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The Middle of February waited for

. The next “critical days“ will begin soon, but for some reason there are a wish to come into a drugstore behind the test. Intuition. Descended, bought. In the evening somehow purely at the automatic level made the test, put it on a mirror waiting for the put 5 minutes. But did not even think of result, did not understand that can be somehow differently, than all previous years. Washed. Also I look so attentively at the test, and somehow the second stripe so unwillingly appears. Miracle. Is that so.. “Ur, companions!“ - there is a wish to cry. But the lump in a throat (of course, with happiness) does not give. I wipe eyes to be convinced that all really. Pinched herself. No, everything is right. I will become a mother soon. I do not want to speak to future father yet, at first it is necessary to check everything at the doctor.

Next day since morning a bit earlier a bullet I rush in a toilet to repeat the test, again positive. I gather for work. The heap of thoughts haunts. What to do? During the lunchtime I run in university - it is necessary to take away which - what pieces of paper and to meet the girlfriend to consult. Showed it the test. I speak: “What you will tell?“ And she jumped to me on a neck, began to embrace, kiss, congratulate. Together with it called the doctor, agreed about reception. Only next day. Well, all right. Let`s wait. Next day. I suffer at work, I die as I want that 7 hours came, I want to find out everything rather. I rush in clinic though I on record, all the same turn... I wait... I come into an office.

- Hello, Nadezhda Vasilyevna, here the test showed 2 strips to what it?!

- Take off trousers, we will look...


Then made ultrasonography...

- I see nothing, - the doctor says...

- As?!

Wants to cry.

- Give

, wait 10 more days and we will repeat procedure...

“we will wait“ for

Again, I will not be able... So long...

- Or perhaps something else?

- it is good

, take a blood test.

- And when result?

- Tomorrow, hours in 7!

- Aaaaa... As long, but all - not 10 days. I agree.

Agreed not to go to clinic next day, I will call it and I will remind, she will gather in laboratory, knows the results of the analysis and will call back to me. Or I will call laboratory, I learn number, I will call back to the doctor, and to me will render a verdict... It is confused, of course, and what to do. Again I wait for the next evening. Gathered to the doctor - does not take... Eh, we will wait, maybe, will call back? No, it is better itself I will gather in laboratory...

- We to anyone do not give such information.

Ya tearfully I beg her.

- But the doctor told me that is so possible...

Half an hour on arrangements...

- Tell just number, I have more and it is not necessary... In a tube chilly so:

- 240

- Thanks a lot.

A what is it? the doctor Should phone though itself an interior I feel that everything, it`s done. An hour more I dial to the doctor. Does not take. What is, she can took offense? And on hours already about 9. What to do?! I wait for future father from work, he as ill luck would have it is late. In total against me. I go to mother, she lives with us on one landing.

- Mothers, I have a news...

- You are the pregnant woman?!

- From where you know?!

- I Congratulate!

- Only I am not sure, the doctor does not take the call.

- As you learn - call!

Well, half-affairs it is made. I come back home, all right, the last desperate attempt will phone to the doctor... Oh, a miracle, I hear a voice in a tube...

- Alla...

is Alyona, you asked to call with result, I learned, 240!

- I Congratulate, you have 2 weeks. You will come to reception of week through 3. Drink vitaminchik, take care.

Now business in the cub father... As to tell it, it is not ready not that to children, and even to family life. Comes, and I think:“ Here it, daddy“. I smile. He begins to suspect wrong. I run to warm a dinner. And in parallel I speak: “I here, which - that I want to tell you... Guess?“ He turns pale.

- I will not guess, tell.

Ya I am silent, I only smile. He sat down. Thinks.

- But you understood everything. You will become a father soon.


- I am not ready.

- And I am not ready to do abortion. I will better bring up. Let`s live separately, you week. Think how you will decide - call.

Again uncertainty.

the offer arrived on February 29. On June 7 there was a wedding. And then words:“ And I am glad that everything so turned out“. I am happy.

Regularly visited the doctor, lay on preservation few times. And in it there are even pluses. You cleaning, cooking, washing, lot of pregnant women around. Talk, discussions, dreams. We communicate with some to this day. Term was put for October 27.

on the advice of the girlfriend from 36th week signed the contract with the doctor from the 5th maternity hospital Semennikov Mikhaylov Viktorovich. Came to it to survey few times. We wait - page.

As the last 2 weeks long lasted! It seems that is longer, than all 9 months. In 1,5 weeks prior to PDR I wake up from the fact that the stomach awfully itches. What only did not smear with, I tear apart directly in blood. What to do, I nearly pay. The itch does not stop. I call the doctor. It: “Pack things and in maternity hospital. Let`s prick with something“.

Verdict of the doctor:“ The allergy at you the girlfriend, a liver does not cope, give - we will begin to get ready for childbirth“. What to do? It agrees. Week pricked “Sinestrol“. Prepared a neck for childbirth.

Came “put X“. October 22. The midwife woke, made ukolchik, an enema. Transferred to prenatal. Hours in 9 punctured a bubble, punctured with all office. Put a dropper with oxytocin. Gradually fights, the first 3 hours tolerant begin. I walk on chamber. I speak by phone, I try to fall asleep... Closer by an o`clock the doctor came. Disclosure of 2 cm. A little. We wait. Do some ukolchik again. Fights begin painful, but still tolerant, there are a wish to shout, but so far, I think, early.

About 5. Constantly mother, the brother, the husband calls... I cannot talk any more, on fights I throw phone on a bed.

the doctor Came, examined, disclosure of 4 cm. Oh, My God, only 4. I begin it tearfully to finish to do to me “Caesarian“. To speak about what I weak that I will not be able as to me it is bad, well, etc. I ask him when everything ends?! It to me:“ In the next 12 - 15 hours you will give rise as the waterless period cannot longer last without risk for the child“. Doing easy mathematical calculations, I understand how many it was necessary to suffer. I will not be able. The doctor decides to disconnect for a while me from all droppers, to allow me to take rest. To maternity hospital there arrived the husband. Pale. I to it imperceptibly jumped out, began to complain... But doctors bystenko tired out me back.

Mikhail Viktorovich Came. To me flew. And I to it to complain again. To persuade to make “Caesarian“ or at least to prick with something that it was not so sick. Promised to help. It seemed to me, time rose, disclosure only was closer to the 7th than 5 cm. Horror. Breaks between fights became more imperceptible. The doctor told that the anesthesiologist will come soon and will make anesthesia. I called mother and complained that nobody approaches me, the doctor does not do me anesthesia, and I pay, I pay, I pay... Mother cries together with me. I say to it that she called the doctor and that he made to me Caesarian since disclosure bad, and at me did not remain forces at all...

the anesthesiologist Soon came... Bent me, stuck an ukolchik... And life seemed paradise. Fights go, and I do not feel them. All so to give birth.

I was told if nothing helps disclosure, in an hour will make “Caesarian“. I already agreed to everything if only again it was not so sick.

Passed about half an hour... I lie, I go bananas, only somehow in a toilet a wish arose.

the doctor Came:“ Oh, and disclosure - that full. Let`s go - very quietly to a chair“.

- Tuzhsya! Tuzhsya!

I Feel

, I faint. But the midwife did not become puzzled, poured out on me a water jug...

on October 22 in 22. 50 my daughter Danochka was born. My most beautiful, favourite, desired person on all globe. Tears are shed by a hail. To me put it on a stomach.

- And so who was kicked there... Hi, kid.

the Midwife brought to

phone. I call the husband.

- Hi, I congratulate, you just became a father.

- As? Already? When? Thanks, darling!

I now I understand that what difficult there would be no childbirth, but it is worth it.

For the 5th days us was written out home.

A pregnant wants to be told: “Be afraid of nothing: even the most severe pain lasts long not so!“