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Dangers of a vitamin season

Nitrates, are more right than them the increased concentration, - the enemies of our health disappearing in tasty vegetables and fruit which fill counters in the summer and much in the fall. What their existence and as will get rid of invisible danger threatens with, without losing pleasures fruktovo - a berry season?


Nitrates - salts of nitric acid which are necessary for growth and development of plants. Nitrates are natural chemical element of products of a phytogenesis. Use of nitrates as mineral fertilizer provides a big crop. The safe amount of nitrates makes 5 mg on 1 kg of body weight a day. The moderate amount of nitrates does not do harm to health, is quickly output from an organism. However overdose of nitrates causes poisoning and can lead to a lethal outcome.


Nitrites - salts of nitrogenous acid, the restored nitrates. Toxic impact of nitrates on our organism is connected with nitrites. Nitrates are restored to nitrites under the influence of microflora zheludochno - an intestinal path and enzymes. Nitrites, reacting with iron, complicate transfer of oxygen to fabrics and body organs, it is resulted by asthma.

the Use of the increased amount of nitrates during the long time leads

to cumulative effect - accumulation of nitrites in an organism. It threatens with an allergy, a metabolic disorder, diseases oporno - the motive device and nervous system. Especially dangerously continuous excess of a dose of nitrates for children and people of advanced age. The children receiving food with a large amount of nitrates lag behind in development peers, often are ill.

Overdose of nitrates is connected by

with the use in food of the vegetables and fruit which are grown up in the conditions of violation of norms of use of mineral fertilizers. However not only misuse of fertilizers is the reason of accumulation of nitrates in plants. There are about 40 reasons of excess of admissible concentration of nitrates in vegetable food - humidity of the soil, amount of light, temperature condition etc.

Nitrates get into our organism


excess of concentration of nitrates in water as at the same time their speed of absorption in blood increases is Most dangerous.

the Greatest number of nitrates contains in

the Smallest amount of nitrates contains in

Nitrates collect in

How to avoid overdose of nitrates?

Buy by

vegetables and fruit in big shops where a high probability of careful check of production.

Culinary processing allows to reduce the content of nitrates many times over. Potatoes lose when cooking up to 80% of nitrates, beet - to 40%, carrots and cabbage - to 70%.

the most part of nitrates passes

When cooking into vegetable broth. Therefore at preparation of soups it is recommended to boil at first vegetables within 15 minutes and to pour out the first broth.

Carefully peel vegetables and fruit, delete places with high concentration of nitrates, especially at their fresh use.

the Long soaking allows to get rid of a significant amount of nitrates, however it impoverishes vitaminno - mineral structure of vegetables. The cabbage and root crops cut on pieces and soaked within an hour, lose about 30% of nitrates.

Svezheposolenny cucumbers and sauerkraut eat

only in 10 - 15 days.

Immature vegetables and fruit contain bigger amount of nitrates, than completely ripened.

Early grades of vegetables contain

nitrates more, than late.

Brightly painted root crops accumulate

nitrates less, than faintly painted.

Try to avoid purchase of the vegetables and fruit which are grown up in greenhouses.