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The coat - the main thing of fall

the Real fall not far off, so, came time for purchase which will please and warm you in the next several months - a coat.

of the Coat, obviously, the main thing of the come season. The coat is womanly as any other top women`s clothing. It allows to combine styles. The coat is capable to decorate with the brightness any gloomy day and to lighten mood not only the happy owner, but also people around. At last, in modern climatic conditions - soft winters and severe fall and spring - the coat vsepogodno is also almost irreplaceable!

generally, in the fall - winter of 2009 without coat - anywhere. What to choose? Where to buy? How to find a good coat at reasonable price? The skilled women of fashion and women knowing the price to money know one answer to all these questions long ago: in shop of the Cashmere coat on “Krasnopresnenskaya“ .

13 years “Cashmere on Krasnopresnenskaya“ offers the exacting customers more than 1000 models of a coat from constantly renewed range. So the question “what to choose“ turns in “how to choose?“ . Really, to buy the fitted coat to a knee or flared short? The first is ideally suited to a suit, and the second - to jeans. To choose a classical coat of the muffled tones or bright model of improbable breed of color of a fuchsia? Both options - obviously “yours“, but on different cases!

First of all pay attention to the prices. In shop are presented to model in the price range 1000 to 25000 rubles, and, so purchase even of two pleasant coats will be quite real. At the same time the prices in “Cashmere on Krasnopresnenskaya“ are combined with excellent quality.

Shop, uniting production more than 70 garment Russian factories, works only with the best suppliers - Kroyyork, Kristy, Amulet, Sedg, “Falcon“, “Simpatika“, Trifo, A &J Collection, Bugalux, Liksty, Avalon, “Gameliya“, Vesh, Koru - Style, Alik Singer, “Marioli“, Astor, Style, V - Art etc. All production is made mainly of the Italian and German fabrics and conforms to the European standards of tailoring.


When tailoring at the Russian factories of a coat from the European fabrics consider features of a national constitution. The democratic prices, a variety of models and a wide size range - here guarantee of special popularity of “Cashmere on Krasnopresnenskaya“ at customers of all age.

To a coat in “Cashmere on Krasnopresnenskaya“ can pick up a palatine and to buy footwear, including the non-standard sizes.

the shop offers

For late spring and early fall more than 250 models of jackets and raincoats. So to make uniform to the oseena - winter ensemble will be possible comfortably and quietly in one shop. to your satellite should not miss while you enjoy shopping. “Cashmere on Krasnopresnenskaya“ sells men`s coats and jackets by the same principles:“ excellent quality - the democratic prices“.

I one more advantage of shop - it is located in the downtown, in 5 minutes of walking from the Krasnopresnenskaya or Barricade subway, to the address Volkov Lane, 4, works with 9. 00 to 21. 00 without days off.

However, “Cashmere on Krasnopresnenskaya“ opens two new shops soon - at m. Southern and m Sokolniki. Details on the website: palto. ms/.

you will find

On the main page of the website the coupon for 5% - a discount - it can be unpacked or just to photograph on the mobile phone and to show on cash desk - it is very convenient. Upon purchase already with this discount you receive a discount card on which you will be able to buy the following thing also 5% the cheapest way.

Welcome to the largest shop of a coat in Moscow - “Cashmere on Krasnopresnenskaya“! palto. ms/.