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How to choose a children`s car seat?

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a children`s car seat? The correct answer to this question is written down in the Russian traffic regulations: in transit kids in the car use of the special holding devices is obligatory. Unfortunately, how it is correct to choose a car seat for your kid, nothing is written to traffic regulations. Now we will try to meet this lack and to answer the most widespread questions.

How to choose a chair for the child of 3 years?

to go behind purchase, knowing only age of the kid, it is not absolutely correct: kids of one age can differ significantly from each other. For this reason, choosing a car seat, it is necessary to pay attention not only to age, but also to the child`s weight. Depending on age and the weight of kids for whom this or that model is intended all children`s chairs are divided into several age groups. Each model considers anatomic features of children of this or that age category to provide the maximum protection against surprises on the way. You should not buy a chair “for growth“ - except for models - transformers which “grow“ together with the child. Correctly picked up sitting will allow to hold the child on the place at collision or sharp braking and considerably will soften lateral blows. To find out what group your child treats, the consultant will help with shop or our table:

the Name of group Approximate age the child`s Weight the Way of installation
Group 0 From the birth till 6 months Less than 10 kg. Sideways to the movement course
Group 0+ From the birth till 1 year Less than 13 kg. -faced against the movement course
Group I From 9 months to 4 years of 9 - 18 kg. -faced on the course or against the movement course
Group II From 3 months to 7 years of 15 - 25 kg. -faced in the direction of travel
Group III From 6 months to 12 years of 22 - 36 kg.

How to choose the best from a set of models?


, the best model, one and only for all - all - all just does not exist. At least because will be suitable for the concrete car not everyone avtokreset: the universal models equally suitable for a small city car and the huge SUV, do not exist yet. The main problem - in distinction of ways of fastening of a chair in salon.

of Possible options only three. The first: the chair supplied with own belts for fixation of position of the child is attached to sitting by a standard seat belt. The second: sitting together with the child is kept by regular seat belts of your car. The third: the Isofix system when the chair is attached directly to the car case by means of two speakers of arms. The last option is possible not for all models of cars. So if there is such opportunity, at once, together with sellers, try to fix a chair in your car. In that case, you should not spend time for return or an exchange of already bought thing.

what to pay attention to?

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In - the first, the car seat is not just additional accessory, this necessary security measure from unpleasant surprises. The main thing in a car seat is its reliability and safety, so, at the choice it is worth giving preference to models which passed crash - the test and have necessary certificates. The model chosen by you has to conform to strict standards of safety of UNECE № 44 and Russian GOST 41. 44 - 2005. There are also other, very important points which need to be taken into account.

Lateral protection. Safety of the kid completely depends on design features of a chair. The more the head restraint also is deeper than a sidewall, the protection against unpleasant surprises is more reliable.

Covers of seats. Cotton in this case not the best option. Such cover is quickly wiped and can sit down when washing. Modern synthetic materials are very reliable and comfortable.

Fastening. the Special Isofix (LATCH) system provides more reliable fastening of a chair in salon, however has the shortcomings. Such models are suitable not for all brands of cars, they also are of heavier more expensive than chairs which fasten seat belts.

car seat Weight. The easier - the better. Even if this is not about an autocradle for babies which can be used as carrying, the child seat should be moved often from place to place. For example, if the car is not necessary on the closed secured parking, the chair should be taken away for the night from salon home.

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of of Graco junior maxi comfort

Additional adjustments. Small children often fall asleep on the way therefore an opportunity to regulate an inclination of a back is of great importance. For example, at car seats II and III groups of the Maxi brands - Cosi or Graco the tilt angle can be established in one of several positions - from a sitting position to a prone position. A number of models is also regulated on sitting width. Changeable height of a back - one more option allowing to increase the term of operation of a chair. At some models of chairs of the Bebe Confort brand of a back are capable “to grow“ by 10 - 14 cm.

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of of Bebeton, I-III group

Transformers. Similar models can be used for many years. For example, the transformer - a novelty of the Bebeton brand is suitable for children of three age groups at once. This model has an internal insert with own seat belts for transportation of kids of 1 year, the deep sitting with a head restraint and protective boards intended for children from 3 to 7 years and a removable back which turns a chair into sitting - the booster for school students.

the question Price

the Qualitative thing not necessarily has to be the most expensive in shop. So, choosing a car seat for your child, you can get comfortable and safe model, without overpaying for excess options. Some expensive car seats are equipped with little tables, frames for fastening of toys - mobiles, the earphones and other devices which are built in a head restraint which are very pleasant, but have no relation to safety of the child. At the same time, in the market there are a lot of brands offering reliable and comfortable models for reasonable price. At the same time the economy is reached not due to quality of the used materials - otherwise, the model just will not pass necessary certification. Choosing the budgetary model, parents just do not overpay for the pleasant excesses which are not influencing reliability of the device in any way.

Alexey Voskoboynik, the head of department a product - management, a retail network “Toy Store“:

“The children`s car seat will help to avoid many troubles, but in itself 100% a guarantee of a safe trip are not.

Even the most expensive, but incorrectly established car seat will not help

with an accident case. Before fixing a child seat in inside of the car, attentively study the instruction for installation.

Some models of car seats can be established to

both on back, and on forward sitting. But you remember that the chair is forbidden to be put on the places equipped with a safety cushion. As a last resort this option has to be disconnected prior to the beginning of a trip with the child.

be convinced by

Before a start of motion that all passengers in your car are fastened by seat belts. In case of accident not fastened passenger constitutes big danger to the child.

do not put anything on a torpedo and on the back shelf of the car. If there is opportunity, place all freights in a luggage carrier. All things transported in salon have to be reliably fixed.


If in the car provided function of blocking of door locks, always use it that children could not open a car door from within independently.

Never leave the child in the car unguarded. “