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On a pot without fear of

“My kid is afraid to sit down on a pot...“ “The daughter - the first grader cannot use a school toilet...“ - many mothers complain. Such symptoms often indicate that at the child the lock develops. The reasons its psychological, and simple laxative will not help here.

the Stress - very common cause of lack of a chair at kids of preschool and younger school age. Imagine: the child went to kindergarten, and he was put for the first time on a pot together with all group. Maybe, it is unpleasant to kid to do it at all, and he involuntarily suffers. Suppression of a desire to a defekation lead to a delay of depletion of intestines. And it causes extremely unpleasant feelings: skhvatkoobrazny belly-aches, swelling, meteorizm. And fear of a pot which leads to locks at the child is formed.

the First class is a stress: morning haste, new situation, unusual loading. The child is tired, does not manage to have breakfast, it is a shame to it to ask for leave from a lesson and to use a public toilet. Again - the lock is formed. It is promoted also by study in different changes, high loadings in school. If to give to the kid usual laxative, the stress connected with a defekation will only amplify: the child, being in school, will test a spasm and he needs to run urgently in a toilet. And for certain the stress - to a factor - to sneers of schoolmates will give it a reason to additional...

Turns out, the child should be helped: to find not simply laxative, but the preparation which will softly and unostentatiously eliminate a lock and will make work of intestines natural and regular. Dyufalak ® can become such decision; . Active agent of Dyufalak ® is the laktuloza which is made on unique technology from the natural whey which is turning out in the course of production of cheese. In the nature there is no laktuloza therefore in a human body there is no enzyme which would be able to destroy it. At the expense of it Dyufalak ® it is not split and not soaked up throughout zheludochno - an intestinal path and takes place in a large intestine in not changed look. There is a laktuloza, being an ideal nutrient medium for lakto - and bifidobacteria, stimulates their growth. The natural balance of intestinal microflora is restored, contents of a thick gut increase, softened, amplifies an intestines vermicular movement.

Dyufalak ® can be used at children from the first days of life, at any age and as much as long. With it the child will leave fear of a pot or a school toilet. Moreover, the kid will have healthy intestines and healthy microflora in him.