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Nine years and nine months of

Probably, I will not be original if I tell that at each woman there comes sooner or later such period when she wants the child. Without knowing all difficulties yet, without realizing risk and responsibility. This of the story not about me. In due time I passed too both through pregnancy, and through childbirth. In spite of the fact that my children already grew up, became independent, and that first moment of acquaintance to them will never be forgotten, I all - want to tell not about nine months of happiness.

U me the close girlfriend is. Nine years she waited for the kid. Nine long years of campaigns on different doctors and clinics, nine years of despair, disbelief in anything, attempt to reconcile to “provision“ of things, the broken private life... Was much for these nine years. But being on spirit a soldier, Lyubochka did not give up. Also did not reconcile. She just told herself and all surrounding: “So! I go to the decree!“ Played a trick on it, it was not trusted, some even maliciously “sympathized“, here supposedly poor, the husband left her, she is invigorated. And Lyubochka only smiled in reply, at all without losing confidence in the pronounced words once, and quietly was going to accept the forthcoming changes.

I do not know

what mechanisms are started when in us the desire ripens, but know that if it is very strong, “from livers“, something to want - everything surely will turn out. And still it is necessary to cope with the fears. Everyone does it differently. Someone goes to psychological trainings, someone looks for supports at relatives, one overcome themselves step by step, others solve everything at once - cutting from themselves and the life all unnecessary and rotted through.

I will not retell

what ways - roads my friend had to pass for these nine years. Was much. Miscellaneous. It went. Was mistaken, fell, rose and went further. Probably, if it was possible to take out her heart and to consider properly, then during this period we at it would not see the live place - scratch, scratch, scratch over old scars and cracks... Only it did not stop Lyubochka.

I Will tell

only since that moment which, has to be, and became a starting point. So it happened that for some time she had to go to other city. To tell that there it was difficult - to tell nothing. Who ate in a row three months of one “Mivina“ because for bigger there were not enough means, and stuck at the same time as an ox, that will understand. Work and constant stresses weakened health. There was a need for the urgent qualified medical care. While it was treated, learned that her desire to become pregnant is feasible, but operation is required. Decided on operation.

Everything passed

seemingly well, but anesthesia played a bad joke, having nearly become for Liouba the bridge to other worlds... Then - long restoration all in the same others city as doctors forbade any moving and in general any transport movements. The husband after operation never arrived. And in one of days after its return simply disappeared, having left piece of paper and several lines: forgive supposedly I cannot more, there passed the love... And she smiled, straightened shoulders and told: “Here and well! My life was left that it is not necessary for me. Means, the fact that mine is valid will enter it soon!“

you will not believe

, but literally in several days she met the old acquaintance who long did not think, and just took her by hand and made an avowal of sentiments about which as it became clear, was silent six years, being all this time near it. Somehow invisibly being present, not wishing to destroy its family life and at the same time in secret hoping for its Majesty Sluchay.

something Would be desirable to tell

like “here and they lived long and happily“, but I will not be not to maleficiate because their joint life began quite recently, and difficulties were not lowered - they just overcome them now together and together raise the kid who only saw a few weeks ago the world.

Each woman wants

that her nine months were nine months of happiness. But not at all so it turns out. Especially, if the organism throws different unpleasant surprises, and doctors frighten by “scary“ diagnoses.

Sometimes I think that nine months of Lyubiny pregnancy held also those nine years of hope. Everything passed as if once again reminded of itself: small troubles, despair moments. Only Lyubochka not from those who give up. Told “I go to the decree“ and left. Told “itself I will give birth“ and, despite all forecasts of doctors, really itself gave rise, without any surgery.

our children are given by

to us not just like that. It is part ourselves. Not only figuratively. We give to the children everything: body, health... Even the soul as it seems to me, shares at the time of delivery and the part passes it to the kid.

to be mother is a feat, it is as if pathos did not sound.

Being children, we do not know what our mothers had to pass through to present us life. Having matured, we understand. Understanding, we do not tell the children this great secret of origin of life, forgiving them small offenses, obstinacy because we know: they will grow up also will understand everything.

So from century to century women give to

life not to receive something in exchange. And we know that not the one who receives is rich. The one who gives is rich. Because life as a spring, having found the way once, having broken through on a surface of this world, will not run low any more. Because we know: wisdom which is concealed in heart of each mother passes into heart of the kid, into heart of the new person. It is wisdom of life, wisdom of belief, hope and love.