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Fathers became others of

the End of the 20th century. Supervision from outside. A story form - diary notes of the teacher.

“Hi, diary. At last I reached you and I can share with you the supervision. I have my first kids: inquisitive and restless, active and attentive, very much all different, but such remarkable. With them it is interesting - it is new generation of children at whom both parents have the higher education. Believe, dear interlocutor, it leaves a certain mark on life of the little man who appeared in such family. Everything is good! But...

Is “but“. From 15 children - 13 always (I emphasize - always) bring on occupations and mothers take away. Most of all at PTA meetings there are mothers. In campaigns, we go on exit holidays with mothers. Where fathers? Hey, fathers! It begins to concern me. At me is in group of 9 boys. Who has to be at meetings? Who has to go hiking and be with children on exit holidays?

3 years Later. Hurrah, diary! On a New Year`s holiday of the father were: Father Frost is the father, Karabas is the father, Buratino is the father, Harmful Khan is the father. You know, the diary, I can continue still still this list. But not it became the main thing. The main thing are emotions of children. Not to describe them.

2 months Later. Suddenly fathers will not support a campaign on Pancake week festivities? I sit and am afraid. But there was a miracle: the father, that who was Father Frost asked about how “to repeat emotions of children“. You know, the diary as everything exulted at me inside! And then there were not only Maslenitsa and Easter, but also a meeting of summer and fall, competition in strengthening of fortress from Nikitin`s cubes and a lot of things still what. Thanks to them, these parents that supported me, the young then teacher, with all my crazy ideas.

2008. Hi, diary. I have new children in “Academy of Mother`s school“. September. Among mothers on occupations fathers appeared. It is a lot of fathers. The first question from them me, the teacher with an experience, confused: “It is not a shame - to go to occupation with small to the father, but not mother?“ I do not know, the diary, can I not correctly asked, but I asked such question: “And it is a shame - to be the father?“ “No“, - told me. - We want to learn to be fathers“. Means, fathers became others! They want to know how to play with the child as it is correct to explain him something whether to be strict and many other different moments modern fathers who it is not simple “a stamp in the passport“, and really the Father want to know. And I, the diary, do not feel sorry for the forces, knowledge, experience to help of “