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Diaper candidiasis of

What gentle and sensitive skin of the baby especially in the first days and weeks of his life! How many cares arise at us to keep it such. And as we are upset when suddenly we notice irritation or unclear rashes on skin. Now it will be a question of a special disease of skin of children of early age - diaper candidiasis which, on statistical data, develops at 4 - 6 percent of newborn children.

A little about the activator

to Them is the fungus of the sort Candida which gets to the child`s organism. From 80 fungi of this look about 20 are considered pathogenic for the person. They occur at adults on mucous membranes of an oral cavity, a stomach, intestines, urinogenital bodies. Also they can be on fruit, vegetables and other foodstuff, in sewage of baths, etc.

As the foe gets to the child?

It occurs at childbirth during passing of a fruit in patrimonial ways of mother who is ill the milkwoman of external genitals or just is the carrier of fungi of the sort Candida without clinical manifestations. The carriage can be defined only bakposevy allocations of a vagina of the pregnant woman.

One more source of infection of newborns.

Knows that at inspection of newborn children the first minutes of life fungi of the sort Candida appear on a skin surface at 43% of kids.

Why “diaper“?

Unfortunately, today even more often experts observe among the reasons of infection of kids - insufficient hygienic care of them and infection through poor washed diapers. And even considering all advantages of modern diapers, their usual application does not exclude emergence of irritations and an intertrigo, especially in the summer. And it is “base“ for reproduction of fungal flora. In normal conditions at sufficient reactivity of a children`s organism the activator is harmless to the kid. Only having got to Wednesday, favorable for its reproduction and development, the fungus can become the reason of developing of a disease.

What conditions are favorable for development of a disease? Why the fungal flora so loves an organism of newborns?

First of all, at newborns, and also kids of the first three months of life, subacidic reaction of the environment of a mouth. Such environment is also “loved“ by the activator. Therefore its reusable wiping by solution of baking soda which changes reaction to alkalescent will be a good prophylactic for prevention of the milkwoman of a mouth of the kid. At three-months age begin to function already enough salivary glands, and Wednesday in a mouth of the kid without our interventions is normalized to alkalescent. And the milkwoman at this age occurs at babies already extremely seldom - when there is a decrease in immunity of an organism (congenital or acquired).

features of skin of babies are Other reason of development of a disease. At newborns it is gentle, contains many blood and lymphatic vessels. Its external layer - epidermis, is poorly connected with other components of skin. And microinjuries during swaddling, irritations, the increased temperature, humidity, insufficient hygienic leaving promote penetration of fungi into its deep layers.


Therefore places of a touch of skin of the child with damp diapers, diapers, clothes most often suffer. These are mezhjyagodichny, axillary, inguinal folds, and also skin around back pass, a navel, on a site of buttocks.

One more factor which often promotes a disease is the weakened condition of the newborn as a result of pre-natal infection. In mother`s womb the fruit can be infected with bacterial, virus or other activators. Attempts to overcome this disease exhaust protective forces of the kid and therefore after the birth he becomes defenseless in front of any other activator including before sort Candida fungi.

Knows to

also that allergic conditions of the kid, prolonged use of antibacterial preparations, the wrong, irrational feeding, activity violation zheludochno - an intestinal path, as a rule, are followed by emergence of candidiases.

Reddening of skin... and not only!

Diaper candidiasis develops in places where before there was intertrigo. Exactly there are sharply limited sites of reddening of skin on which thin-walled vials of liquid appear inside. They can merge and become big. When the wall of such bubble bursts, on its place the erosion of red color with the becoming wet surface is formed. Later on this place there is a hulling of skin.

the Disease can also proceed in the form of emergence on skin of the kid of the spotty centers of red color with a smooth brilliant surface in the middle of which cracks and sites of hulling of skin serovato - white color are observed. Around this main center small “affiliated“ elements in the form of bubbles or erosion are formed. All this is followed by the expressed itch.

Diaper candidiasis is treated by


in case of such rashes on the child`s skin, you surely have to report about it to the local pediatrician who has to estimate the general condition of the child and define treatment tactics.

Of course, first of all, needs to seek to keep breastfeeding of the child. It will help to reduce allergic manifestations on skin if they were not caused by violation of your diet (the use of a citrus, chocolate, “red“ products). And to all other, breast milk contains still a number of protective factors which allow the kid to resist to other infections better.

your food needs to enrich

with proteins and vitamins, to limit sweets.

the Important factor is also the correct care of skin of the kid. Do not use podkladny oilcloths, organic synthetic diapers and baby`s undershirts which can entail emergence of an intertrigo. Unacceptably long stay of the child in a wet diaper or diaper! It is necessary to wash away the kid after each urination or depletion, it is better broth of herbs of a camomile, a calendula, and it is obligatory to bathe in such broths daily. When there is opportunity (when air temperature in the room makes 25 - 27 degrees), take air baths, that is leave the kid for some time without diaper, diapers or panties, allowing to move legs freely.

Medicamentous therapy will be appointed by the doctor. Treat with special attention to treatment of your kid. In the absence of treatment of this disease the fungus can strike other bodies and systems, that is - a mucous membrane of a gullet, a stomach, intestines, easy, urinary ways, cardiovascular and nervous systems, and in certain cases - all organism in general. It concerns premature, children who were born with low body weight in combination with damages of skin (dermatitis, a puzyrchatka), and especially kids who right after the birth had any disease and were treated by antibiotics.

Considering that massive hit of the activator is possible and from you, surely be examined by the gynecologist or the dermatologist on a carriage and allocation of a fungus.

we Will be attentive and patient that healthy our children grew!