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Your child - the pupil of music school. Began part 2

How to stimulate musical occupations of the child? Question important and actual. The teacher can make a lot of things here, allowing to play plays which are pleasant to the pupil, organizing cool concerts, competitions, other performances. But the considerable role belongs also to parents.

House concerts

House concerts can be organized, for example, by family holidays, other festive dates. Children love such concerts, with pleasure prepare for them. And, not only strenuously repeating the musical program, but also making out invitation cards or independently inviting guests by phone. Here several councils for preparation for such concert.

- At first do not invite too many guests, but someone except house has to be obligatory. It increases the responsibility of the young performer.

- during a concert do not talk, do not do remarks, you do not pace the room. In a word, try to create the atmosphere of the real concert.

- the child As if did not play, award his game with an applause, tell the approving words. The young musician has to feel that his game is pleasant to others, brings to listeners pleasure.

- Especially children like joint concerts. For example, the grandmother sings. And the child accompanies. Or a duet with the brother or the sister who are trained on other tools. In some countries, especially, in Germany, family ensembles - long tradition. Children are specially tried to be taught game on different tools to create such ensembles.

When the first concert became the last
Here one history is remembered. 7 - summer Kolya, the pupil of the first class of music school on a violin class, with pleasure practised music. Enthusiastically told by phone to the father who was in business trip, about the occupations. Dreamed to show when that arrives what he learned.
And there came day of father`s arrival. Kolya strenuously repeated plays which learned, worried. After a dinner asked the father it to listen. But a concert did not turn out. After the first steps the father buried in the newspaper, and, upon termination of game, told, without coming off the newspaper:“ Than on this mess time to spend, better you would do swimming or karate“. Kolya escaped in tears and refused flatly occupations at music school.

Material incentive

As it unusually sounds, but the material incentive can sometimes become important incentive for occupations on a musical instrument. Not only some thing (bicycle, player or something else), but also just money. In Soviet period pedagogics (including, musical), bringing up the mythical, ideal person of the future for which money has insignificant value and which as it was sung in the famous bard song “goes behind fog“, in a categorical form rejected such incentives. Today`s life showed that sometimes they work.

Some parents told that they try to obtain success most simply.“ In each ten minutes of house occupations you receive so many rubles“.

As it not blasphemously sounds (communication with music in itself has to bring to the child joy), but sometimes similar “uneducational“ receptions, especially in the first year of training at the tool, in our opinion, are possible. Why?

the First period of training at the tool the most difficult especially for those who are trained on string instruments, a violin or a violoncello. If on a piano or an accordion the child, pressing a key, elicits more or less full-fledged sound at once, then the beginning violinist at first makes unpleasant, creaking sounds which irritate not only people around, but also the child. Therefore skilled teachers play for the beginning musicians more often, showing as remarkably the violin sounds actually. As if specifying the purpose to which it is necessary to aspire.

But the purpose the purpose, and children do not like to wait long. It is difficult for them to explain that to achieve a pleasant sound, it is necessary to play monotonous and boring exercises many. It contradicts the emotional, frightened difficulties, the nature of the kid striving for fast result. Here to the aid the material incentive also comes.

we will add

For calm of parents that this period lasts, rather not for long and that the sums of material stimulation can quite be symbolical.

Presence of parents at a lesson

Skilled teachers (especially at initial classes) allow parents to be present at a lesson, and sometimes even ask them about it. At first the kid badly remembers requirements of the teacher, is inattentive, easily distracts, and the fathers and mothers who were at a lesson can help the child to perform homework.

we Want to notice

that to be present at a lesson not so - that simply. Not all parents can sustain and not interfere with a lesson. For some fathers or mothers such “non-interference“ - big test. It seems to them that their child at a lesson behaves badly, it is extremely dull, tells to the teacher any nonsenses which are not relating to a lesson. Parents, especially often mothers who do not maintain a similar emotional stress meet and leave a class.

But if all - you sustained and is not sent away, then presence at a lesson can be very useful. You begin to understand requirements of the teacher, a mistake of the young musician directed by hands, gain an impression how the play which is studied by your child has to sound. Some parents in detail write down all remarks of the teacher and houses can competently help the son or the daughter.

If parents study

(learned) to play, then in this case the help to the child will be especially effective. We met fathers or mothers who in parallel with the child began to be engaged in game on the tool with private teachers or of the self-instruction manual. Sometimes not only better to help the son or the daughter, but also for own pleasure. In pedagogical sense it is aerobatics. Not only because parents begin to understand problems and difficulties of training in game at the tool, but also show a personal example as it is necessary to be engaged. The father who began to be engaged together with the son in 39 years, told: “We with 8 - the summer son Igor play the same plays and even we compete who better and quicker them will learn. Sometimes Igor, listening as I play, does remarks: „ You play This place too loudly “ or „ Here it is necessary to slow down “ etc. Sometimes remarks are done by me. At a house concert which took place recently we played duets ensemble... In general, now with the son we became the close friend of the friend...“

How to combine two schools? How to be in time all? Well “all“ - it we slightly got excited. In total is an obvious search... Some restrictions are necessary. The pupil of music school should refuse something. For example, from the computer games which are taking away a lot of time or from hours-long sitting in front of the TV. But all - it is possible to be in time much more if to adhere to a daily routine. More than once were convinced that a lot of time at those who live without such schedule recorded (it is important!) on paper, disappears unclear where. It is dissolved in fog. We claim that the child who is engaged at two schools has some temporary reserves.

Visit of musical concerts to Residents of the cities we advise


not to neglect such opportunity. It is more preferable if a concert takes place in the afternoon, and in the program classical music. One business - the music sounding on radio in record or even on the TV and absolutely another - the atmosphere of execution in a concert hall. When music is born that is called this minute when it is attentively listened by many people, the biofield of a musical unification, musical empathy is created special bright and festive if it is so possible to be expressed.

Many big musicians remembered that the first and most considerable children`s musical impressions were connected just with such public concerts. Especially children love concerts in which young musicians play. For example, reporting concerts of music schools.

Several councils which, perhaps, will be useful to you

Try to prepare the kid for a concert: tell, whenever possible, shortly and well about the executed works, the composer, the performer.

do not force the child to sit all concert if it is boring for it and it is torn to leave.

After a concert share impressions. Ask what works most of all were pleasant to the kid. It will help to go to concerts at which the works corresponding to taste of your child are executed subsequently.

Should not conduct the kid on a concert if he does not want it. As a rule, from such violence nothing acceptable is impossible.

Are sure by

of the Relation of the teacher and parents that continuous and close contact between parents and the teacher is absolutely necessary. Because training in game at the tool - business especially individual, excluding standards, programs, the general rules. Because the teacher to build the correct line of conduct, has to know specific features of the pupil: character, temperament, tendencies, a situation in a family. Features which nobody knows better than parents.

on the other hand, the music teacher having not only it is professional - pedagogical preparation, but also experience of communication with much by children, can prompt to parents, how exactly they can help with occupations by music to their son or the daughter.

However, our pedagogical experience shows that not only parents study at teachers or teachers study at parents, but sometimes both those, and others study at children. Study at pupils. Which have the logic, the look, the understanding of life.

About it was told by someone from ancient:“ I learned much at the mentors, to something - at the companions, but most of all - at the pupils“.