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Hardening of children of the first year of life of

the General rules of a hardening

we pin a set of hopes On birth of children: we want that they grew up beautiful and clever, and still - healthy and strong. And therefore the main objective and parents and doctors is prevention of possible diseases from the first days of life of the child.

Being born

, the child gets to new habitat. The nature allocated the baby with a set of various adaptive and protective mechanisms in order that he could survive and begin to develop in this environment. So, for example, the child has thermal control mechanisms preventing overheating and overcooling. Muffling up the child, creating him hothouse conditions, we “deprive of work“ these mechanisms. Having become unnecessary, they can gradually atrophy, and then even the easy breeze will pose threat for the child - the kid who was defenseless easily can get sick.

Endurance of an organism and its resilience in relation to the changing environmental conditions increase under the influence of a hardening - the air, water scattered by a sunlight: at the child immunity to various diseases increases, thermal control mechanisms are improved; the hardening promotes the correct metabolism, exerts positive impact on physical development of the child, on adaptation of his organism to new living conditions. A hardening - the leading method of increase of resilience of a children`s organism.

However for receiving a positive effect from a hardening needs to follow a number of the general rules:

Systematic use of the tempering procedures at all times year without breaks

Breaks in a hardening lead

to weakening of the adaptable mechanisms which are formed under the influence of the tempering procedures. Even at adults in 3 - 4 weeks after the termination of the tempering procedures the developed resistance to influence of cold sharply is weakened. At children on 1 - m to year of life disappearance of effect of adaptation happens in shorter terms - in 5 - 7 days. In process of change of the conditions connected with a season, procedures should be varied, without canceling them completely. For example, the summer shower can be replaced with douche of legs in the winter.

can only Provide to

systematic carrying out the tempering procedures within round year in case they strongly enter a daily routine of the child and will be combined with the usual events held in various time of day (washing, walk, a dream, game, a hygienic bathtub etc.) .

Gradual increase in force of the irritating influence

the Hardening is based by

on property of an organism to adapt gradually to unusual conditions. Resistance to influence of the lowered temperatures has to be cultivated consistently, but is continuous. Transition from weaker on impact of the tempering procedures to stronger (due to fall of temperature of air, water and increase in duration of procedure) needs to be carried out gradually. Especially it is important for children of early age and the weakened children (premature, having a hypotrophy, rickets, ekssudativny diathesis or other allergic diseases).

the Accounting of age and specific features of the child

At any tempering actions needs to consider age and a state of health of the child and specific features of his organism. With age loadings need to be increased gradually. The child is weaker, the more carefully it is necessary to approach carrying out the tempering procedures, but it is necessary to temper it! If the child nevertheless gets sick, consult to the doctor whether it is possible to continue at least some procedures with the reduced influence force; if it cannot be made, it is necessary to start after recovery everything anew.

Carrying out the tempering procedures against a positive mood of the child

Any tempering event should be held, previously having created the child good mood. It is impossible to allow crying, emergence of feeling of concern or fear of the tempering procedures. If by the time of procedure performance the child is upset with something, cries, it is better to postpone procedure to other time or to cancel absolutely: it will not be possible to receive a positive effect from this procedure any more.

Observance of temperature condition of integuments

during a hardening surely check a condition of skin of the child: it is possible to carry out procedure only in case a nose and extremities at it warm. If the child is cooled and he already has a narrowing of vessels, it will not be possible to develop positive reaction to a hardening, it is possible to gain only a boomerang effect. Harmfully and overheating: it increases humidity of skin that changes its heat conductivity therefore even moderate influence of cool water or air can be led to considerable overcooling of an organism of the child.

the Hardening air

I a way - airing of the room . The hardening begins air with it. The best way of airing - through, it is possible to arrange it in the absence of the child. The tempering factor when airing the room is fall of temperature on 1 - 2 ° Page. In the fall and it is necessary to air the room 4 - 5 times a day for 10 - 15 minutes in the winter. In the summer the window has to be open, optimum air temperature indoors where there is a baby, +20 - 22 ° C. Researches showed that at more high temperature indoors growth and development of the child are late.

II a way - the walk including and a dream on air . It is desirable to spend much time under the open sky. In the summer food is in the country expedient, a dream, gymnastics, games to take out on fresh air. At all seasons of the year it is useful to walk, do not forget only that it is necessary to put on on weather. Do not muffle up the child! - week age in a cold season at air temperature is not lower than children with 2 - 3 - 5 ° With it is necessary to take out on the street. Duration of the first procedure - 10 minutes, further it is necessary to finish time of walk till 1,5 - 2 o`clock and to walk twice a day. In a warm season of walk with the child there have to be daily, 2 - 3 once a day, between feedings for 2 - 2,5 hours.


In the first 1,5 years of life of the child recommends a day dream on air. At the same time fast falling asleep, a quiet dream, equal breath, pink complexion, lack of sweat, warm extremities after awakening demonstrate that the child is dressed correctly, that is is in a condition of thermal comfort. When cooling or overheating the child sleeps uneasily. Cyanosis of the face, a cold nose, cold extremities are indicators of sharp cooling. The sweaty forehead and moist skin demonstrate that to the child hot.

III a way - air bathtubs . Under the influence of air bathtubs oxygen absorption increases, heat exchange conditions significantly change, the condition of nervous system of the child improves - he becomes quieter, better eats and sleeps.

1 - go years of life air bathtubs begin

For children with swaddling. It is useful to leave at each swaddling and disguise the child for some time undressed. It is necessary to undress and dress the child without hurrying. Air temperature during an air bathtub has to decrease gradually to + 18 - 20 ° S. Vremya of air bathtubs should increase gradually, and already from monthly age the air bathtub should be combined with massage and gymnastics.


During the first half of the year of life recommends to carry out air bathtubs on 10 minutes 2 times a day. It is necessary to begin from 3 minutes, daily adding on 1 minute. During the second half of the year - 2 times a day for 15 minutes, daily increasing bathtub duration for 2 minutes.

In time and after an air bathtub the child has to look vigorous, it has to have a good mood. You watch that children did not cry at this time and had an opportunity to move. Do not pass overcooling signs: at emergence of “goose-pimples“ it is necessary to dress the child, to stop carrying out an air bathtub, and further to reduce its duration. Always it is necessary to pay attention to a dream and appetite of the child: their violation can be a sign of adverse influence of an air bathtub.

During the summer period air bathtubs can be combined with solar.

the Hardening sunshine

needs to be remembered that sunshine - a potent agent. To children of early age stay under direct sunshine, also as well as acceptance of solar bathtubs, is not shown. It is necessary to begin a hardening, at scattered sunlight. To the child is in a so-called “lacy shadow“ better. In the beginning it has to be dressed in a shirt from light light fabric at air temperature +22 - 24 ° Page. In the middle of wakefulness of the child it is necessary to undress and leave it naked for several minutes, gradually increasing hardening time till 10 minutes. The kid needs to put on the head the Panamanian. It is useful that it freely moved at this time in an arena, on the platform, playing with toys.

At a good general shape if the child well transfers stay in a lacy shadow of trees, can set up him and under direct sunshine, for half-minute in the beginning, and then to gradually finish stay time for the sun till 5 minutes. It is necessary to make this procedure in the morning (till 10 - 11 o`clock) or in the evening (after 17). It is necessary to watch that the child did not overheat. At face reddening, emergence of irritability, excitability it is necessary to take away it from a lacy shadow of trees or from - under direct sun beams in a shadow and to give to drink the cooled boiled water. If the child is weakened by diseases, the hardening has to be carried out by sunshine very carefully, under control of the adult who is constantly a row, it is necessary to consult also periodically with the attending physician or the doctor of LFK who resolve and dose procedure.