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What for a miracle - milk?

Health of the child directly depend on feeding by breast milk from the first days of life. However infrequently mothers precisely know that this divine ambrosia gives them to remains and how really valuably natural feeding.

the Most important, according to pediatricians, are immune properties of breast milk. Especially valuable they are in the first months of life of the child. Milk helps the kid to cope with influence of harmful bacteria, toxins, allergens which from the moment of the birth of the baby literally attack his intestines. The immunoglobulins which are contained in maternal milk protect a mucous membrane zheludochno - an intestinal path of the child from damages and pathogenic organisms. Besides, they stimulate maturing of tissues of intestines. Nothing so improves system of production of own immunoglobulins of the child as milk of his mother.

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in many maternity hospitals can finish feeding Now newborns artificial mixes - according to many neonatolog, to the kid besides of food which mother in the first days after the delivery can give it. Such opinion is wrong. In the first days of life the child does not need at all a dokarmlivaniye, that volume of milk which he receives from mother, is optimum. The statistics shows that the children receiving since the birth food in large volume are more subject to risk of a disease of diabetes and obesity. At finish feeding the newborn`s organism “is programmed“ on receiving excess quantity of food. The increased intake of proteins and carbohydrates causes failures in system of a metabolism and the think-tank of hunger and saturation in the child.

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of “Bezmamnye“ of mother monkeys who in the childhood were separated from a mother`s breast and were raised artificially. Having become adults, these animals could not give rise, raise and bring up normally posterity as the maternal instinct in them was absent.


by Physicians it is proved long ago that the human body is regulated by hormones. Even everything the known maternal instinct is substantially supported by hormone under the name Prolactinum. The value of breastfeeding consists also that with mother`s milk the child receives a set of hormones and in bigger concentration, than they contain in mother`s blood. Among them there is Prolactinum, so-called “hormone of growth“, insulin, eritropoetin (responsible for hemoglobin level in the baby`s blood) and a set of other hormones regulating including reproductive function, processes of puberty and a normal lactation in the future.

Mozart was hardly “bottle-fed baby“

In - the first because artificial mixes in its time were not yet, and, in - the second, for the reason, that quality of hearing in many respects depends on the diseases of a middle ear transferred the person in the childhood. As showed researches, otitis and other diseases of organs of hearing the children who grew up on mixes have more often. The flora of intestines, an oral cavity has the best structure when curative substances of breast milk took part in its formation. If in flora of an oral cavity harmful bacteria, then frequent otitises to the kid prevail are guaranteed as the child has an Eustachian tube connecting organs of hearing and a nasopharynx, short and wide. All microbes from a mouth in the conditions of banal cold or even cold with pleasure will attack on gentle children`s ears and will immediately provoke an inflammation.

In formation of the correct speech feeding by a breast also plays not the last role. Recent inspections in St. Petersburg of nearly 1000 children at the age of 5 - 7 years yielded the following results: among the kids sucking a breast more than 6 months, violations of the speech came to light only at 14,5%. Generally it were physiological replacements of sounds “sh“, “l“, rather easily removable. In group with the period of sucking of a breast less than 6 months difficult violations of the speech were observed at 80% of children. Such effect of natural feeding is explained by positive influence of sucking of a maternal breast on formation of facial bones and the child`s jaws.

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availability in it of so many useful substances that it is difficult to call it food - rather this medicine. In former times maternal milk and colostrum used including as medicine. At the baby eyes suppurate - dug in in them mother`s milk. At the baby flows from a nose - we will treat it “live dairy drops“. Give and we will be closer to our natural beginnings and we will try to feed kids only with breast milk.