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Skin striped?

At 70 - 80% of women during pregnancy arise so-called hems of pregnancy, or a striya which in life call “extensions“. Hems of pregnancy do not represent any threat neither for health of mother, nor for development of the child. Nevertheless, their emergence causes a lot of chagrin in future mothers.

Digression to physiology

Skin consists of several layers: over dermy, or actually skin, located epidermis, under dermy is hypodermically - fatty cellulose, or a gipoderma. The basis terms (the center of skin) is made by the dense connecting fabric containing a large amount of collagenic and elastinovy fibers and it is a little cages - fibroblast which synthesize collagen and elastin. The molecule of collagen is very difficult on a structure, it represents a threefold spiral. Between various spiral turns “hydrogen bridges“ - connections which promote stabilization of a molecule of collagen are located. Molecules of elastin have a similar structure. Such difficult structure in the form of “spring“ allows molecules to stretch, and then to come back to an initial form.

So complex structure of fibers allows skin to stretch at increase in volume of any part of a body, and then to be reduced at reduction of the sizes. Violation of communications between chains of molecules of collagen and elastin is observed at strong external influence - stretching. It occurs approximately the same as at a rubber tension: up to the certain size it becomes thinner and extended, and then, at further stretching, there is a gap - rubber bursts. As well in skin at extension up to the certain size collagenic and elastinovy fibers keep the structure, and at restretching hydrogen bridges between chains of collagen and elastin are broken off and the spiral structure of protein is broken, on the place of a gap there is a hem. In the place of formation of hems the normal structure of skin is broken, the gap is filled with amorphous substance with a large number of blood vessels, in this substance there are no cages containing a pigment melanin, and also collagenic and elastinovy fibers. The abundance of vessels also defines red and crimson color of striya. Over time vessels spazmirutsya and closed therefore striya gain white color and become less noticeable. However against suntan white striya are very noticeable as from - for lack of epidermis and melanotsit (pigmentary cages) which are contained in it hems are not capable to change the color in response to influence of ultraviolet rays.

of the Extension most often arise in the second half of pregnancy and originally have an appearance pink, sinevato - crimson or reddish arc-shaped strips. They are located mainly on a stomach, hips, mammary glands. On hips of an extension arise at an excess increase of body weight. However it is necessary to notice that striya in a breast can arise already in the first trimester of pregnancy in case of significant increase in mammary glands.

Why extensions arise?

Besides the mechanical stretching of skin caused by growth of a fruit and a uterus which does not raise questions during pregnancy the factor causing a degeneration and change of structure of molecules of collagen and elastin is surplus of cortisol - hormone of bark of adrenal glands. Cortisol possesses catabolic action (promotes disintegration of proteins). Also it should be noted that deficiency of vitamins and minerals promotes violation of synthesis of collagen and elastin. Thus, during pregnancy at once several factors make an adverse effect on skin. At the same time the more expressed impact is made on skin, the earlier and in bigger quantity there are pregnancy hems. At an excess increase of body weight (more than 400 - 450 a week in the second half of pregnancy), at a mnogovodiya, a mnogoplodiya, a large fruit skin pererastyagivatsya strongly and striya arise practically in 100% of cases. At the hormonal violations preceding pregnancy, for example at obesity, violation of work of adrenal glands, the probability of extensions is very high. A certain value has a genetic factor. As a rule, if relatives on the female line had striya during pregnancy, then hardly you will manage to avoid them.

to Prevent or eliminate?

needs to pay attention that completely it is almost impossible to cure the appeared extensions. All actions directed to fight against striya only do them less noticeable, but do not delete.

For this reason during pregnancy if you want to keep smooth and beautiful skin, needs to carry out by

prevention of emergence of hems of pregnancy. At once it should be noted that it is very difficult task, especially for those, who have a predisposition: hormonal violations, thin inelastic skin, existence of extensions from the previous pregnancy. But prevention nevertheless is more effective than attempts of treatment of already appeared striya. The main method of prevention is regular control of weight during pregnancy. For the purpose of prevention of excess body weight it is regularly necessary to visit the obstetrician`s doctor - the gynecologist. It is necessary to arrange fasting days - once in 7 or 10 days at an excess increase of body weight (more than 400 g a week). During a fasting day it is possible to eat 1,5 kg of low-fat cottage cheese, or 1,5 kg of unsweetened apples, or to drink 1,5 l of low-fat kefir. It is also necessary to eat properly: to exclude all sharp, salty, fat, fried. It is recommended to limit the use of the juice which is, especially, containing a large amount of sugar. It is the best of all to drink still mineral water, dogrose broth, rather weak tea.

for the purpose of prevention of striya recommends careful care of skin.

for the purpose of prevention of striya recommends careful care of skin during pregnancy, use of the moisturizing, nutritious creams containing vitamin A, E, C, collagen and elastin. In a waiting time of the kid it is necessary to use the special creams intended for prevention of extensions during pregnancy. Creams from extensions should be applied after a warm shower on skin of a stomach, hips and mammary glands of 1 - 2 time a day. Use of creams increases elasticity, elasticity of skin that allows to reduce quantity of extensions, and sometimes and completely to avoid their emergence. Let`s allow the easy stroking and plucked self-massage of area of hips and buttocks after a shower.

But should not fall apart strongly if nevertheless, despite the carried-out prevention, hems of pregnancy appeared. In several months after the delivery it is possible to address the cosmetologist. In an arsenal of cosmetologists there are a lot of means, among them now chemical and laser peelings at which the top layer of skin - epidermis is removed that promotes synthesis of collagen and smoothing of hems. Also the mesotherapy (the microinjection of vitamins and hyaluronic acid improving structure of skin), various wrappings is used.

Thus, striya of pregnant women do not exert any impact on health of mother and the kid and represent generally esthetic problem. To keep beautiful and healthy skin, it is necessary to carry out prevention of extensions.

At the subsequent pregnancy, and also at sharp increase in body weight new striya therefore behind skin the permanent care is necessary can arise.