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Second childbirth. Whether it is easier?

At the beginning the story of my husband written right after events.

“Was with the girls before the termination today while could. It is heavy to write, I`m sorry, if typographical errors... For nervous - everything ended almost well. Chronology approximate, of course...

I Allocate for

it since morning, 9 - 10 h as waters began to depart. They say that I so far in maternity hospital am not necessary. I leave for work, periodically we call up. Hour I go to four to it, say that it is time, and it is possible to arrive. Lies if who is not aware, in the third. Then we together, hours to eight. Fights take its course... It would seem... Do it KTG approximately each 40 minutes. It the good fellow, keeps. I help how many I can. Doctors are surprised with her patience. After we on KTG. Constantly.

20:40. Something not that... The nurse calls the doctor, that hurries (at me) to call the deputy of the chief of department who in 2 minutes already runs to us. . I understand that there is something bad... But I for doctors - the father. I.e. the one who it is almost casual here. Literally in a minute I manage to take, thanks of the acting manager that things look bad, I hear the phrase that the child will sustain no more than 10 minutes. I cannot tell that I felt.

20:43. “Caesarian? Of course!!“ Other I cannot answer...

20:46. Took away instantly, only managed to take off socks from it. Then - the most terrible. Nurse:“ The father, wait for 10 minutes“. 5 minutes. 10 minutes. 12. 15. 17. I consider every second... 23 minutes... Yes that for, there are they are wrong, in the wrong hours on a wall? Terribly. Very much... 25 minutes... Still with horror I remember minutes and seconds a bezvestiya... I listen to each step in a corridor... I pray. 28 minutes. Probably, I pay... It was not so terrible in life yet...

21:20. Time is designated approximately, the account of time is almost lost. Brought me the daughter. Live. Native... I pardon... I pay while nobody sees... I talk to it... Heart hurts: how there Yulya?.

21:35. Alice was carried away... Small I wash... Did not see Yulya yet. I wait in a corridor until carry.

About 21:50. - carry from the operating room, it has one question: “Where my child?“ I embrace, I say that everything is good, the daughter as it should be... And at heart is torn... Yulya is pale... Half-dead... Took away.

02:41. And here... Houses... I write... I want “thanks“ huge to tell the doctor which supervised us and in time reacted. Thanks! We are living. Also we will live. Thanks“.

A now my story.

on May 26, 2009 39 - I am week of pregnancy. Since morning, having found an otkhozhdeniye of a mucous stopper, understood that day of a meeting with our baby is already close. On the one hand - pleasure that we will meet our lyalechka soon and it will become easier since it was already heavy to go “hippopotamus“. On the other hand, understood that rather early it is a little, and to the daughter still to develop, puny strength to podkopit and put left unfinished a heap. But the most important - it will already be “twins“ on zodiac sign, as well as was planned. The stopper departed all day. I rejoiced. Mother worried (just at us on a visit was these days). The husband was adjusted that already “soon“! Went to walk me with our daddy in the evening. So well sat in park, breathed, chatted, have a rest from all together... Were tired, arrived and went to bed.

on May 27, 2009. At night the stomach ached a bit, few times it is even very strong. But slept well, understood that it is necessary to sleep, it was succeeded to relax somehow. Under a flank my two favourite boys.

07. 00. An alarm clock, well keep silent you, so there is a wish to have a sleep still. But is not present, it is necessary to rise, yesterday Sasha the last took away a treasured jar in consultation, and today it is necessary to descend to seem, brag of an otkhozhdeniye of a stopper and to learn whether really the lyalechka fell since yesterday around a navel emptiness was found. Synulk still needs to throw in a garden. Well, all. Collected the strength, I get up and... Began to flow. Familiar feelings. Thought, now will pour down in buckets (with synuly waters departed much, abundance of water was). But is not present, a few bed wetted, and on a floor from a half-glass poured out. Transparent, everything is good, so at us. I go to awake mother that helped to bring together the son, time to me still most it is necessary to gather.

Sasha left a shower, pleased him that we will not go to consultation, we will go to maternity hospital. Called just in case maternity hospital to be convinced that it is necessary to go even without fights at dribble of waters. And it appeared.

warned Danechka that today from a garden his grandmother will take away, and we will go with the father to give birth to Alice. It was not against. And we with quiet soul, conscience, thoughts collected the remains of things, descended in a shower before an important event. Came around to buy a little provisions with themselves in maternity hospital. Arrived...

About 10. 00. Persons interested to come to maternity hospital appeared much. But the majority on preservation therefore, having sat minutes 20, I went without turn.

was Weighed - 79,900 (ooh, 20 kg were added by me). Took analyses. Sent once again to a shower. Changed clothes for surprisingly decent nochnukha (after last childbirth expected super - to a sexy nochnukh with cut to a navel). Also we went on the elevator to give birth. Performed inspection on a chair. A verdict - the neck is not ready absolutely. Laid me on KTG. Fights are registered constants. Bolnovato. Sent me in patrimonial, but did not let the husband. Told what is still very rare and it is not sick that to call him. Well, really pain still very much even tolerant.

About 12. 00. So already painfully! Already not just painfully, already very painfully!! Interestingly, what opening at me. It is strange that do not look. In last childbirth watched each 40 minutes opening. And here only the monitor is done. Bothered already with the monitor, so painfully to lie with it during fights. And Sasha is still not allowed to call. On fight I go and I sing for some reason “White ships“. Or I lean on a pelenalny little table: it seems, it is so more convenient (the pose, most popular in my childbirth, appeared). Ball gymnastic in general confused some. To remain sitting on it, it is necessary to hold something and in general is more sick so for some reason.

About 16. 00. Again came with the monitor. Hurrah, though not for nothing stayed in bed on it bolnyuchy fight - allowed to call Sasha. It in about 20 minutes, probably, already came into chamber (time, by the way, somehow quickly flew). Came such happy and I happy, joyful. Such mood good. Oh, painfully, for some reason I laugh from pain. Sasha to me began to warm up at once a waist as learned at lecture. Oho, helps, it appears! Changed clothes, polopal of pies (ordered to it, so there was a wish for a myask, here and devoured 1,5 pies with myasky). Sasha shot video for history a little, took a picture, it seems, too. Fights are written down, we consider how many they last. The interval is a little reduced, fights a little on duration increase. But so all this slowly. At 12 o`clock were for 30 seconds in 5 minutes, at 19 o`clock for 50 seconds in 3 minutes. But time flies quickly. I am tired. The monitor all and is done periodically. During it Sashechka to me warms up a hand, apparently, that easier from it. But all the same I cannot be silent any more. I squeal, I squeal, la - la - I sing la. Doctors ask: “Not painfully perhaps? Or such patient?“ I answer what is very sick, but with the husband easier much more.

About 20. 40. Again our doctor (Egorova, it seems, Tatyana) came. Again monitor. One fight, the second, third. Well, when to rise - that will be already possible? But suddenly doctors ponabezhat, I understand nothing. Sashka was expelled in a corridor. To me with alcohol everything was spread there, I ask: “You will check opening?“ They only muttered “aha“ and checked. Three centimeters only. Sasha came. And here scary phrase:“ The child will sustain no more than 10 minutes, operation is necessary urgently“.

I say

Ya that we, of course, agree, I sign some papers. I look at Sasha. Terribly. I ask it to pray. I do not roar, but in eyes tears. Takes off from me socks. If only to be in time. Why so slowly conduct me along a corridor, remove a nochnukha, I lay down on a table. Strange, all this time was not any fight, whether all this occurred so quickly, roofing felts for fear they stopped. Again smear with alcohol, pinches, the catheter is inserted. Legs bind. Hands clamp in some pieces. In one hand already a dropper, on other measuring instrument of pressure and pulse. The fettered hand, and left, allow to sign paper. I sign. I ask whether long I will fall asleep. I am abused that I talk and I prevent them to work.

Here kind such old face wearing spectacles with thick lenses over me bends:“ Calm down, the girl, here kislorodiky breathe, he is necessary to the baby very much, will sleep now“. To a mouth substitute a mask with oxygen. Everything, departed...

on May 28, 2009. About 1. 00. Oh, something all so mutno. Though somebody would approach closer, and that is visible nothing. All right, I will ask emptiness. “At me with the child everything is all right?“ A voice from emptiness: “Yes, everything is good“.

I Lie, I think: “Interestingly, precisely the girl or Antoshka everything is? Though what difference, and suddenly...“

“And at me with the child everything is all right?“ A voice from emptiness: “Yes. Sleep, do not worry.“

Oh as all body was tired of an immovability, but nothing is sick. It is good. Oh, made out that I in chamber huge. Us here 5 people lie. The aunt one snores. Pancake, I am not able to fall asleep under snore. Saw on a wall hours. And time spread. So slowly.

About 2. 00. It is impossible to move especially, the dropper still drips. I ask waters, gave to drink. The good nurse Nastya periodically approaches, pours out something from - under beds (the catheter stood; probably, contents of uric followed). Removed a dropper, allowed to bend a little a hand and to turn a semi-side. Hurrah! It is possible to replace situation.

Oh, it appears, to a stomach it is awfully sick! But also the back was intolerably tired. I turned to 4 mornings. Drank 2 glasses of water. Two times awoke all chamber when shouted to the nurse since the catheter was cleaned, and in a toilet independently not to descend. The duck rescued. In 4 mornings everything is fell asleep.

About 8. 00. Woke up from a loud voice:“ Where here kesarsky lie?“ The nurse Nastya shows on us (on me and the girl on the next bed). And what I see: bear two a svertochka. Undoubtedly - right svyortochek my, such native already, though in hands at the sister. In the beginning give left svyortochek. And then and me give my nested doll, zapelenaty so that only the face is visible. Smuglyanochka, copy of the brother. And zhirovichka same on a nose, and the nose a kartoshechka same, and in general, synulya same was. And on a svertochka a kleenochka with the inscription “Poklontseva, Girl“.

3 allowed to admire

of Minute sleepy happiness and carried away. Told that as soon as we are able to go, so we can go to chamber, and there will bring children. I right there began to rise, by 12 o`clock for us came and transferred to chamber.

About 12. 00. As everything is sick. I go having bent and I hold a stomach. But reached chamber. Reached and at once laid down, forces were not any more. Lying too everything hurt. I did not understand why the back hurts, did not understand still. But she was ill me just awfully. Is much stronger, than the stomach hurt though the stomach hurt too very strongly.

of the Baby is not born yet. Went to learn where my things. I was brought together in some room where leave things. Hardly limped, it turned out that in vain. The husband everything took away home, even cellular. Allowed to call on house. Mummy congratulated avariciously not to start howling and told that Sasha already left, it is lucky me things and chicken broth. After operation nothing still more can be eaten.

About 13. 00. Here what you, my bittock! Now I can examine you long, more you from me will not be taken away anywhere! My sun sleeps. Fed, probably, well as long it was necessary to wait for the first awakening. Hours 5, probably, overslept. Woke up, to Tit at once. Gives smacking kiss a bit, minutes 5, probably, and again bayushka.

Settled neigbours. It became more cheerful. They just gave rise. And we already what big, to us already soon days! Boys are loud, all the time cry, want to eat. And my printsesska sleeps. Probably, not such as son, will be. Will be quiet...

the Next days in maternity hospital. On a birochka learned that we were born weighing 3230 gr and 52 cm in height (it is 100 g easier than the brother and is 1 cm higher than him). And were born in the evening on May 27 in 21. 05.


all sleeps and sleeps. It is necessary to awake and bother that though ate a little. With capture of a breast it is bad. Called children`s doctors. Learned to put. During all the time in maternity hospital of times 6 it stuck qualitatively and for a long time (for about 30 minutes). Other all the time of it was not succeeded to achieve. But I rejoiced that she sleeps, full means. Milk ran, constantly pure asked night dresses. Means, there is a lot of milk.

For the fourth days temperature rose, and tomorrow I have a birthday. Also promised to write out. All night long rose, decanted and warmed up slowly a breast. By the morning temperature was not. And at my birthday we were given a gift - wrote out home! The baby is healthy, I already too go quicker, constraining oykanye. However, picked up cough in maternity hospital in the last night since we were transferred to other chamber where there were two young women with cough. And one of them, probably, left recently places of confinement. Tattoos and the promise to the child that it will drown it, will strangle also to that the similar passions which are followed by a mat on all chamber spoke about it.

Us was met, forgotten to be taken a picture for pleasure near maternity hospital, but we, happy and tired, already at home!

everything would be good

I, but... Alice slept, slept and slept. For the fifth day of stay of the house she did not wake up more than 14 hours. She did not eat all this time, it was only succeeded to pour in her from the syringe in 13 ml of the decanted milk.

Called the district doctor. I wait. Three times called policlinic to specify when the doctor comes. Spoke:“ Wait“. We wait. Came. Heartbeat is practically absent. Body temperature 35. Calls “ambulance“. The doctor speaks to them that urgently came, sharp nadpochechnikovy insufficiency at the newborn child. Puts it Prednisolonum, aloud calculating norm on its kilograms the Needle big. Experience a little. We find the place on the daddy more thickly, we put a prick. I any more nearly roar, I restrain as the son nearby. It is impossible to transfer it the nervousness. I look for with whom to leave it, our father just goes to us, and now “rush hour“, the seventh o`clock in the evening of the working day. The son-in-law with the son, and almost right there Sasha came to sit (as he reached in 15 minutes?) .

Gratitude to it huge that went on “ambulance“ with us. All road I cried. It held Alisku.

Came to office. We were sent for ultrasonography of an abdominal cavity at once. I undress her, I pray that only any serious pathologies were not. Silence. Here the ultrasonographer asks whether I went to ultrasonography during pregnancy. I say that I yes, and ask: “And what, something not so?“ She answers that there is no second kidney.

Huge “thanks“ to the doctor - to the ultrasonographer Safarov (otherwise it was possible to go crazy) that on the second ultrasonography during pregnancy it with the husband accurately showed us both kidneys! I told that on the second research it was, did not resolve. I ask minutes through 3: Whether “There was a kidney?“ Was!

is Sent to chamber, the daughter was carried away from me at once. Returned in about 15 minutes already all in provodochka. In the head a dropper, in a mouth - a probe. The hand is tied up - took blood from a vein. Brought. Say that sat and did not depart from it, it is necessary to watch, breathes or not whether heart fights. I am shocked, I roar, decided that I will not do it as I will go mad. In about 20 minutes brought the device which did it instead of me. Heart fought unevenly. 120 blows, 200. And the sensor of breath began to peep 5 times. I was warned that if less than a minute peeps, then it is simple to force it to breathe and if it is more - that urgently to call of them. Thank God, it was not necessary to call them. Checked in the morning whether it can is from a small bottle, the probe was cleaned, allowed to feed with mix. In the following feeding already allowed to feed with the decanted milk.

carried out by

during stay in a hospital to us a heap of inspections: Ultrasonography of an abdominal cavity, brain, heart, soft tissues of a hip, electrocardiogram, X-ray of lungs and right hip 2 times. Many times took blood from small a wreath, bruises still did not pass yet. In rezulthe Tat the cerebral hemorrhage, consolidation in a hip between a periosteum and muscular tissue was found (the maternity hospital said that it “nadavysh“ and will pass itself, though I found it in 3 days prior to an extract - ever anything was tried to be made). The cerebral hemorrhage caused such abnormal dream, such abnormal dream caused malnutrition, malnutrition was about to cause death.

I did not expect it, thought, everything will be easy and simply, well it is precisely simpler than first labor. And it appeared... God grant that it is the most serious tests in Alisiny life. It will be good further and further!