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When in kitchen all near at hand

Despite technical progress of the last decades, work in kitchen remains manual skills. Researches showed that at unsuccessful arrangement of kitchen in a day it is possible to run on it several kilometers with infinite returns to the same workplace with a set of inclinations and squats, and cooking and washing of ware can last for hours! If to fight against excess weight, then it, maybe is quite good. But agree, kitchen - not the most pleasant gym.

Experiments showed that thanks to reasonable planning of kitchen it is possible to save up to 60% of a way and 30% of time. In this article we will acquaint you with modern methods of rational placement of kitchen accessories that also considerably saves our efforts and time.

Told treats not only compact kitchens. The big sizes of the room for kitchen create problems too. In wide kitchens the distance between objects can be so considerable that owners are forced to make quite tiresome movement between a plate, a sink, the refrigerator and a dining table. Often, having bought multisection set, it is necessary to move all the same on kitchen so that to touch nothing and not to overturn. Money is spent for unnecessary meters of cases, and there is no convenience, as well as was not. Actually as pledge of a cosiness of comfort serves the reasonable relation to each square centimeter what all civilized world aspires long ago to, creating new materials and technologies. Listening to a professional advice on ergonomics, the leading producers of the world resort to more and more interesting decisions helping to involve as much as possible space of kitchen.

First of all professionals advise

to us to adhere to sequence of workplaces according to technology of cooking: 1. the refrigerator located in a zone of storage of products; 2. a workplace for preliminary cleaning of products; 3. a product sink, in this zone the container for waste is located; 4th final cutting of a product, cutting, shinkovaniye, etc.; 5. thermal treatment of food, cooking; 6. laying of a ready-made product.

of Research was shown that only 20% of people store all necessary in kitchen. Even such things which always have to be near at hand - plates, cups, pans, forks, legs, electric devices of food store in an empty occasional seat. Any trifles often necessary in kitchen: glue, an adhesive tape, scissors, lighters - are often forced to store on all apartment, constantly losing at the most inappropriate moment. The clever internal stuffing of modern kitchen furniture from the best producers allows to place everything in places, saves time and efforts of owners. Thanks to it it is possible to use 99,9% of volume of internal space of set.

For economy of space modern fonts are completed with the most various regiments, drawers, mesh pallets and trays. Technology of wall cases such is that their contents are easily available. Doors without effort move in one party, develop in vertical position, do not disturb, even when are open, special systems allow to fix a door at the necessary height. By the way, boxes learned to process so that they maintain up to 80 kg - such endurance allows to use their space more effectively.

Modern complete kitchens are often supplied with the built-in devices in the form of a sliding board for cutting, a ceramic bread box, lockers for small appliances with the built-in sockets, capacities for spices. There is a place for a foil and a film, one movement of a hand suffices to tear off from them a piece of the necessary size, and also a special mosaic for storage of cans, a wooden box with a woolen covering for silver storage. The choice of singular functional elements is rich: containers for tableware, railings for towels, elements for filters, the recipe-book, small kitchen accessories.

Sliding sections of cases - a find both for big, and for small kitchen. With a small width they are rationally used on all depth. Food stocks are stored in trellised capacities. Such section is easily rolled out on rollers, supplies in it are well visible and are freely taken out from any party. To push section, rather easy movement of a hand, the last centimeters are involved inside automatically. For those who prefer cases in all wall it is recommended to make them many-tier. This will allow to roll out not all section, but its necessary part. If to establish an oven ergonomically, it is possible to look in it, without bending.

it would Seem to

, well will be located in space, width in several centimeters? If to equip it with an exit kassetnitsa, then it is possible to place a large number of various trifles conveniently.


provides a wide choice of the hidden systems of storage which allow to use as much as possible remote corners, niches, emptiness. For example, there is such innovation as the three-level microelevator which lowers the shelf with all its contents.

the Wide choice of mechanisms in the lower tier of kitchen: volume sliding baskets of various sizes. It is convenient to store objects of household chemicals under a sink that the sliding basket allows. Various open elements - regiments, niches, wall panels, decorative columns with cells give additional opportunities for designing and modeling of space.

Accessories which offer modern firms also allow to pack beautiful functional kitchens: hooks for ladles, supports for bottles and glasses, dryers for plates, devices for paper towels, hot pads, many other things. As a rule, the elements connected with water or storage of household chemicals an angular economic column or base under a sink get off with sheet stainless steel from within.

the finishing little table - the book on wheels with the put board is Very convenient to

for cutting. The lower open shelf for plates is supplied with probes - limiters, piles of the plates sparkling purity become an interior element.

Such essentially new solutions of space, logical combinations are developed by

as exclusive elements of high-class kitchen furniture. But, alas, we change kitchens infrequently. And what it is possible to undertake if already available kitchen does not please with such innovations?

can suit to

In free niches hinged cases with sliding doors, even in open form they do not take a lot of place, so necessary in the small room. Similar designs ideally expand space. The rotating vertical rack will occupy a minimum of the place and at the same time is very convenient.

Use space between a working surface and suspended lockers in order that on a wall between them to place a narrow shelf or relingovy system. On them it is possible to arrange kitchen utensils which usually take the place on a working surface. Consoles on a wall make a workplace on a working surface for fastening of the microwave oven. The microwave oven can be placed also in a case. - hand-rail under wall cases it is convenient to p to hang up

On support not only kitchen utensils, but also small decorative objects. For this purpose the hammer and nails will not be necessary, the problem will be solved by small hooks.

Additional opportunities of sliding tables can be used not only for evening tea drinking, but also for preparation of an entertainment on them. Also mobile little table or a folding little table which is built in in a wall behind a door can serve good service. Even the kitchen board can be placed compactly between a table-top and a drawer.

the Dustbin - such trifle, but if it is original to plan it, it will relieve of many additional movements. The dense cover will save kitchen from smells.

Comfortableness of kitchen is a lack of any problems with search of trifles, an opportunity for everything to find the most convenient place. It when everything is convenient, silently and easily works. When, speaking to a vernacular, the kitchen space is rationalized.