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Jealousy or love?

Dear mummies and daddies, I want to tell you history which is based on real events. I hope, it will become a lesson for many. In a family of my cousin waited for replenishment, little Polina had to be born. All 9 months future mother led educational and preparatory discussions with the oldest daughter Alina. Alina was 3 years old when mother told her important secret: soon in a family one more child will appear, most likely, it will be the little sister. Alina very much was upset at once, for some reason she very much wanted the brother - small, with big eyes... It would grow up and the little sister became protection for Alina, and here. Of course, it is necessary to share toys with it, to braid it braids... Who knows, still to give the clothes! No, Alina did not want it at all! But mother so tenderly named the stomach Polinushka, so gently ironed it and even asked Alina to talk to it.

Sometimes, however, Alina were overflowed by tender feelings, it represented how will roll to Paul in a carriage as will bathe her and to feed with mix from a doll small bottle. But once Alina saw preparations of parents for appearance of the sister, tears in itself flew from eyes! You only present, in a nursery of Alina there is a cradle now - madly beautiful, pink, all in ruches and openwork. Moreover - now in Alina`s case of the whole two shelves are hammered to the full with children`s suits and romper suit! And what beautiful envelope was bought recently by the father! Alina with grief watched the photos from an extract and noticed that on its envelope there was no such pink embroidery, as on an envelope of future sister. And it such never had a cradle! As it is unfair!

I there came day for which all so waited: mother went to hospital and in several days came back home together with the remarkable little sister - Polina. Life abruptly changed. Alina carefully approached the sister, examined her small face, studied fingers, sometimes touched her... And here Paul began to cry unexpectedly, mother rushed into the room and began to abuse Alina. For some reason always it seemed to mother that oldest daughter is guilty of tears of younger! And as it was offensive to see how the small lump, smacking the lips, sucks a mother`s breast! No, it is no good! Means, Alina eats sitting at a table, and not having the right to rise from - at it, without having eaten up everything that to her was laid out, and the little girl similar to one of numerous dolls lies at mother on hands and sucks exactly so much how many she wants! At the same time nobody punishes her and stands in the corner! Alina`s patience came to an end!“ Oil“ to “fire“ was added by the father who, having come home ran to mother and Paula, and earlier it first of all was enough Alina and turned her, brought her toys, every evening new...

Alina began to become reserved, more and more the irritation in relation to the little sister grew in it... Why all come on a visit with gifts for Pauly? Why mother breaks on Alina? Though does not get enough sleep - that it from - for the little sister. Why now nobody reads it the fairy tale for the night? Long it will proceed, at last?! Alina was in despair!

Alina Woke up from some grunting... Ah, well... She sleeps not one in the room now... The little sister opened eyes and looked with some surprise around. Alina approached her quietly and smiled, the sister answered it with a smile too... Alina wanted to shake it as a doll I Wave, but was a little heavier than Paul, several minutes of the sister looked at each other, and then suddenly Pauly`s sponges were twisted... She was going to begin to cry! Only not it! Mother will run to the room and right there will begin to abuse Alina unclear for what! It cannot be allowed! Alina for some time reflected and right there rushed off towards a balcony... Perfectly, the door is slightly opened... Mother decided to air the room. Wow! And a wicker chair in which mother long sat, stroking a stomach till Pauly`s birth, in the same place! Alina scrambled on a chair and threw out loud kulechek for a balcony handrail! That`s all! Now - that nobody will abuse it, now everything will be still!

Mother ran in to the room, without understanding what occurs... Heart without restraint beat! The terrible nightmare dreamed! It seems everything is all right... Alina peacefully sleeps in a bed, only behind a window children`s crying is heard. Strange, around there live one pensioners, neighbors have no children, probably, to someone guests came. But what it? Where Polina? Why it is not in a cradle? Mother rushes about on the room, without understanding what occurs, in the next minute she shakes Alina and asks where the sister... Alina begins to cry and explain that the child began to cry, she is not guilty of anything, being afraid of mother`s anger, Alina just threw out a small lump from a balcony... Mother became some very white and shivers somehow strange... And in the room it is not cold...

Fortunately, nothing happened to Polina, it got into a pocket of a blanket cover which dried the floor below. Mother ran out on a balcony, and Polina was pulled out in time, fed and put to bed. Alina very much was afraid of punishment, mother very much became angry, but strange business, mother did not begin to swear, and just embraced Alya and burst into tears, she asked for something forgiveness and cried. This evening mother and the father talked to Alina, she understood that the little sister is still very small and needs to protection of people around, especially mothers. And then parents showed Alina`s photos at such age. Well it is necessary! It appears, parents shine with happiness in all pictures and carefully press Alya to a breast and what beautiful Ali had a cradle! But why Alina absolutely does not remember her?

I mother ceased to abuse Alya if that approaches the sister. Alina really fell in love with the baby. And when Paul caught a cold, and it lifted temperature, Alina very much worried!

Now Alina and Polina grew up, Paula is three years old, and Alina is six years old. They are very amicable and practically do not quarrel. Ali`s jealousy developed into care.