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How I became adult

What it “to be mother“? Memories of walks with baby carriages around the house, about game with Barbie, photos with gentle faces of babies in magazines and on TV were the answer to this question for me. They are such pretty, it is possible to swaddle, kiss them their patches and to find similarity to itself and other relatives. It lyalya which can be pressed to itself which will love also gently you and to smile a toothless mouth, seeing your smile. Lyalya can be fed from a small bottle, it can be rolled in a carriage, to bathe her and to put in a bed.

Here is how I imagined future motherhood. Of course, I heard about sleepless parental nights, but babies sleep for 20 hours a day, it is only worth rocking to sleep them. For certain my kid will be a sleepyhead, and I will be able to wash, stroke and make up nails during his dream. Of course, the kid pisat much and craps, but there are pampers and stiralka now - automatic machines, problems with it will not arise. And still we have a car, and I will be able to walk with a carriage in park, in the fresh air.

Needed to persuade future daddy to help me with origin of life. Well, the father agrees, in my opinion. He says that it will be hard that we, perhaps, hurry, but I firmly told: “I want lyalyu!“ And in two months saw two strips on the test.

Here it, happiness, washing lyalya inside! Here whose patches I will kiss whose volosik to comb and say how I love it! It is sure that there will be a boy. Neither toxicosis, nor disorders, time of boundless happiness which gives you feeling that in you one more person, a fruit of love and tenderness who will bring rest in a family and will even more strong connect me with darling grows.

It began to be pushed with

! Here, I can already feel his leg, on the contrary, on ultrasonography told that there will be a girl, and gave it to a photo. It has my eyes! Houses to holes of a photo are looked through by me, future father and all members of his family, then members of my family, then friends, fellow workers. The verdict at all is identical: “Yulya, you will have a remarkable kid!“ Who would doubt.

Here we go to shop and we choose a carriage, a bed, we clean up in the room, we hang up new curtains. Everything is so beautiful! When my baby sleeps in this bed? And when I will be able to walk with a new carriage in which my daughter will peacefully snuffle? I enjoyed shopping in search of children`s clothes and accessories! It with anything incomparable high and heap of positive emotions. I represented how I will dress up the baby as I will button a jacket and to kiss it on sponges.

Time past

almost quickly.

the Most cheerful began

when I got in the direction of the doctor to office of pathology of pregnant women for stimulation of disclosure of a neck. I went “to give up“ to hospital on November 12, having taken with myself a huge package which collected in maternity hospital. Me put in chamber on 6 people in which there were five more “puzatik“. Soon enough I got acquainted with all girls, we shared the stories. One of us was waited by “Cesarean section“ next day, all of us together worried about her. The most memorable there was the fact that this girl had a huge stomach which it hardly clasped with hands. And it in spite of the fact that term was only 35 weeks, and the fruit on ultrasonography weighed 2,5 kg. As it appeared, fault to everything is abundance of water. Doctors decided not to risk and to avoid an otsloyka of a placenta, to perform on it operation.

Me the doctor looked at

too, also saw my card and declared that I have no perenashivaniye of pregnancy: by results of ultrasonography of centenary prescription I have only the 39th week. I was shocked because the other day my pregnancy 42 weeks had to knock, and PDR both on monthly, and by date of an ovulation remained far behind. I was shocked, on me just spat and left to lie “just like that“. I decided that if the other day doctors do not begin to act, I will call the doctor and I will complain of a local outrage.

Meanwhile at the girl to whom had to do “Caesarian“ all exchanged. Doctors decided to puncture with it a fetal bubble and to stimulate childbirth in spite of the fact that the baby was quite weak. Next day we led her to a rodblok, exchanged numbers and asked to write as soon as she gives rise. Me this day waited for KTG and ultrasonography on which delivered me lack of water and the expressed aging of a placenta. Only then my vrachikha began to fuss. I was sent for procedures for stimulation of a neck. I rolled on a couch, on a stomach and a back delivered me some plyamba which vibrated. It seemed to me that it will hardly help me. Besides after procedure it was necessary to go 2 hours, and I cut circles along a corridor and ran on steps. And still there were droppers from which on hands still there were huge bruises, and survey on a chair after which I all night long had a bleeding. After we sent the girl for childbirth, I solved perelech on her bed too somewhat quicker to reach a rodblok. All day we with little girls laughed loudly, had fun and waited for news from the woman in labor. About 10 in the evening one of neigbours wrote it the message, we did not receive the answer and were filled up to sleep. In the morning, at 6 o`clock, we received the answer. Her son died. After a puncture of a bubble and 12 hours of ineffectual fights by it made “Cesarean section“. After that to me it became absolutely terrible. How it is possible to entrust such doctors the life and life of the child? All were silent.

Ya went to KTG again, to me put droppers and did fizio. And then, seeing that nothing helps me, decided to stimulate. On a chair several times I was hurt awfully, hands moving apart a neck and trying to puncture something, and then pushed inside two tubes of gel and sent to lie. There was 12:30. It was agreed that if fights do not begin, next day to me will put gel twice. But fights began, hardly I laid down on a bed. Intervals were almost instantly reduced to 5 minutes, but it was not sick, simple took a stomach. Little girls jumped around me and asked whether it is painful to me. I answered that I am not present, it calmed them. One of them constantly repeated:“ I see that it tolerantly, so to give birth not painfully“. I laughed, looking at it. We descended to the dining room in which several times took me, and then I went to KTG.

it became more difficult to p to Sit, I looked at the sensor and saw that when there is a fight, heartbeat at the child is slowed down. It became terrible. My faithful neigbours in chamber sat next and stared at the monitor, holding the precious stomachs. On one of fights so took me that I began to cry. Intervals between fights were reduced to three minutes, it became more sick and more sick. The come vrachikha looked at the monitor and declared that it also not fights at all. I was thrown in shock. If it is not fights, then what is it? But up to the end I could not sit, passed about 40 minutes. The working day of my vrachikha ended, and it transferred me to the person on duty hands on maternity hospital of the doctor. Beautiful, brawny and awfully young man was this doctor. Little girls with envy looked at me when I left with it in a viewing office. He looked and really without serious consequences, disclosure was already 4 cm. I was sent quickly to pack necessary things, the others promised to collect little girls. I was given sexy - a night dress in which I should give birth. About them I read in someone else`s stories about childbirth. I said goodbye to all and entered a rodblok.

Me allocated to

patrimonial chamber № 1 also told that will puncture a bubble now to look at color of waters since the doctor did not like results of KTG. I remained for a while one in patrimonial and called the husband. Weepingly and a postanyvaniye, I complained that I will give birth now that I am afraid and I do not want. He murmured something in reply calming, it helped me a little. On a chair the doctor long tried to puncture a bubble, as a result of waters was not. To me put between legs laying of the size of a pillowcase and sent in patrimonial to wait. Right there connected to KTG and put the “anesthetizing“ dropper from which it was even more sick. To lie it appeared very difficult, fights went in a minute on half-minute. So I also lay, postanyvy and howling.

over time my howlings turned into the most real shouts. I shouted that I want anesthesia that I need to give an injection. The doctor with a strict face declared that he does not want to risk (only what?) that I, perhaps, should do “Cesarean section“ since the child suffers in me. I already begged that “Caesarian“ was made right now - there were a wish to get rid of this awful pain. I also did not assume what to give birth so painfully. Broke off me, inside everything burned and flared, I grabbed a bed back, gnawed a pillow and just shouted as cut. From a corridor quiet voices of doctors were heard, I wanted to beat them. How so? I suffer, and they there quietly drink tea.

At last me was disconnected from the device and a dropper, I could get up. More precisely, me allowed to rise since I could not get up from - for pains. In a semi-minute break between fights I hopped to a toilet and took seat on a pot, without closing a door. Suddenly I will not be able to get up who will rescue me? I was surprised that to me did not make an enema. But in a toilet there was a wish just awfully. I sat on a toilet bowl, the next fight began then, I opened a window in a toilet and half got out of a window. There was a wish to be thrown out down, ordinary people down the street walked, at all it was not painful to them, so why I have to suffer so?

On the way from a toilet I was called in a viewing office again. I think that so much attention was paid to me because I was at that time the only woman in labor in office. All doctors were slipped to look at me. I limped to a chair, enduring the next most terrible fight, got up on it. To me it is not painful any more when the hand of the doctor up to an elbow appeared in me. “Disclosure of 7 cm“, - the vrachikha stated. And right there cried: “Catch it, it falls!“ Someone picked up me, by common efforts of me removed from a chair and sent back in patrimonial to suffer.

Ya honestly tried to sit on a ball, to be on all fours and it is correct to breathe, but understood that nothing helps me. Began to feel sick me, but did not tear. Brought me a tin plate, I hung on a sink already by then and tried to tear off it. All left again, having warned that I called them when I want “to pokakat“. As though I do not know that it means. I began to wander on chamber again, moving a bed, pulling the device KTG. Nothing helped, only it became worse and worse, breaks between fights were practically not. It seemed to me that I already “wanted to crap“, I tried to concentrate and understand, I want in a toilet or not. Then the next fight rolled, I was forgotten and again began to move a bed and to shout.

I here I understood that me grieves, I began to shout, trying to dozvatsya doctors. The doctor with big eyes ran, I explained to her what me grieves. The doctor laid me on a bed to look at disclosure. “How many?“ - I only also asked. “Almost full disclosure, remained a little“. I asked again: “And is a little how many?“ - “Hour two“.

at me inside everything grew cold With these words. Still “hour two“?! I would not sustain such hell. The doctor got up with intention to leave, I cried: “You where?“ “I will leave, and you can make an effort slowly,“ - the doctor declared. This phrase nonplused me. How it - “slowly“? And what if thanks to mine “slowly“ I here alone give birth to the child, so far they drive teas there? But the doctor already left. I remained alone with the pain again. Looked at the watch, 18:10. Two more hours! Twisted me, again extinguished and so that I thought that now eyes will get out. I tried to restrain, to make an effort it was terrible. I felt how the child goes down as hunting in a toilet! My patience lasted not for long, I began to shout again: “The Aaaa, I give birth! Somebody, go here!“ On my call the same doctor with sandwich in teeth came running: “I allowed you to make an effort what you so shout?!“

it began to anger Me: “I give birth! Eventually, you can not leave anywhere!“ She answered: “Let`s look...“ And again dived to me between legs.

Then we together with it began to make an effort. Me directly turned inside out, so I tried. It was so good, I never tested such high. The doctor called the nurse, began to prepare a maternity chair, things for future child, it inspired me. In chamber doctors began to be flown down, I heard as someone told:“ Five hours give birth, prompt childbirth“.

to me was already all the same, I blissed out on each attempt. At some moment I was sharply lifted from a bed, took off a shirt, put on some hogwash from thin material, fastened boot covers on legs and dragged on a chair. I did not move, me doctors had on a chair, I even could not put a leg on supports.

Only climbed, attempts got to somewhere, began to wait for fight. I looked on the parties: jammed into chamber the person of 10 doctors, nurses and it is still unclear whom. Still, at that moment I gave birth one, and the people demanded some bread and shows.

fight Went, to me allowed to make an effort. “Crap! Crap!“ All shouted, and I tried as I could. Doctors spoke as well as what to do, I tried to be extinguished out of fight, doctors cried on me. I relaxed and began to wait for the next fight. “Yul, at you already the head sticks out between legs, want to look?“ I for some reason told:“ Is not present“. But doctors insisted and moved up me that I saw the child`s head. A show that still, me became terrible, there was a wish to give rise as it is possible rather, but fight everything was not. The doctor put a hand on a stomach and cried: “Fight, tuzhsya!“ I zapykhtet. Three attempts, as well as are necessary, I pulled chair handles, someone burst out laughing: “Yul, you will break a chair, it is not necessary so!“ I was puffed up, tried to crap as never crapped...

I here all. Shout of the daughter. I even understood not at once that I already gave rise. I saw the girl on hands of the doctor, such small and sinenky. “Why it is such blue?“ - I asked.“ Normal“, - the answer followed. It was taken away a neonatology, and to me gave an injection in a leg, and in a couple of minutes I left a placenta. Doctors gasped. It turned out that the placenta looks awfully. And besides it is very small. It was sent right there to histology. My baby put to me on a stomach, she was such warm and small, I was afraid to drop her all the time and could not consider in any way her since it was covered from above with diapers. The doctor looked at me, internal gaps were not, to me quickly darned small cracks on lips and moved from a maternity chair on a bed, near put the daughter. Also messages, calls, congratulations and new life began!