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Let`s cope with the milkwoman without medicinal methods

In the press, on television, in outdoor advertizing advertizing of various drugs against an unpleasant fungal disease - milkwomen quite often slips. However future or feeding mother is afraid to accept medicines though “in situation“ and after the delivery the milkwoman especially aggressively attacks a female organism. Whether there are other ways of fight against this illness?

, From where mushrooms?

the Milkwoman is the fungal disease caused by the fact that fungi of candida begin to breed especially actively on mucous membranes of the person. If the person is quite healthy, presence of these fungi at an organism, does not give troubles - immunity keeps a tight rein on them. However during pregnancy on an organism heavy loading lays down, and the immune answer can glitch. It can be connected both with hormonal processes, and with the fact that immunity is weakened by fight against a viral infection.

Symptoms of the milkwoman are known for

to much: curdled allocations, sometimes, very plentiful which quite often are followed by an itch and burning in a crotch. (Sometimes, that fungi strike also other bodies, for example mucous a mouth, and then it is necessary to deal with stomatitis symptoms.)

Besides diseases and specific hormonal frustration of pregnant women and feeding which it is difficult to affect without the assistance of the doctor with the reasons for the strengthened growth of colonies of a fungus in an organism.

the First reason from this list is an unreasoned food. At fungi “taste isn`t bad“ - most of all they love farinaceous food and sweet. That is features of immunity, a metabolism and work of secretory system of the person who eats unhealthy food work for a fungus.

the Second reason is defects in personal hygiene. The fungus very much loves humidity, and we quite often help it with it. How? Very simply! The beautiful synthetic underwear does not take away sweat from a body, does not allow allocations to dry quickly - and in such “hotbed“ fungi breed quickly. One-time laying “for every day“ which we carry, hesitating of allocations and their smell, also prevent air circulation and increase humidity. The laying which is not passing air which women use during critical days or at lokhiya after the delivery is especially harmful. (The majority of the laying which is actively advertized now at all not “leave skin dry and pure“, and turns liquid into gel, and help fungi to propagate and breed.)

the Third reason - notorious “chemistry“, various fragrances, detergents and preservatives. For example, the same laying quite often contains harmful substances which the producer flavored laying. Not less harmful to weak mucous can be shorts which badly otpoloskana or are washed by powder, improper for you.

the Fourth reason is a stagnation of blood in a small basin. An inactive way of life, restrictions of sexual life and active movements which on the woman are imposed by pregnancy and childbirth - all this leads to developments of stagnation in bodies and fabrics. And where blood supply worsens - there is to fungi better. whether

the milkwoman Is dangerous by


Unfortunately and. The chronic milkwoman can win the increasing open spaces of your body and do much harm to many bodies, complicate breastfeeding and the kid can catch her, passing through patrimonial ways.

How to be?

How to be if with the milkwoman it is impossible to be reconciled, and “to poison“ itself with strong medicines a hand it is not raised?

it is the best of all for p to spend forces for prevention and treatment of the milkwoman at early stages not to allow a severe form when the friend it is impossible to think of anything.

Acquire linen from cotton (it is desirable white), stretch it to get rid of “chemistry“ which inevitably is in fabric and you carry without laying if that is not demanded by critical days. If necessary, change linen more often than once a day, erase it in the car with the mode of boiling and a detergent minimum - it is the best of all to use special eko - powders and gels or children`s laundry detergent. In the mode of rinsing banish the car twice. Houses, whenever possible, you walk without underwear in a skirt or a dressing gown, for the best air circulation.

In critical days use cellulose laying. There are cheap domestic, there are more expensive import. The main thing - to change them as often as possible.

Adjust the food. Minimize the “empty“ carbohydrates, products containing a large amount of sugar, yeast or fermented at preparation (beer, wine, rich rolls, desserts etc.) . Be careful of some old cheese, crude mushrooms, chocolate, dried fruits, honey, nut pastes, solenost and marinades, potato, soy sauce, vinegar. Reduce milk reception - leave only fermented milk products of low fat content.

Drink green tea 3 - 4 times a day - it can help to clear an organism of surplus of yeast. On your table there have to be more vegetables and fruit. Eat fish, bezglyutenovy grain (brown rice, millet, buckwheat), avoid the products containing gluten (wheat, rye, barley - pearl barley, a semolina and pasta, oats). Use dietary additives which promote growth of useful bacteria.

If desired balance in an organism was already broken by

, it is possible, having consulted previously to your doctor, to try to help itself long ago the known house means. The most known of them - syringing by apple cider vinegar (2 tablespoons on water liter, 2 - 4 times a day). For the night it is possible to put also “garlick candles“ (the garlic glove is cleared of the top rough cover so that not to damage a segment, and is located in a vagina). The effect is swept up in 3 days. It is useful to do also trays for a crotch: with oak bark broth, a calendula, a yarrow, rosemary (3 tablespoons of broth on the standard recipe on each liter of water, to sit in a warm tray of 15 - 20 minutes). To accept in the Bifidobacterium and to put tampons with them, and also treatment of the accompanying viral infection.

to the Feeding mothers

the milkwoman`s Sign the feeding mother can have a severe burning pain on a surface of nipples or deeply in a breast. In difference of the pain at cracks on nipples and mastitis which is gradually ceasing while the kid sucks, this pain lasts during all feeding, proceeds immediately after it, and at times remains also between feedings. Sometimes the sharp, shooting pain gives from a nipple to a breast, to a back or a hand. All this is followed by hypersensibility of nipples, an itch. If you are sure that the pain reason not the wrong applying or laktostaz, and you have no eczema, herpes or psoriasis, then it is the most probable that you have a milkwoman. It is final analyses will help to be assured of the diagnosis.

to you breastfeeding is not obligatory to stop

at all. For treatment of the milkwoman in the child`s mouth, your doctor can appoint greasing of mucous 2% solution drills in glycerin or special antifungal drops. You need to follow rules of hygiene when feeding: wash hands more often, with care cool a breast before feeding to reduce pain, as a last resort decant milk and you spoon-feed the kid. However you remember that at the milkwoman breast milk cannot be stored, and small bottles and other ware need to be boiled after use.

After feeding in house conditions rub off a nipple vinegar solution (2 tablespoons. on 1 l of water), dry up a breast on air and if it does not cause in you discomfort and painful feelings, you resemble without brassiere, whenever possible with a naked breast (without allowing, of course, overcooling).