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We prepare juice: vegetable, fruit, berry

Summer and fall are time when the juice extractor has to take the constant place in a working zone of kitchen. Include in a daily diet of a family juice from fresh vegetables, fruit, berries that taste of natural vitamins pressed habitual taste of ready juice from shop.

Vegetable juice - it is useful for

, but it is tasteless? Yes, often they even look not too appetizingly. Also are purely not too tasty. But! Vegetable juice can be mixed successfully. Try to add to them kefir, natural yogurt, curdled milk and to season to taste with spices. Taste of tomato juice can be enriched with juice of a celery, beet, a lemon, salad. Carrot juice is perfectly combined with orange and apple. Pumpkin - with apple and apricot.

it is a high time for

Now! the Most useful juice turns out from the fruits of a new harvest which ripened on a tree branch, but not in a packing-case on the way to a supermarket. Therefore buy “on juice“ domestic fruit. If you want to preserve juice, then now it is a high time. Several months later freshly squeezed juice will contain much less useful substances.

With pulp or without? From the fruits rich with cellulose, it is better to squeeze out juice with pulp to keep pectin which positively influences intestinal microflora. From some fruits, such as banana, avocado, will not turn out to make juice at all. There is no sense to wring out juice from those fruit and berries when which processing juice turns out less, than waste: from strawberry, cherry, a nectarine, a peach.

Try smus. From the fruits rich with cellulose, and also from the majority of berries it is possible to make dense and nutritious drink - smus which becomes by means of the blender, with addition of ice, honey, juice, yogurt, nuts. By the way, instead of ice in it it is possible to use the berries frozen in the summer. whether

needs to add sugar? Nutritionists do not advise it to do. For improvement of taste it is better to sweeten with honey. Too concentrated juice, for example, garnet, it is possible to dissolve with water slightly. Drink juice directly after an extraction - later time it loses the most part of useful substances. whether

Can prepare for

juice from a water-melon? Yes! Pink juice with wonderful fresh aroma well satisfies thirst. Juice of a water-melon can be frozen in the form of ice cubes for cocktail.

* * *

of Smusi from mango, banana and orange

Peel mango, remove a stone and together with the peeled banana place in the blender, make mashed potatoes. Wring out juice from 1 orange, mix with fruit puree and give.

Tomato juice with a celery and a cucumber


via the juice extractor 1/2 of a large cucumber, then 3 tomatoes and at the end of 2 sticks of a celery. Mix a stick of a celery and give.

Juice from spinach and carrots with a nutmeg


via the juice extractor 5 - 6 leaves of spinach and 3 cleared carrots, mix juice, at desire add a little lemon juice and a nutmeg pinch.

Juice with a melon and orange

Oranges clear

, divide into segments. Cut pulp of a melon in cubes. Pass everything via the juice extractor and give with ice cubes.

Juice with a water-melon and raspberry

of 500 g of pulp of a water-melon clear

of stones and prepare juice. Twist several branches of mint in a ball and too pass via the juice extractor. Wipe 200 g of raspberry through a sieve from stones and mix mashed potatoes with ready juice.