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“From Moscow to Brest there is no such place...“

White Russia... Region of blue lakes, age-old oak groves and boundless fields. Exactly there we decided to prick up wheels of our Hippopotamus this time.

By the way, the owner who was Hippopotamuses - the Japanese could hardly assume in what distances (concerning the Land of the rising sun) the destiny of his “pet“ will bring. But on that it and a minivan that, having loaded into it a full luggage carrier of the most necessary things to go to autotravel.

Belarus - exclusively fertile place for tourism. A huge number of sights, the friendly people, good ethnic cuisine, and that is important, very reasonable prices for all these delights.

Having rummaged day in the Network, having developed a route and having quickly packed things, we started on on a way. We are my husband Yurka, the daughter Mashunya 3 - x years and I. Well, and now all one after another.


1 - y. A key on “start“. We left the house at 10 in the morning and, slowly kativshis on the excellent route M 2 Moscow - Brest, to 16 - and appeared in a point of the first planned sight of Belarus - the town of Zhodino. Here make the “BelAZ“, known to all former USSR, - huge cars for the industrial and military purposes. Our purpose here - to be photographed about these giants. But not here - that was. The only truck which it is possible to approach close - the dump truck, likely, the smallest of all equipment which is done by plant. All the rest costs in the territory of the enterprise and is closed from hands, legs and cameras of curious public. Well it is fine, we go further, to Minsk.

Having arrived to the capital and having found the residence for the next four nights, we finish this day with a campaign in a supermarket and “a dinner home-style“ with the Belarusian champagne and chanterelles in sour cream.


2 - y. In Minsk. This day is decided to be spent in the city, with the minimum traveling. The center of Minsk - spacious and beautiful, very pure and poorly populated on the weekend.

the Square and Nezavisimosti Avenue, the Troitsk farmstead, the Academic theater - here, likely, the main tourist places for cursory examination with the city.


Very much liked National library - the interesting modern building with the glass panoramic elevator. From an observation deck on a roof the remarkable view of North - east part of the city opens.

Promised the child in the evening circus - it did not turn out, representations began only in a week. Attractions had to be answerable for circus and a pony in the Central children`s park of rest.


3 - y. Museum of crafts of “Dudutka“.

of “Dudutka“ - a unique museum complex in forty kilometers from Minsk (the route to Slutsk). Place pleasant in every respect, interesting to children and adult any age. Here and the potter telling about ancient ways of production of ware and the smith with whom it is possible to shape subforging or to inflate bellows fire in the furnace. The weaver does belts - garters and tells about their appointment in clothes of Belarusians. The cheese dairy will treat you with cheese of local production - unusually tasty, with spices and greens. And bread which is baked too here. And in the brovayena will pour self-race with fat on snack.

not to drag off

From a farmyard of children! Horses of different breeds, pigs and boars, rabbits, goats and sheep, ostriches, deer - all can scratch noses and to feed with hay, a grass or what you have in pockets.

A on the hill, in an environment of a rye field, is costed by a windmill, having widely stretched the hands - wings. Nearby - a lodge of the miller in which you will be told everything about bread. View from the hill just tremendous - on the estate and the temple, on the huge gold field and the dense woods.

Acquired and happy, we went back to the city. And hardly held on to a gas station. There is such feature in Belarus - gas stations stand small groups. And these small groups from each other at very decent distance. And not always where it is necessary. But the fuel price everywhere identical, irrespective of the location of gas station - whether it be the center of Minsk or a country road where - nibud near Brest. The prices of the main brands of gasoline daily declare in news, together with exchange rate and a weather forecast. And it is possible to pay off at gas station with different money. The prices - in the Belarusian and Russian rubles and euro. What is - that and pay, but do not rush about in search of exchange office. Very conveniently.


4 - y. Khatyn (will bring depending on weather far further). the Lump in a throat begins to gather already on an entrance to a memorial. For those who forgot partially a school course of history, I will remind in brief. In 43 - m to year in the Belarusian woods guerrillas lined the German motorcade. The angered fascists rushed into the first village - Khatyn, drove all its inhabitants in one shed and set fire. The village burned down completely. On its place in 60 - e years constructed a memorial.


over a complex distributes Each 30 seconds a sound of bells. On places of the former houses there are steles with memorial boards - lists of the families which died in the tragedy.

of 26 houses, 149 people. “People are kind, you remember: we loved life, and our Homeland, and you, expensive. We burned down live on fire. Our request to all: let the grief and grief to turn back in your courage and force that you forever could approve the world and rest on the earth. That from now on in a tuft of the fires life died anywhere and never!“

to Vanish it was decided to go to the Zaslavsky reservoir, “The Minsk sea“. This big water space, clean beaches, from the city of 10 minutes of driving. Water temperature left much to be desired. Also children bathed only drunk. Piknichok with wine, sausages - a grill on a disposable brazier and the most tasty Belarusian bread - what else to wish at the end of the day?


5 - y. To Brest! On the Dense forest!

we hand over to

Since morning “numbers“ and we move forward to the Brest region, with arrival to the World.

the World was

the strange town - as from the picture. Small multi-colored lodges on a central square, malls, small streets - everything looks as scenery on a film studio. Mir Castle Complex, rather ancient and very picturesque, allows to polazit on the walls, to rise in towers and to go down to cellars. Unfortunately, to our arrival did not manage to open a display at the exhibition with interiors and objects of life and life of old times. Well, nothing, there will be an occasion to glance here once again.

As approaching the Bialowieza Forest following a point of our travel bad presentiments begin to disturb me. The intuition did not deceive. The dense forest prepares to 600 - to the anniversary of the “cultural“ history, there is a global building and repair everywhere, from three hotels only one works at the territory. There are no places. Bicycles on hire temporarily do not allow (the children`s cycle chair timidly hides in the Hippopotamus luggage carrier, being afraid to receive “for everything and for all“). The majority of animals is taken temporarily out. Unifications with the nature any. Panic, of course, did not capture us. Not attacked those! But euphoria from arrival in the Dense forest ended, without having begun.

to go to Brest (for 50 km) did not smile absolutely yet. Having ordered cognac, a shish kebab, pancakes and a fruit drink in local cafe, the husband began investigation. In 5 minutes of a barmensh Raisa handed over all appearances. We agreed to rural tourism - the house with conveniences in 15 minutes of driving.

the Village White in actual fact was

backwoods in almost literal sense of this expression. From the house of the hostess Natalya to the Polish border - 800 m, a circle - the wood with wild animals. As we were told, sometimes in cold winters on morning on the sites locals find wolf traces...

On a site - the real rural economy with a pig, rabbits and hens. Marusya was delighted with all these living creatures - and on hands of rabbits dragged, and fed from a palm of hens, and touched a hryukha for an ear. Two dogs, two cats - everything got its attention.


6 - y. In the Dense forest and what else to do?. we Buy bus excursion to the Belarusian Father Frost`s estate. Are included souvenirs in the price “from firm“.

of Big “Neoplan“ rushes on narrow paths among trees and lawns with a speed of 80 km/h. It very much impresses, especially tckb to sit on the first row of chairs. While the guide tells the different facts from reserve history, the wood “flies“ on you and covers from all directions. In the Estate of the Grandfather all adults are offered to sink into dotage temporarily. There is also Father Frost, in a summer prikid and a hat straws. From the Snow Maiden there is only in the summer a lodge where it is possible to glance in windows. She in the north, salts there snowballs etc.

On the way back from the Estate we land about open-air cages with animals. Here too repair and building, are not enough animals and the rain begins to drizzle. But all - both bisons, and an elk, and bears, and deer we saw.

Having had a dinner in Skazka cafe with a local game dishes, went to Kamenets - the town in which there is a Kamenetsky Column, “White Vezha“. However, white it was only at the time of Khrushchev when to that was impatient to paint it for harmony with the Dense forest. Now it is a tower of a red brick with the interesting museum inside and an observation deck above.


7 - y. On 100 grams for our grandfathers. We say goodbye to hospitable Natalya and we go to Brest. On the way at Jyrki the joyful shiver on the Brest fortress begins - to polazit was his long ardent desire.

Having become populated by

in “Intourist“, we go to Fortress. Again it starts to rain, and we put on brightly - yellow raincoats with Mickey - Mice, brought once from the Disneyland. Well and what, but is dry.

From - for bad weathers to the people in Fortresses at least, and this bezlyudnost and a dullness adds the corresponding mood - sad, concerning, patriotic.

At an entrance, under “Star“, comers is met by Levitan`s voice with its well-known “From the Soviet information bureau...“ and march “Get up, the country huge!“ . Heart fades with these sounds, and eyes are poured by tears. Yurka solemnly drank 100 grams. And I driving.

In the Museum of defense of fortress we decided to order individual excursion to refresh and increase the school knowledge of a feat of defenders of Brest. And after excursion bought nice magnets from birch bark with types of fortress.

in the Evening we ate too much in cafe in the downtown, broke a decanter, watched a rainbow, caught a cat, peeled Mashka a nose - generally, enjoyed the quiet and cozy city of Brest.


8 - y. In It is stale! And home! in the Morning with some grief we reverse the course. A task “at least“ - before dark to reach to Minsk with arrival in Nesvizh, and further - as it will turn out.

I again everything spoils repair. In Nesvizh Castle works are well under way, and impressions of it are impaired a little by banners of civil engineering firms and materials. We even inside did not go for excursion, and went to old and very beautiful park at once. Here and “the Japanese garden“, both “formal garden“, and sculptures different. Mermaid almost Copenhagen and stone of desires. Especially suffering executions of the “hotelok“ get on it astride. Normal people just are recommended to lean.

we reach by

Minsk Before dark and we run behind gifts to all relatives. The people at us such, as in the famous song: “... to me though that though bring the devil in a mortar!“ . And in Belarus still communism, and shops in the majority are closed by places at 19 - 20 o`clock. Therefore we trot.

of Steam knitted pizhamok Svitanak factories to Marya and all. There is nothing more. Traditionally we go to a supermarket and it is traditionally gathered local convenience goods. The Belarusian balm - excellent piece. The Minsk Capital vodka - it is fine. Various chocolate of Kommunarka factory - it is healthy. Oil rape - we will try? Bread Belarusian with nuts, prunes, dried apricots and cereals - as a hobby. Bread here matchless! Gentlemen`s set still that. Also it is not necessary to think that we are alcoholics some. No. Quite to cultural people.

“Well, and what? In hotel to sleep or we will go?“ - “Yes, went what here now. To morning of the house we will be...“

I were. On gold rising while our Penelope watched the fifth dream, we with Yurka drank morning coffee in McDonald`s on Mozhayka and agreed sometime to go to Belarus once again. To go to Grodno, Mogilev and Gomel, and to different other cities and small towns. From Moscow to Brest still there are so much places where we so also did not visit!

the Photo album can look at


of the Photo usual, for itself, and for some reason in a disorder. You do not judge strictly.