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Rest in family camp

this camp has no permanent address - it is just one family living in Adler every summer receives several other families. Rent for this purpose private houses or hotels ashore, every time different. It is still absolutely new form of family rest but very interesting.

I Found

“A happy ditenk“ absolutely incidentally. We plan every year some interesting children`s travel with a family. Here and got absolutely incidentally on the website of family camp in Adler.

As we reached by

there, I will not tell. Long. Because to buy difficult good tickets from Izhevsk to Adler in the middle of July. And we were even late for couple of days by the beginning of the program. And the daughter also caught a draft in the train, she began to temperaturit and sniff. Generally, in day of arrival we had a mood below an average...

the Train arrived to Adler according to the schedule, on July 19 on Sunday at six in the morning. . At the station we were already met. Also we went to the Imereti bay.

Ya there earlier never was - it is already outside Adler as the city, almost on border with Abkhazia. It is a long strip of wild beaches between the Mzymta and Psou Rivers (actually, the border and passes across the river Psou).

Us was brought to one of private pass - hotels without name on the bank of the Imereti bay. Other families lived two days in two next hotels. Helped to lift things in our number. Prostenko, but it is quite tidy: a bathtub (a bathtub, but not a shower) and a toilet in number, a balcony with Lastochkin a nest. At once went to the beach, to charging.

Charging began

with the fact that all came into water knee-deep - “to greet the sea“, and then barefoot ran on sand. There, having risen in a circle together with the instructor, children did breathing exercises, coordination exercises and an extension.

of All together with us five families gathered in family camp in this shift: two of Moscow, one of Ryazan and still from where - that, I did not remember. Two families arrived in full strength - with fathers (one - even also with the grandmother), and two - only mothers with children. First guarded me that there is a little to people, but then I estimated an individual approach in camp to each family and everyone a ditenka.

After charging began to gather for a breakfast. The cafe where fed, was in other hotel. Not in ours, but in the neighbourhood. We have breakfast pancakes and tea, ordered to ourselves a lunch. Exactly in 10. 00 under a canopy on the beach creative occupation began every day.

Creative study was continued by

two hours while the sun did not begin to scorch mercilessly any more. Then the general siesta to appeared 17. 00. At five o`clock, after heat recession, all met on the beach on evening occupation again.

excursion was appointed To the second day instead of creative occupation after a breakfast of p. For all change four excursions for adults and children - two short were planned for 2 hours and two long, for all day. This first excursion was short.

For the third day waves rose by the sea. I in waves cannot bathe, but to children all this awfully was pleasant - to flounder in a penalty fee and so on. So charging was generally swimming. We already also forgot by this time that we have a cold.

Next day the storm still amplified. This day the second short excursion - on the boat to the high sea was planned. But from - for strong waves of the boat could not approach the mooring. Was decided to gather in the evening with all parents on the beach and to discuss changes in the plan of excursions.

children collected

On creative occupation along a surf naked children - the sea during a storm threw out a set of beautiful stones - and all painted them together. And then together molded fish from plasticine: everyone skatyvat a ball of such color what was pleasant to it, and pasted it, priplusnuv a finger on the general cliche as a scale. To observe how children try to make something together as at first they compete whose scale is more beautiful and best of all visible, and then gradually begin to try that not one scale, but all their fish entirely looked more beautiful, - it is very interesting.

organizers began to tell

On evening discussion what subtleties wait for us during the planned excursions. Everything is very detailed, taking into account age of children and their opportunities - specifically those children and parents who prepared for this shift. For example, for tour on the boat two options were offered: the big boat “Phaeton“ which starts from the mooring in Adler white and double-deck where will not rock to sleep, but it will be impossible to run about or swim in the high sea. Or the rusty fishing boat in “Somali pirates“ style which starts from the mooring directly from our beach where it will be possible to do everything that you want - and to climb all ship and to fish (will give rods and tackles) and to jump from a board to the high sea... All forthcoming excursions were so in detail investigated, the options suitable us are chosen and dates are appointed. From - for a storm it was decided to transfer the boat for later, and for the next day to go to long excursion to mountains to the river Psakho.

on July 23 after charging and a breakfast we went to mountains. On the road bought by sharing the cost products for picnic, came around on trout farm and there bought live fish, then curtailed from the route and went to mountains.

Next day the sea settled, and was decided to go to tour on the boat.

On the boat of a task at them were different, ran, pasted names where a nose where forages, even let them in the captain`s cabin. Then floated in the high sea. There were many impressions!

Next day on morning exercises all were vigorous

, more than ever. On creative occupation children drew the general animated film on a shot and molded a piece of the sea from puff pastry. The daughter most of all liked to form the dough.

Joyfully there passed some more days...

parents even more often began to exorcise

By the time of our final excursion that here supposedly as few days remained, what a pity, that everything so quickly comes to an end, and there are no wish to leave at all...

Since morning, still after dark, children got up surprisingly quickly. At five in the morning all already were on the street. The trip turned out more, than saturated. We not without adventures crossed border, wanted to do morning exercises on the beach in Gagra, but then changed the mind. On the way to Ritsu did several stops - on a suspension bridge through the river Bzyb, at the Blue lake and at the Stone of Kisses.


On to Ritsa made a big stop, regaled in one of patskh on local national food - a hominy and smoked meat. Also went above to mountains. On the road passed the abandoned resort of Soviet period where directly from - under lands the narzan springs, water very tasty beat. Then the road came to an end. Our car crossed the river to Avadkhar by wading, but on a water Alpine meadow got stuck. Generally, it turned out real trof - round. If to it still to add arrival to Gegsky falls on the way back - that in general. Falls, of course, the most beautiful, but road to it... Local it is called “My God, carry by!“

Have supper and we met a decline in Gagra, on an open terrace at one big table, and home, in the hotels, returned after midnight...

Next day since morning the rain went. But nobody wanted to skip any class, and all children bathed in the rain, including my daughter!

Creative occupation took place

in hotel again. As they became friends during this time!

So far children were engaged in

, we with mothers prepared for tomorrow`s closing of change. After evening occupation to leave it was very sad - it was our last evening in family camp! And it passed very warmly...

the first time on our charging on the beach game in “bouncer“ took place

the next morning without tears and quarrels - all - our children learned something. And that first collective games were not given them at all. And here all played, even we with mothers got up, so well it turned out.

to Children were solemnly handed by diplomas and gifts, backpacks where there were their albums and hand-made articles that they made in camp, and an album with photos. My daughter at school collects a portfolio with various diplomas so to it the nominal diploma very much had to the place.

Each parent was handed which too - that for memory. It were peculiar characteristics on each ditenk and recommendations as well as that it is necessary to develop further what it is necessary to pay attention to. It seemed to me very touching, such friendly attention appeared in each “letter“. Not that eyes opened for me on something. I already knew a lot of things about what it was written in our characteristic. But it was very pleasant that so well could make out my daughter in only two weeks.

In general, the atmosphere in camp was very pleasant and healthy. I perceived heads of camp and mothers from other families already soon as relatives or old acquaintances with whom we together decided to go to the sea. As one mother told, “in a children`s recreation camp strengthen immunity of children, and in family camp strengthen immunity of a family“. I and really was sorry that the husband and the son could not go with us. Next time we want to go surely all family!

Yes, forgot to write how many all this costed. We paid organizers only for the daily program of classes in 1000 rub a day. It regardless of that, how many in a family of children - one or three. For accommodation we paid 1000 rub a day for number. Families of three people in the next hotel paid on 1200, and the biggest family of 5 people paid 1500 a day. Plus food, excursions and souvenirs. At us about one thousand dollars on everything turned out. Other families, probably, have more, but all the same I consider that it is inexpensive.

the daughter told

of the House to all about camp. I have a rest well too. It is unusual. Because I usually have not a rest, and I watch that all had everything as it should be. Here I watched on a habit too. But generally could and not watch.