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Listen to children`s intuition of

This history from memoirs about we wash the childhood. I was 7 years old, I only went to school. I already considered myself adult: could vacuum or even to cook chicken soup for the father. To me charged to wash the dishes, to descend in shop, and I with pride carried out all instructions. I with confidence undertook all instructions and bragged to girlfriends at school of the feats. But one I for some reason very much was afraid - to stay at home one. I could not explain anybody the reason of the fears, just very much was afraid also all here! As occupations at school began at me with 12 o`clock in the afternoon, the first half I, naturally, had to stay at home. I began a hysterics since evening and begged mother not to leave me at home one to school. I remember, mother before work allowed some time me even to the neigbour, from it I also went to school, but it proceeded not for long because I needed to prepare lessons since morning, to prepare a school uniform etc.

generally, me all - was necessary to remain alone with itself. And here in one “fine“ day I woke up with some terrible feeling: could not understand what I so am afraid of. I was killed into a parental bedroom, collected all school notebooks there, but could not be engaged for some reason. When parents dispersed on the affairs, in the apartment there came the ominous silence. In the head figures and problems, for fear which for some reason held down me did not climb at all, I could not concentrate at lessons. Suddenly I distinctly heard steps in the neighboring (children`s) room. To me and now it becomes a little terrible when I remember those feelings now. Steps “went“ to kitchen, then again in a nursery and suddenly steel approached the parental room... For horror I could not move! Some internal voice ordered: “Lay down!“ And I flopped on a sofa, buried a face in a pillow! Steps calmed down, and I felt on myself someone`s look! It seemed, there passed the eternity...

Steps were removed in a nursery, and loudly slapped a door. Minutes through ten I heard a kovyryaniye in the lock - the father came for a lunch. I with tears in the eyes run to it on a meeting and I retell everything that occurred. Of course, the adult will not believe in the fairy tale about any “steps“ and my internal fear. The father passed on kitchen, having explained that he very much hurries for work, and I offended on all around began to collect notebooks in school. Here I remembered that the portfolio - that remained in a nursery, but in it I could not open a door. Here I decided to resort to the help of the father and asked to open for me a door. The father with surprise found out that the door is locked from within. By means of the screw-driver he fast coped with the lock and here... In the room everything is scattered, on a floor traces from someone`s footwear, the door on a balcony is open.

I this day did not go To school, instead gave evidences in militia. As you already guessed, robbed us this day, robbers did not know that at home there was a child, and got into the house... As all most valuable was in the parental room, and there, as we know, was I, they had to be content with small: the TV, the videorecorder which were in a nursery, a mother`s fur coat from a case in a hall etc. Robbers were found in few weeks, the neighbour`s guy who recently came back from army and his friends were him. Having decided that the child fell asleep and heard nothing, they decided not to touch me... Who knows that could occur, do not pretend to be I at that moment sleeping and do not flop the person in a pillow?

C of that time I long could not stay at home one, parents drove me to children`s psychologists, felt guilty that they waved away for my fears. And it was necessary very few - simply to listen to children`s intuition. Listen to the children, find out the reason of fears of the kid... Children are very sensitive.