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For the first time at the sea with children. And by car!

were on April 8, 2009 with friends in a sauna and agreed that we will go surely to Mountain Altai this summer. Discussed our route across Altai... Generally, everything was solved.

In several days was called by Nastya from work. Talked about everything, about holidays... Nastya told that they are going to wave for the South. They bought the comfortable car for a family too. Nastya counted me that I am a coward, and told that we surely have to go to far-away countries... To have the big car and not to go! It is inexcusable. In the same evening I oblazit all Internet in information searches. Well, and all - at me lit up... Right there told everything to the husband, showed. He wanted too. Next day suggested friends to wave with us on the South, it is boring for one and they never were at the sea. They were shocked by such turn of events... But... Too lit up our offer. Our collecting in 2 months began. We read a lot of different information, especially forums where people tell about such travel, but also drew the corresponding conclusions for ourselves.

... Worried, thought a lot, there were some fears, go, without knowing are actually expensive, with children... Parents dissuaded, but we them and ourselves calmed that everything will be good.


an oven to prepare on the way, products, DVDS, the atlas of highways studied.

All 2 months the brain worked with

to the full extent, all counted to trifles... And, naturally, there were sleepless nights. Wanted to depart by plane all family, to Andrey pay the road, but we chose the cheerful road, there was a wish to see some cities... Generally, peculiar extreme.

On the Internet were reserved by rooms for a certain date, us promised to meet.

Came on June 13... To the road! To us it was not fallen down, pokemarit about 3 hours of all and went to 6 o`clock in the morning. On the street it was cold. In total in warm jackets, on Ania even a plot jacket.

we in way were attacked by hysterical laughter... Neighed over themselves... Where we gathered? Over time all calmed down. The road was good, nothing unforeseen happened. Stopped, made a lunch further at way. About 20 hours stopped for spending the night. Spent the night in roadside hotels. Had one big room for all, had supper and went to bed. Hours in 7 - 8 again at way... Already four full days. Reached to the Urals, the terrible heat began, all changed clothes in undershirts and shorts. To go heavy, well helped out the conditioner which threshed for days on end. You open a car door, and hot air hits into you.

we Arrived into place to 12 o`clock in the morning, met us on an entrance to the city, as promised. When arrived, there were even no forces to shout “hurrah“. The heat exhausts, and there was a terrible wish to sleep. I do not know how to tell it... Probably, this happiness that we at last at the sea. We made it!

When were reserved by rooms, we were told that this housing in 800 m from the sea, but turned out that this distance - 2 km. It is good that were by car, and went only by it. Yes, forgot to write, 8 people drove our car, Andrey was a driver only.

morning Came, and it is rather on the beach. To the people it is full. We came to the beach at 9 o`clock, later already not to find places. The sea appeared cool in the first day - 19 degrees. Bathed, we lie on the sun, and some euphoria... You are heated... You sunbathe. While nobody sees, took a water droplet from skin and tried... Honestly - the sea salty. Together laughed over me. Next day the current changed, and temperature became 15 degrees. Nobody bathed at all. For the third day - 20 degrees. And water temperature in the sea began to rise.

Children were delighted. Every morning we went to the beach, then there was a dream - hour. From the scorching sun some fatigue. Anyutka after a shower was chopped off instantly, and all of us, looking at her. In the evenings went by excursion. At the nights on cafes and on the embankment to walk. To the people it is a lot of - from each cafe music rushes, on the embankment any competitions of entertainment. Won any toys yes souvenirs.

Went on jeeping to mountains. It is simply super! On jeeping we were carried by the uncle - the Greek for 5 hours. The road goes to the mountains, on the way he told much and showed us. Went on the Silver source. Rest, a shish kebab, wine local, a bath with a heat to the mountain small river - “a love bowl“. Even children jumped. High!! When did “loop“, I from Anyutkaya went out of the car for safety and filmed with the camera as children shouted and squealed.

In an aquapark “A gold bay“ went for 5 hours too (with 15 to 20). Weather became cool in the evening - 24 degrees. Cloudlets approached from mountains. For us it is good, and for Ania cool in water to flop. For such small there is a separate zone with gorochka, with heating of water. Flopped until lips turned blue. It was necessary to dress it more warmly. For children the separate zone is more senior too. Well, ours rode all adult hills. We did not manage to watch them, they rushed on these hills... On some hills even turns were. Our men went the first time to a hill. It is called “braid“ - it three hills are bound among themselves. They are very high, so at them there from surprise and mad speed slightly heart did not jump out - very extremely. Did not decide on “kamikaze“, there in general horror what speed and height about the five-storey building. On big hills there is a photographer and takes a picture of faces of people which go, then it is possible to redeem her, so we oborzhatsya when the persons saw. Tanya had a look as if she lies on a patrimonial chair and has to here - to give rise here... Rode long enough with all the heart.

Went to Novorossiysk, went with excursion on the cruiser “Mikhail Kutuzov“, very much it was pleasant to all, but it is a pity that it is not restored, Moscow of money for it does not give. Took a walk in a memorial “Small Earth“.

Went on a ropeway. Looked at Gelendzhik from height, very beautiful look. Rode the motor ship, swam in the high sea. When sailed in the sea, we were accompanied by dolphins. Katya saw its eyes and wanted to touch it... Was so close. I did not see it, sat with Ania in a cabin. Then we were called, but dolphins sailed and jumped out at distance from the motor ship, I managed to shoot from far away them on a chamber.

Very much wanted to go on Abrau plant - Dyurso, to look, taste wines, but there do not let with children, and for 4 hours to leave them one were afraid. It is a pity...

Friends went to the Sea of Azov on a mud volcano. It is 10 - ti hour excursion, with Ania I did not want to go by bus so long, and Andrey by car refused to drive. In 4 days on the way he was tired, and still back to go 4 days. But I also did not begin to insist. Lay a family on the beach... Caught jellyfishes. Anyutka for some reason was afraid of them and came into water a little. And in general she for the third day told:“ I do not want at the sea“. And it was its first offer, since then stirs everything. We with it went on the embankment, everyones rode roundabouts, a fir-tree of a yum-yum... And ours flopped in the sea. At me on salt the allergy began, on a breast and a hand rash developed. I will be washed away by fresh water - takes place, and in the morning in the sea again, and again it is full.

So behind rest and entertainments 11 days flew by. Reserved on 10, but still decided to prolong though for day... So there was no wish to leave, but Tana needs to come to work, it has a holiday 2 weeks, I have a year more. And Andrey had 53 days a holiday. The last days air was 37 degrees, the sea - 26. High! In the last day even Anyutka did not want to leave the sea - probably, felt what soon to leave. There were waves big, children in general blissed out - riding waves...

Forgot to write

what at us was the house. It was pass - hotel. There all locals so live. Build to themselves houses, and near the attach also hand over, on it and live. The yard is divided into 2 zones, one for rest with chaise lounges and the fountain, another - a lunch zone with little tables. All perimeter is laid out by a natural stone, twined a vineyard. Big trees grow: apple-trees, plum, cherry, sweet cherry, apricots, walnut. Over our little table tasty berries of cherry hanged down, it was our dessert after a breakfast, a lunch and a dinner. We managed to eat for free only cherry, apples, sweet cherry. But apricots at them this year were not born. Plum was tried in the last two days. Tasty. Prepared to eat on the common big kitchen with a large number of ware, plates, sinks, refrigerators. Owners were good-natured and hospitable. Yes there in general all people such... There was no negative.

was reached Home in 4 days. Arrived to 3 o`clock in the morning. Here that the house means - as soon as saw the index “Novosibirsk“, all cried “hurrah“!

Here our travel also ended with

, and everything was good, in vain only worried and worried. Also it is not a pity for money which we wanted to spend for apartment renovation, but it is a lot of positive emotions and memoirs which, I hope, will be enough for all winter.

Someone goes abroad to the seas, and we were delighted with the Black Sea and in Russia.