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Pregnancy in crisis of

So, the miracle came true: you are pregnant! Happiness each string of soul sings, and there is no wish to sadden this song minor notes at all. But could happen so that notorious financial crisis “lifted a storm“ and in your family “harbor“. And now to pleasure of expectation of the kid the alarm share is added: and whether the family “will pull“ the new expenses which are inevitably arising together with birth of the new family member?

At the parents who already have children, the concern can be not so notable: for certain the future to the baby will get “in inheritance“ a bed, a carriage and clothes of the elder brother or sister. And here mothers and the firstborn`s fathers sometimes are ready to clutch at the head: as at constantly growing prices and decrease in the income of a family to provide the kid. And so there is a wish to give to the krovinochka all the best, worthy! But we will try to look at things soberly: whether crisis is so terrible? Perhaps, it is only chance for us to learn to plan the family budget and it is reasonable to estimate need of each purchase? In pre-crisis time all of us were captured by real “boom“ of consumption: for beloved children we do not feel sorry for means. The best toys, brand clothes, hi-tech novelties on care of children - everything skupatsya in directly - astronomical scales. Time to place points over “i“ came. And whether needs future mother and the kid all this wealth?

So, let`s understand what purchases during expectation of the kid it is obligatory to make and that it is possible to leave safely on shelves of shops.

Having become pregnant, any woman like desire to care for herself. First of all - for the good of future child. Producers of the most various goods and services are in eager rivalry ready to help it with it. Let`s sift their offers “a crisis sieve“!

Vitamins. Nearly the first about what the pregnant woman on reception learns it from the doctor, about need of reception of polyvitaminic complexes. It is truth: food of future mother has to be balanced, and reception of vitamins for pregnant women helps to provide the correct development of a fruit and to support stocks of the mother. On health we will definitely not save! And with introduction of system of birth certificates many preparations to you can write out free of charge. By all means use this right! It is worth being greedy if it is about reception of dietary supplements. Experiments such - definitely not for pregnant women. And there is a wish to hope that to you the “professionals“ hurrying to register them will not meet.

Linen. Before each future mummy in connection with natural changes of the line of a body the question of change of clothes rises. Undoubtedly, the breast growing in volume and the rounded tummy demand the corresponding support. Qualitative bra and bandage - in the list of the purchases meeting approvals. Concerning linen “lower part“ for persons interested to save there are options. It is possible to take advantage of offers of the import catalogs offering clothes by mail. Having ordered big packing of convenient shorts with a short waist from pure cotton, to really provide itself with qualitative linen for all 9 months, and at the piece price comparable to the cost of synthetic consumer goods.

Clothes. clothes Models for pregnant women are presented in the widest range. Mummies dressed brightly and stylishly are pleasing to the eye. But the fact that the clothes for pregnant women cost much more expensive usual allows to choose not as everything something “such“ in specialized shops for mothers. Whether it is possible to minimize expenditure for new things and to save? Quite! The fashion of the current season on dresses in empire style style allows to choose successful model from jersey or natural fabric and in usual shop. The same treats blouses and sweaters. Future mummies will suit models of a flared or free silhouette. And here as for trousers or a skirt, it is worth spending for the things sewed on the special curves considering features of a figure of the pregnant woman. You will be able to wear correctly picked up trousers or a skirt long enough, the clothes for pregnant women are capable “to grow“ together with her owner.

Cosmetics and means on leaving. Of course, each woman her appearance concerns. For pregnant women the subject of appearance acquires still big relevance, so there is a wish to keep symmetry, a hair shine, elasticity of skin and a fervent smile! In what specialized departments there are only no means for pregnant women! Perhaps, it is worth stopping only on creams against extensions and puffiness of legs. Their presence on your shelf at a bathroom is not subject to doubt. And here shampoo, bath foam, soap, milk, gels... I consider that it is safely possible to continue to use habitual brands, without being spent in vain. An exception - hypoallergenic means if sensitivity of skin increased, tendency to an allergy was found.

Courses and trainings. the Market of services for pregnant women is rather various. Offer mummies courses for future parents, special sports occupations for pregnant women, lessons of dances, yogas, conversations with the psychologist, trainings. Of course, there is a strong wish to visit similar actions, to know about itself and the child more, to look vigorous and tightened. But learn in the beginning whether there are no similar courses in your maternity welfare unit. There classes are given in preparation for childbirth absolutely free of charge. And qualification and experience of experts inspire trust. Besides, having consulted to the doctor, you can get DVD with equipment of a relaxation or gymnastics for mothers and to be engaged independently.

Which - that for the kid. it would Seem, childbirth becomes the pregnancy culmination quite logically. Having brought the precious child into world, we realize suddenly that we are only in the beginning of a way. Course of life of our long-awaited child. With the birth of the kid in each family the set of new, especially pleasant cares and efforts appears. And there is no wish to waste time on trifles on purchases for the baby at all! Unfortunately, in crisis already not cheap children`s goods became just disproportionate luxury for many families. It is possible to correct a situation, having correctly placed priorities. You do not hurry to refuse from excess modesty the help which will be offered for certain to you by friends at whom children already matured. Taking a lot of place, a bed sound, but not necessary to them (a carriage, a stool, walkers) definitely will serve to you quite good service. It is better to choose a two-three of qualitative copies from the dazzling variety of rattles, without tempting destiny with the cheap plastic range. And the nervous system of the kid is not capable “to digest“ the toys which are too irritating an eye.


It is fed and we save. Huge value has the correct approach to catering services of the baby. The major is preservation of the longest breastfeeding. Besides exclusive advantage for the child, it attracts essential cut in expenditure on baby food. It is pleasant that nursing, it is possible also to save!

happiness has

no price. And here on what does not need to stint even in crisis, so it positive emotions. It is possible to walk with the kid in the park, to listen to singing of birds, to breathe fresh air and to enjoy life! Moments of happiness from simple communication with the kid - the invaluable luxury available to all.