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Late childbirth. The postponed happiness of

Today, unlike the recent past, is welcomed the child`s birth, only if the family strongly got on feet, that is has necessary conditions to live and to bring up the kid. However creation of similar conditions takes a lot of time. But the later you decide to give birth to the son or the daughter, the it will be more difficult to make to you it. To that it is a lot of reasons - at people quite healthy initially from - for influences of stresses, ecology, the wrong way of life, diseases there are serious problems with an opportunity to give birth to the child in the natural way.

the Number of the families which faced infertility is rather high

in modern society - this indicator, for example, is equal in Russia to 15%. Many of those who decided to bring the child, but faced problems in this area, know, unfortunately, about auxiliary reproductive technologies little. And it is real chance for your couple to become parents of own darling and the long-awaited kid!

It is undoubted before to make the decision on use of this or that method of treatment, it is necessary to consult with the qualified specialist - only he will be able precisely to tell what will be better to be made in your concrete case.

One of the most effective methods of overcoming of infertility is EKO - extracorporal fertilization. The following complications can be indications for its application:

Extracorporal fertilization is carried out by

in several steps. At first by means of special medical supplies at the woman stimulate ovaries on average within 10 - 14 days therefore after a puncture it is possible to receive from ovaries several ova at once. In day of a puncture the man hands over sperm. Then in vitro doctors impregnate the selected ova, the inheriting day the assessment is carried out whether there was a fertilization, and whether embryos were formed after merge of man`s and female gametes. They - that, in turn, are also located back in an organism of future mother.

All EKO procedure takes with

slightly more than two weeks. In 2 weeks after transfer of embryos in a cavity of a uterus it is possible to do analyses on pregnancy. Productivity of one cycle is rather high - not less than a third of couples achieve desired result already from the first attempt. If suddenly you did not get in lucky at once - be not upset! On the contrary, it is necessary to support each other about a difficult moment! Experts recommend to carry out the EKO procedure at least 2 - 3 times. The main thing - to be always confident in success!

Usually before the decision to try auxiliary reproductive technologies there pass 2 - 3 years of fruitless efforts to independently conceive the child, changes of several experts and even attraction of financial resources of nonconventional medicine... Do not shelve the right decision - if after a year your efforts are still vain, then address to specialized clinic. The excellent beginning for acquaintance to method of extracorporal fertilization is uchebno - the informative course “Virtual Round of EKO“. It bears information on an effective way of treatment of infertility to couples which faced this problem. You do not even need to leave the house! Having seen all 9 short rollers which are contained it is aware, you, having spent not enough time, you will get acquainted with all stages accompanying procedure. Together with characters of videos Masha and Mischa you learn about all aspects of use of a method. Perhaps, someone, having looked at heroes, even recognizes himself and will decide to work... This interactive material is prepared within the “Happiness of Motherhood - Each Woman!“ program . The program is carried out with assistance of the Russian Association of a Reproduction of the Person (RARP) uniting the leading Russian experts in the field of treatment of infertility.

Finally wants to tell all doubting and fluctuating: any doubts will leave with the first pictures of ultrasonography of your long-awaited kid! Do not postpone the child`s birth on “then“ - happy life in marriage is impossible without children. Children - for the sake of what actually families are also established. Take this step now, and already after a while your son or the daughter for all passable tests will tell you: “Thanks, mother and father!“