathy drags on for a long time, then it develops into a depression of which it is already difficult to get out most.


In every period of an illness should carry out various procedures for recovery.

  1. the Period of denial does not bear in itself any visible changes in a condition of the person and his mood though cases when rejected feels emotional lift are frequent. The stage lasts one - two days, but there are also exceptions. At the same time it is necessary that it passed as soon as possible. Guarantee of advance - understanding of reality whatever it was. Therefore itself should repeat a couple of hours that you now one, and then properly to have a sleep. If it did not help, then to repeat procedure.
  2. When you began to feel rage and aggression, know that you passed into the following stage. Try to constrain yourself from calls of the former passion with insults, from a beating of glasses of its car, from gossips about it etc. As soon as you show the sufferings, he will feel the superiority. But if absolutely unbearable, and language and hands scratch, then it is necessary to be limited to a sms that you were the best about it opinions and that it arrived ugly. Only you should not pour out all stream of the emotions, be laconic and convincing. Show these that you are higher than it and current situation and you are not going to fall to its level. Let conscience slowly will begin to gnaw it, it is sometimes much more painful, than a bright storm, and then silence.
    to splash out all negative and rage, go for fight or just beat a pillow, run cross-country, write the letter ex-to the beloved in whom you can state everything that you think of it, but only do not send it at all!
  3. the Rage and rage gradually pass
  4. , and apathy and grief come to their place. The soul is tormented, heart hardly fights, breath on an outcome. Here it, that moment when everything wants to be thrown, to send where far away if only to survive. Now becomes to spit on everything and on all. You think, to get rid as if of this harmful feeling. It is the most terrible stage, and all forces will be necessary for us to fight against it.
    I Know that it will be very difficult, but you will need to overcome yourself and to begin “to take all prescribed medicine“. So...
    • the First point of rehabilitation. These are the only people who will always be near, will help you with everything, you are fastened by ties of blood, and from it will not get to anywhere. Make by it a pleasant surprise, please with a cake, and you will see that the attention and care will return to you kindness and understanding.
    • needs to bring Further full order of the house. Present that you have a spring clear-out. Turn on the TV or radio more loudly and take the vacuum cleaner in hand. Everything has to just sparkle. And as the true hostess (not only the private life) prepare something tasty or just buy. Please yourself, but only do not go too far, and that you will suffer from extra kilos.
    • Find
    • all pluses in parting. Now at you it is full of free time which is possible and it is necessary to spend with advantage. At last you can be oneself: it is not necessary to seem too clever or, on the contrary, to mow under “the lovely little fool“. Before going to bed it is possible just to put on shorts walk, but not to think the whole hour what dress to choose.
    • Should fill each moment of life with various affairs! Remember everything, than you would like to be engaged, but there was no time. Now you can descend in movie theater on the movie about kitties, relax under favourite music and meet remorselessly new people (first of all - with men!) .
      Bring together all girlfriends to arrange a joint visit of club, of shop or a zoo. Arrange competition on the best masterpiece of cookery, manicure or a hairdress. It was necessary to find only what will be able to help, to push and facilitate a way to wonderful and free life without restrictions. Think up new tradition for every day - it can be morning exercises, viewing of a new TV series or reading the book before going to bed. Be engaged in a new hobby: a flower cultivation, drawing, studying of oriental martial arts or exotic massage - to whom what will approach. But the main thing, plunge into it completely! It is more than innovations in your life, it is more than variety and new acquaintances!
Even if laziness something to execute

from this list, overcome yourself. Remember that you - the strong and independent woman who is worthy the best. And if it happened so that you were thrown - means, on it there were reasons from above. Means, it is not worthy so beautiful and magnificent person. Believe me, he one thousand more times will regret that he made it.