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In article 5 + in day we told colors of health

about that how many vegetables and fruit are necessary for each person in day to remain healthy. Important part of healthy food, besides amount of vegetables and fruit, is their variety. To diversify the day diet absolutely simply, being guided by 5 conditional color groups of vegetables and fruit.

Vegetable connections which are contained in fruits, leaves, roots and other parts of a plant give it this or that color. Color of vegetables and fruit shows us what vegetable connections, useful to health of the person, are present at them. The maximum quantity of useful substances is often concentrated in edible skin of fruit or vegetable - remember it and do not hurry to clean off it. Using daily vegetables and fruit from each color group, we provide the organism with optimum composition of vitamins, minerals, antioxidants and other useful vegetable connections.

It is white - the brown group includes white, beige and brown fruit and vegetables. Bananas, dates, garlic and onions, a girasol, mushrooms, light potatoes, a white melon, a parsnip, a root celery and root parsley, pears with a brown peel, root (Florentine) fennel, and also cabbage color, white and a kohlrabi belong to this group. Presence at vegetables and fruit of this group of vegetable connection of an allitsin and an element of the settlement helps to support work of heart, to lower cholesterol level in blood and increases the organism resilience to some types of cancer.

In it is yellow - to orange group vegetables and fruit a number of useful substances is present (including. vitamins A and With, connections carotinoids, phenofaces and bioflavonoids), to promoting maintenance of warm activity, sight, immune system and some cancer diseases lowering risk. Treat this group: apricots, peaches, mango, nectarines, a papaya, a persimmon, a sea-buckthorn, pineapple, pumpkin, corn, sweet potatoes (sweet potato), yellow turnip, carrots, a yellow and orange citrus, yellow apples, melons, sweet pepper and other fruit and vegetables it is yellow - orange scale.

the Green group , besides calcium and other important vitamins, contains vegetable connections lyutein and an indole, the emergence of some types of cancer promoting strengthening of sight, bones and teeth, and also lowering risk. Treat green group: kiwi, avocado, lime, artichoke, asparagus, green cabbage (broccoli, Bruxelles, Savoy, Celtic, etc.) cucumbers, green sheet salads and seasonings, onions (a leek, Welsh onion and shnitt), a celery, green vegetable marrows and zucchini, spinach, green peas and beans, and also green apples, pears, grapes, sweet pepper, etc.

It is red - the claret group contains vegetable connections lycopene and antotsianin, promoting health is warm - vascular system, urinary tract, good memory and the developing of breast cancer and a prostate lowering risk. Enter into red group: cherry and sweet cherry, cranberry, dogrose, red currant, pomegranates, raspberry, wild strawberry, beet, garden radish, rhubarb, water-melon, red sheet salads and chicory, tomatoes, red pepper, onions and potatoes, mountain ash, red apples and citrus, etc.

At vegetables and fruit of violet group vegetable connections antotsianin and a phenoface, promoting preservation of health of urinary tract, memory and brain functions, to decrease in level of a stress and risk of development of some types of cancer are present. Treat this group: blackcurrant, bilberry, blueberry, blackberry, black-fruited mountain ash, black grapes, dark plums, “blue“ cabbage, eggplants, violet and black pepper and other vegetables and fruit.