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This trip we with the husband planned rest in Turkey with the child of

very responsibly because it was the first trip at the sea with the small child (the daughter was 1 year old and 10 months). Selected hotel itself according to reviews on the Internet and for inquiries in various travel agencies. Stopped the choice on Botanik hotel of the category “5 stars“ in Alania - hotel with the big territory on the seashore. Time of rest was chosen from September 8 to September 18 because there is no heat any more, air temperature near plus 28 at this time, and by waters - plus 23.

Weather disappointed me with

a little: when we arrived to Turkey, there was a partly cloudy, strong wind blew. But the guide told that at this time there is always a partly cloudy, wind blows, but we will manage to sunbathe all the same. And still we were calmed by one young man who comes to Turkey already the fifth time during this season, having told that at this particular time it is pleasant to go on excursions - there is no exhausting heat. And it is good to luxuriate on the sun, without being afraid to burn. In principle, it turned out to be true, and all 2 weeks we did not regret that we went to this period. Only two days were cool, and strongly stormed the sea.

As soon as we arrived to hotel, at once understood that Turks treat Russians kindly. We were given room with a side view at the sea and with an exit to a playground. Took to number on the electric car. And when my husband wanted to take our baggage, the employee of hotel did not allow to make it and took him. When he took us to number, asked where it is more convenient to child to sleep - on a chair-bed which was available in number, or to bring a crib. We asked the nursery.

Settled. Also there was a problem, than to feed the child. And we went to look for restaurant or bar in the territory of hotel. Why “to look for“? The hotel territory huge and very green - the fact that it is necessary for rest with the child. We found restaurant quickly, but gave on ignorance for a lunch very expensively - 50 euros. The child bit off several pieces of a chicken is did not become more. When we planned our holiday, thought of with what I will feed the child. In general, the child was simple to be fed. Since morning gave various yogurts (5 types), fried eggs, omelets, just boiled eggs, flakes with milk, a set of fruit (water-melons, melons, grapefruits, oranges, apples, pears, grapes, a kiwi). Took in the bar cream soup for the child in the afternoon. In the evening too with food problems were not. Everything was very tasty and various.

Two weeks are boring to sit in one place, and to excursions will not go with the child. Went to an aquapark. It is an aquapark of “Troy aqua“ in Beleke. It is in a watch of driving from hotel and is stylized semi-antique. There it is a little hills, pieces 10, there is a dolphinarium. We expected much more something (for such - that the sum! - $80 for 2 adults plus child 1 year 11 months) but to go to look it is possible once, and then to have a rest in an aquapark of “Water Planet“. Especially as it is in 5 - 10 minutes of driving from hotel, costs cheaper, in it it is much more hills. But there just modern aquapark, and here “era Odyssey“.

2 times Went to Avsalar behind souvenirs and to Alania even. There is a free bus to Alania and Cyd by appointment. Made friends with our guide, and he in a time off showed us from the mountain to night Alania. The road, I will tell you, was... Well, I do not know how they parted there. I sat behind and tried not to look out of the window. Several times it was necessary to be rolled away back to pass the oncoming car, but Said was unperturbable - probably, got used. But when arrived - beauty indescribable, the camera could not transfer all beauty, we stood as bewitched. One we would not go there for anything, would curtail with halfway and would go for a walk on the embankment. Yes, it was very beautiful, passed the gorges, villages standing in mountains. But it I just now can estimate beauty of that place. When were in way, at me for fear heart without restraint beat.

Walked in the next hotel “Delfin“ (they have one owner). With children there is nothing to do also them there and few. The small children`s town, is right in the sun. The hotel territory is less too and not such green, it is more than sun. Though there too it is very beautiful. The hotel is the one building in which all also is concentrated: both numbers, and restaurants, and the pool covered and in general all infrastructure. Together with the baby we went to the Turkish bath in hotel (free of charge). Very much it was pleasant to the daughter. Warmly, but not hot, and water can be poured from a bucket both on mother, and on itself, and on the aunt, and just on a floor. There is happiness! Did not want to leave.

On the beach got acquainted with couple which did not take with itself the kid. Every time, looking at our baby, they very much worried that they left the at home, deprived of it such pleasure. They spoke, as did not think that there will be so much malyshna. Really, those who goes to have a rest without children or from children have nothing to do in this hotel because there is a lot of children. Practically all vacationers were with children. To the smallest whom we noticed was month 3 - 4. On the beach for children a sandbox under a huge umbrella - it is possible not to be afraid of the sun! Paddling pools too under umbrellas. For children in hotel is pass - club. Since morning on the platform take out various toys (balls, mattresses, sovochka, rakes, rubber rings, vederochka) with which kids can play. Animators at once remember all children and find to everyone class in age. Also in pass - club it was possible to draw, mold, watch animated cartoons. Kids treat with cookies at this time. And in the evening for children the disco was arranged. Or on the big screen showed animated cartoons and movies. All children with pleasure danced to cool children`s music, and animators showed them the movements.

generally, rest at us turned out remarkable. This hotel - the embodiment of dream of children of all age and their parents is simple. Children can find in any corner of hotel to themselves work to liking, and parents quietly to enjoy at this time rest.

When arrived home, the daughter several times asked “and mine“ (“at the sea“), and, having seen a pond, with mistrust asked me: “Sea?“ And still seeing the plane in the sky, she joyfully shouts: “Mothers, samoletik!“ And already so seriously explains to all: “At the sea flies!“ And where still!

On my question whether Ulyana at the sea wants, she, without deliberating, shouts: “Yes!“ And sometimes, having approached the father, with the most serious and a little sad face declares: “Fathers, I want and mine“. And I completely share her desires. And imitating it, I speak to the husband:“ Fathers, I want at the sea too“.

With girlfriends we already began to make plans as next year we again all together will go to have a rest, did not decide only on hotel yet. On the agenda - detailed studying of Riva Diva hotel in Lara and if we do not find anything similar to “Botanist“, then we wish and to return there. Children for us the main thing, and let to them will be good!