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Pregnancy as a way of life of

the concept of motherhood is not alien to the Modern woman at all. Today it is possible to meet also very young mummies - students and serious business - ladies who in parallel discuss with change of diapers and feeding of the baby by phone budgets, development plans and strategic tasks of the organization. Equally women and waiting for the kid worry - as the kid, whether all with him as it should be feels what occurs in an organism?

Should be told

at once that pregnancy - a physiological, that is normal state of the woman. During this period of life it is necessary to approach reasonably an assessment of the taking place events and to remember that pregnancy is not an illness. Therefore also the attitude towards her has to be corresponding. If pregnancy proceeds smoothly, there are no complications, it is possible to continue to lead active lifestyle, to work, meet friends. Of course, from extreme sports, night parties and dances till the morning it is necessary to refuse nevertheless. However it is useful to spend a holiday on a seashore or to go with friends on the nature even. Important only in everything to follow a measure and the elementary safety rules. But if the doctor conducting pregnancy reveals a deviation from the normal course of pregnancy, it is necessary to observe strictly all its recommendations including on change of a way of life. In need of physical rest it is necessary to refuse any loadings. Also strictly it is necessary to observe also medicamentous appointments of the doctor, without missing reception of the written-out drugs.

at the same time conducting pregnancy has to consider physiology of this state too. At prescription of medicines during pregnancy, the doctor carefully weighs all pros and cons. A number of states does not demand treatment during pregnancy at all (for example, lowering of arterial pressure, heartbeat increase etc.) However the doctor has to watch the course of this process in time to interfere upon transition of physiology to pathology, without having allowed thereby development of complications.

One more task of the doctor - to teach the woman not to be afraid of the situation, to explain that it is normal for pregnancy and that has to guard. Doctors of the Perinatal Medical Center carefully follow this concept of conducting pregnancy.

also the organization of medical supervision is Very important

. At reasonable planning of the time it is possible to be in time a lot of things. For example, it is frequent for timely detection or an assessment of efficiency violation treatment matochno - plodovo - a placentary blood-groove the doctor the obstetrician - the gynecologist can appoint daily control of a condition of a fruit by means of a kardiotokografiya. In such situation it is necessary or to come every day to medical institution, or at all to agree to the offer on hospitalization. In the Perinatal Medical Center other solution of this task - carrying out a kardiotokografiya of the house, at work or on a visit is proposed. Record of heartbeat is made by means of the portable device, and all data are transferred to the attending physician on the Internet. The doctor in real time estimates these researches. In need of correction of therapy or hospitalization he at once discusses it with the patient.

Time of visit of the doctor and carrying out laboratory and tool researches is extremely important

too. It is very convenient when the doctor accepts on the weekend. In this case it is possible to avoid multikilometer traffic jams and need to ask for leave from work. In the Perinatal Medical Center the special contract of “Day off“ is developed. Twice pleasantly and the fact that cost is 30% lower than it.

Any woman, and the pregnant woman especially, wants to look good. Pregnancy - not an occasion to refuse coloring of hair, manicure, a pedicure, fitness. The gymnastics for pregnant women helps to support not only the general tone of an organism, but also to return quickly to a former form after the delivery. It is important that fitness - the instructor was familiar with features of an organism and considered a condition of the pregnant woman by drawing up the individual program.

is Not less important

as well psychological preparation for the forthcoming childbirth. It is ideal if the doctor observing pregnancy is also the doctor conducting childbirth. Then between the doctor and the patient special friendly relations appear. The doctor in such situation will especially carefully and correctly choose tactics of childbirth taking into account not only medical problems, but also a psychological spirit of the woman in labor.

Addressing to the Perinatal Medical Center, you can be sure that a combination of modern technologies, experience and knowledge of personnel - a guarantee of psychological comfort both the most future mother, and her relatives.