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As long I waited for this day!

Small delay... Test for pregnancy... And here - two treasured stripes!! I with happiness nearly began to cry! My heart was clogged for pleasure and began to tremble hands... The shivering hands dialed mother`s phone number: “Mummy, you are ready to become a grandmother?!“ And again laughter through tears, happiness tears!

the husband came Then from work, and again trembling nervousness and long-awaited words: “I am pregnant...“ He became agitated too, but tried not to give a sign: “Well, and had to happen... We waited for this moment of the whole two years. I know, others wait more, but for me it was the whole eternity!“

I here 13 weeks... Went to be registered. Rather late, of course, but I so solved. And here first ultrasonography... About! What this miracle! Showed me my little lassie! It is not visible yet, the boy or the girl, but these small fingers as needles! This tiny puziko! It is simple not to express it in words! I heard how its heart fights... Believe, this day I remembered well!

Pregnancy for me was extremely happy! I did not know what is toxicosis what is differences of mood, a prenatal depression. It was all not mine. I blossomed, flitted as if a butterfly, with a huge stomach ran everywhere where it is only possible - worked, studied, did not miss any consultation, went to the city behind large purchases for the kid. The husband was sent to business trip which dragged on even for two months, but it did not afflict me - I heard a native voice every day by phone. And under heart I had our long-awaited kid! I ironed the stomach and talked to the crumb, read it fairy tales, said how madly I love it. And then first stirs... My kid responded to my words! More I had no happiness tears - I just all shone with happiness, the smile never descended from my face, it seems to me that even in the sleep I smiled.

I here long-awaited second ultrasonography. I will have a dochechka! My krovinochka! My child! My repetition!

the heaviest. Heavy of - for intense expectations. As it is heavy to wait! I so wanted to see quicker the daughter, to press rather her to a breast!

I here came true! Fights. I was led in rodzat. Fear gram - I flew on happiness wings towards to the lassie! Childbirth, of course, was heavy, but through fire and brimstone I thought only of it. And for the sake of it it was ready to take out everything on light! And... Simplification. I hear a children`s sobbing, but not crying. She took amniotic waters. But in skillful hands of the doctor in two minutes she cried. It was put to me on a breast. This small crying my native lump! What this miracle! I cried... Cried with happiness! 3900 gr., 55 cm. And when it was put to a breast, she with such greed seized her and savoured, without coming off, 2 hours! As though all the being wanted to tell that she waited for this meeting too!.

Now to us 5 months. We are very similar to the father. I so love it! And even when she sleeps, I long sit and I admire the sleeping baby! It for me the most beautiful on light! She presented to me the whole world, my Katyushka!