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As I decided on the second pregnancy of

Ya - mother of two beautiful daughters. I gave birth to the first daughter in 20 years. Childbirth lasted long 16 hours, gave birth already tired, all as in fog. And after that I decided that I will not give birth any more. The husband periodically hinted at the son, but I did not want to listen to anything. The mother-in-law said that with the second child all will be in a different way, and I will become the real mother. But I also did not want to listen to it.

I here when the Katyusha matured (she was about 10 years old), she began to ask from me the little sister. All of them periodically lifted this subject, but I found some excuses.

it is serious I thought of the second kid after Katyushkiny next arrangements, or rather after her words:“ I do not want to remain in this life one, I want that I had a sister. It is dishonest - both at you, and the father has brothers. Nothing terrible that we will have a big age difference, I, mother, I will help you with everything“.

I I really very strongly wanted the child. In the summer of 2007 we went a family to holiday to Moscow and St. Petersburg. In the Trinity - Sergiyevsky monastery we together prayed and asked from Sergey of Radonezh same (as it became clear later) - that he sent us the kid. The husband asked the son, and the daughter - the little sister. To me was all the same. And here in two months I became pregnant. To our happiness there was no limit, and the Katyusha when reported it this news, began to cry with happiness.

I here I gave birth to Anechka. Katya gave it this name. The husband though waited for the son, he very much was delighted to the daughter. Childbirth really took place this time well, coped in six hours. At this childbirth I wanted to remember every moment. Having risen on elbows, I watched how cut an umbilical cord as rub off my baby, even asked that showed me a placenta. I knew well that I will nurse this child. What it would be not necessary me.

the Family protected with

me from household chores as the main task at me was to feed Anyutka and to be decanted. The husband learned to prepare, and at him it well turns out, the good girl, and the daughter did the cleaning of the apartment, big the good fellow too. I began mastitis as well as for the first time, but I rastsezhivatsya, rastsezhivatsya and rastsezhivatsya. Also supported the crumb till 1,5 years.

With the second child really. Heaven and earth was moved in my opinion, became another. And I became the real happy mother.

of the Little girl so love each other, and we with the husband look and we rejoice - what at us a big and happy family now!


Dear mummies, be afraid of nothing and give birth the second kids, and your family surely will help you.