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Mother on rollers???

Fashionable hobby

Rollers - nearly the most fashionable hobby of a new century. In the large cities of Russia they promptly turn from luxury into a vehicle, supplement and even force out the bicycle. Rollers allow to move quickly and actively - in it their charm. They are mobile (take not enough place), are easily put on and, at last, allow to play sports in city boundaries, and it is not obligatory in park. Rollers - attribute of the citizen of an era of a postmodern.

And tasty it is also useful for

“Why they me?!“ - young mummies 2 - hmesyachny kids will exclaim.“ Where I will put on them? Yes I and that am not able to ride -“. To me is what to object: in - the first, skilled parents will tell you that rollers - it is infectious, as they say, “having tried time“... So it is better to be prepared morally in advance. Your child, most likely, will fall in love with rollers. Better if to study there will be on them it before your vigilant eye. And it is even safer - to ride together. Roads, cars - generally, you understand.

Besides, movement on rollers - the best postnatal gymnastics as all muscles which stood or stretched during pregnancy work. Perfectly the respiratory system works. The high-speed skating not only is useful. It brings the mass of pleasures: fatigue pleasant to a body and slackness. In - the third, there are so-called “rollers - transformers“ which size can be corrected. They are adjusted to the grown-up leg of your offspring. Their universality will allow to serve truly not only to you and your firstborn, but also the second child and even to neighbour`s kids. There are also models with removable wheels - they are very much loved by active fathers: the visit of shop turns into a joyful adventure, and on an entrance rollers turn... in usual boots.

blood boils, forces surplus

Quite unique offer is for mummies - fans of extreme sports. It is possible to skate on roller-skaters (slowly and sadly, of course) and with a carriage (yes, with that huge carriage for newborns). It is quite safe if to choose places quieter (parks, for example) and the speed beseeming mother of family. But the main condition - mother has to be not the fan, and a scooter - the professional. The author of these lines, having behind shoulders 5 - summer experience of figure skating and 3 years of driving on rollers, practiced in this sport repeatedly. Believe, it is very cheerful and extraordinary.

Hurry up


Experiments not all love. Therefore someone will like “to ride in couple more“: the father holds the kid, you ride and vice versa. By the way, children very much like to watch quickly moving and cheerful mother. At the same time and the child develops sight!

As any sport, driving on rollers has the rules. The knowledge of these simple recommendations will allow you to prevent injuries and to save on purchase of new rollers. So:

the Rule 1

Protection longer - confidence is more than


Rollers - a dangerous sport! At violation of safety measures of a trauma are inevitable. Therefore, buying rollers, do not forget about protection: helmet, kneecaps and elbow pieces. Do not save on health. While you or your child studies you will often ride, fall.

the Rule 2

Beware of the car!

Where and how to ride? During a season (April - October) it is better to choose quiet streets, it is desirable - parks, but also the yard will approach. The main thing - is careful with cars! Water can damage to roller wheels therefore during a rain it is better not to ride, considering also reasons of safety, - is slippery! The earth and sand - not the best coverings for this sport.

So and what to do in the winter? In Moscow on Tula exists remarkable covered rollerdry. The small platform with a special rubber covering - the ideal place for beginners (it is not so sick to fall, eat at whom to study). The center enjoys wide popularity - on the weekend on an entrance it is possible to see turn. It is possible to come also with the rollers and to take them in hire. Therefore it is ideal to visit rollerdry all family.

the Rule 3

When to begin?

Here. Children can try to be put on rollers at the end of the second - the beginning of the third year. If it is not pleasant - try once again in a year. As for parents, my familiar professor to whom for 40, for the first time rose on rollers this year. It is a pleasure to ride with it. No complexes concerning so late start at it arose. This sport practically has no restrictions, except your attitude towards them and your health.

Rollers buy by

of Rules 4 qualitative. Cheap collapse very quickly (it is checked on experience), and wheels on them and bearings cost much. You will be tired to change them.

to Learn to skate on roller-skaters it is possible only in process. It as with skis and swimming - the theory makes sense in combination with practice. Therefore be not afraid to begin, to experiment and passing to you winds!