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Long-awaited Yaroslav Mikhaylovich the Little son we wanted to plan

for the end of July as we were going to go to a honeymoon trip on July 19. But the husband told that it is necessary to prepare in advance as hardly everything will turn out at once. But anything similar: at once all also turned out - at the end of May - at the beginning of June. On June 22 the husband (Mischa) bought tests. Made. And here they are these two happy stripes. Hurrah! In the eyes - tears of joy. Mischa to me: “You what cry - that?“ And I to it:“ For pleasure“. Here such here happy moment. I had no toxicosis - the only thing, somewhere for about a month I wildly wanted to sleep... Came from work and at once it was filled up on a bed, sometimes even did not eat. Till 20th week I did not recover - even dumped 1 kg. On the term of 12 - 13 weeks did ultrasonography, it appeared, there is a threat, put in a hospital. Found out that progesterone was not produced. But nothing, everything was normalized, got stronger. Then got to a bolnichka again - small operation was.

of the Little girl, at me during this period in general panic was, I never in life was in hospitals. But the thought calmed that in me there lives a favourite little man. On 19 - 20 week together with the husband went for ultrasonography where we were told precisely that we will have a boy. I - that everything - hoped that the girl will be. And the name in the head only one turned - Arina. But our daddy as was glad - the successor at him, the successor of a sort. But houses I already remembered that I always liked a name Yaroslav. And I all - persuaded, and it as a result too was pleasant to Mischa. Now - that all say that the name just very much suits it.


observed me in 5 - y to policlinic at Burtseva. Though there are a lot of bad comments on her, but we had very good relations, I to her went as to the girlfriend. Me wildly pulled all pregnancy on sweet - the boy everything is. Here and the beginning extensively to carry me after 20 - y weeks. A result - recovered for all pregnancy on 18 kg. Not jokes...

On the 36th week is sent to conclude the contract purposefully to Batishcheva Elena Valentinovna. Having looked once again at me, told that it is necessary to lay down on inspection of kidneys. Lay on the 38th week in office of pathology. It appeared, all are normal, wrote out in a week. Exactly in 40 weeks put from again - for hypostases. Well, and term approached. On the fourth floor in pathology to lie - just the fairy tale, akusherochka polite, friendly, are never rude, will approach, will explain, will support by the kind word. Elena Valentinovna - the interesting person, she at the right time can and is strict answer and support that not to lose courage. In a word - to whom as, and me very much it was pleasant. I consider that when it ran over me, it for good reason was.

I Lay, lay. One fine day she approaches me also asks what we will plan further. Agreed that we will wait for fights and if therein the child does not fall to a small pelvis, then Caesarian will make, put term till Friday. On Wednesday there was the general round with professor. He examined me, told that the neck is still not ready, and stones at the child already got stronger and the son not of the small size. Already precisely assured that hardly fights will begin, and to stimulate is not present sense. Here also appointed planned Caesarian to Friday.


in the Morning on March 6 made an enema. Then to maternity hospital there arrived the husband, helped to lower all bags, he was dressed up there... It is direct to the doctor it was similar. And in nine went for operation together with the husband. He sat, waited for me in a corridor. When to the sonny took out, Yaroslavchik at once cried, the daddy was called. He went to dress together with the midwife of the child. At the same time nafotkat, then to me our athlete (weight 4750 gr., height of 56 cm) on a breast put. What happiness!. As long we waited for it, and here it came true. One thought for some reason in the head turned that the husband much on handles took a synulka - he in this case the first was. Perhaps and we “father“ will have the first word?


Then - reanimation, and next day translated on 3 - y the floor in postnatal. The paid chamber was on two people, single was occupied. In chamber of souls, a toilet. In the same day I was given also the child. It of course was very heavy with seams, but nothing, coped. How many I worried from - for a milk, read that after Caesarian maybe on 5 - e days to come, but nothing similar. On 3 - y put a milk appeared. And personnel there - just a nightmare. One change normal, and the second in general wants to help nothing. Until I with them quarreled and about the rights did not begin to speak, so and told nothing. So I also did not understand a difference that I for a fee lay after operation that is free... The only thing important for me in paid labor was this supervision and the doctor conducting childbirth. In the last day before an extract I already one in chamber lay, a common language with Yaroslav was found. That`s the way it is. The husband and mother constantly came - it is, probably, from conditions on which the paid chamber of this money cost. While I on procedures went, to a shower, they with Yarik sat. And if to hand over for the period of the child in children`s office, surely will feed with mix, cannot, you see they when the child shouts. Fed him once, still still specks did not pass! In day of an extract I such happy was that at last home. Hurrah!! Now we houses. And to us it is very good. And we are happy!