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First and second labor of

First labor

of 2006. It seems both the Internet near at hand, and age suitable - 25 years to think of a nayvazhneyshy event in the life, but... For some reason this period of life - pregnancy was completely ignored by me. What courses for pregnant women! I was completely engaged with the project at work. Also worked before its end, and it ended in 39 weeks of my pregnancy.

having Fast taken a view of a rating of maternity hospitals and an udobnost of their arrangement, I chose the 25th maternity hospital of Moscow as there was it in 15 minutes from me, and responses were good, and did not take away children in children`s office, performed all inspections after the birth in chamber. For the remained week again - there was no slightest desire to understand as natural childbirth has to proceed. There was for some reason a desire to prepare all necessary in the material plan: for the remained week visited all children`s shops in the district, bought all that can be necessary: bed, carriage, tray, clothes, pampers, children`s cosmetics, etc. Made everything not to load the husband after the child`s birth bustle on shops, he it does not love also all.

Exactly in 40 weeks fights which continued all night long with an interval of 15 minutes began

at night. In the morning, having phoned to the doctor, I went to maternity hospital. Underwent all procedures, to me punctured a bubble, and it when opening 2 cm and weak contractions. But during this period lives I had some vague ideas of what role is played by a fetal bubble as in general childbirth has to proceed. Plus some blind boundless trust to doctors brought from the childhood. And still there was a fear of the unknown.

is farther than

A as it is got, for process acceleration right there established me a catheter in a vein, added oxytocin and promedol for a narcotic dream. I woke up on fight, and then failed in a dream again. And at 16 o`clock opening already was full, and to me suggested to be extinguished, get out of a bed as in a prone position the head of the child and remained highly. Through some period of time when the head fell, I in the obscured consciousness went to give birth to a chair. And as these intravenous injections completely raskoordinirovat work of an organism, at me both fights, and attempts completely stopped. I made an effort on command “time-two-three“, it turned out badly, heartbeat of the child the beginning sharply to fall... Cut. The blue girl was born. Right there cut an umbilical cord, for a second laid out on a stomach, squeezed out it in a mouth a drop of colostrum and sent for weighing. I after the birth of a placenta was sent to sew up under an intravenous anesthesia. Some more days I recovered after all this anesthesia, drugs. It was heavy to go, the head was as in fog, and only to an extract, for the 4th days, I more - recovered less. The child was with me in chamber all the time. I will lay descriptions of the feelings aside, they were inconsistent. Child`s parameters: weight 3790 gr, height of 51 cm, 8/8 across Apgar, asphyxia, that is the child any time did not breathe.

Now to the child 3,5 years. Externally this asphyxia and thus the carried-out childbirth did not affect it in any way (perhaps, its hyperactivity from there?) but I have to it not such reverent and gentle attitude, as to the second girl born 2,5 years later - in 2008.

the Second childbirth

the Second pregnancy happened suddenly, and still I do not understand how it could occur - were protected! I only passed to new work. Well, if the child wants to come to us, let come, we look forward!

the Second pregnancy took place

more consciously, I tried not to do much harm to the child, for all pregnancy did not take any pill, tried to eat properly, to walk more. And at last on the term of 8 months, having gone at the sea with the senior child, signed up for courses of preparation for childbirth. But as it was impossible on time to be present completely at occupations, lectures on the natural birth took place again by, but this subject very much interested me, and I read many books, the publications, stories devoted to nontraumatic childbirth. To childbirth I already went prepared.

Concluded the separate contract for childbirth with the midwife, the contract for “natural childbirth“ with the 16th maternity hospital.

All night long, hours with 12, weak fights went... When sensitive fights began in the morning, I prepared for myself a bathtub from aromamasla, muffled light, turned on the pleasant music from respiratory training and began to enjoy process. In the late afternoon called the midwife, she arrived, looked at a neck, recommended to go to maternity hospital. Here and waters departed. And while we went to maternity hospital (and reached in 20 min.), attempts already began. In maternity hospital we were waited by the chamber registered in iridescent tones (even a bathtub about a jacuzzi and the audio system), but did not manage to use anything any more. I chose a pose, the most comfortable to me for childbirth, and the child was born. Again the girl, but is this time larger: 4200 gr. weight and 53 cm growth, 9/10 across Apgar. Right there cried, the contract doctor who was on “Caesarian“ all this time ran. Asked: “What, already all?“

of the Child was given at once to me, having shown in a window to the husband and the senior child. In maternity hospital of children till 16 years do not let, and you will not leave one on the street child in 2,5 years. And in the morning (the child was born at 9 in the evening on Sunday) we already left home. And in the evening already took away senior of a garden, we at that time had a garden exactly in 10 km from the house. The health was excellent, there was a weakness small and all. In maternity hospital there was no wish to remain for 3 reasons.

  1. of the Child was tried to be taken away all the time in children`s chamber as it is accepted that mother in the first night had a rest. It was useless to explain that I was not tired. The children`s nurse came at night into chamber each hour - at 1 one o`clock in the morning, 2, 3, 4 with the offer to place the baby in the nursery. In 7 me already there was not.
  2. the Chamber was located
  3. near before - and patrimonial chambers where shouts of women, and then and children all night long were in turn distributed; walls are thin that too does not promote a dream at night.
  4. of the Senior child could not be taken away from a garden, the husband has a blockage at work, parents during a day of driving from here and to the child it is bad to appear suddenly without mother.

I I drew for myself a conclusion in spite of the fact that it is really sick? It is easier to give birth without anesthesia because you feel the body, you feel the child. And to it it is heavier, its small little body squeezes and pushes out from the habitual environment. And at this moment to be fenced off from it - means to lose that part of communication which is not reestablished any more. The females of animals, for example, who were giving birth with anesthesia do not recognize then the cubs. The person mnogogranny, but about myself I can tell - I love both daughters, but these are different feelings.