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Happiness waits ahead of

As now I remember the first meeting, the first appointment, the first kiss, the first night. At the husband the calendar card with noted date still lies! It is younger than me, and I was at it the first.

A ahead of us was waited by army. In day when it was called, I learned that I am pregnant. I knew it, felt, but all the same started howling. And when he learned, began to say that early, it will not be two years, and I cried and apologized to the child for the fact that it will have no father. He called back, apologized, said that he loves and asked to wait for him. And then there was a conversation with parents, heavy conversation. There were both shouts, and tears.

me performed on

On the term of 8 weeks operation, put a pacemaker. All worried: both parents, and doctors, and future husband. I trusted in doctors and the intuition, at us it turned out. As it was good, after that to go for ultrasonography and to see how the heart of the kid fights!

expectation of a miracle, visits of policlinic, testing began then

A. I constantly swore at the doctor: she was afraid of my diagnosis and responsibility, all the time wanted me to put in hospital, and I did not obey her, in hospital did not want, worked and went on appointments to darling.

I Store still those letters which were written to me by the beloved. When it became heavy, sat down and re-read them. It is a pity that it is a little of them, not all letters reached me, and it is even less from me to it. And it happens! As we lacked our daddy: when looked at pregnant women who came with husbands, and they touchingly supported them, there was a wish to howl, but said to herself that I knew what I go on, and it is only necessary to suffer!

A then. There was a beginning of October, and we went to get married! Till the last moment did not know, there will be a wedding or not. Did not want to release in dismissal, but with the God`s help everything turned out. We became the husband and the wife, but only before God, it happened to undersign to us a month later. But it was given 4 days of dismissal. The pleasure was not a limit. Next day after a list we anticipated the forthcoming festive feast, a meeting with friends, and then we learned that my father had an accident. Thank God that the husband was near these minutes.

When it became better than

for the father, there was a question of maternity hospital. I was not wanted to be taken anywhere, being afraid of my diagnosis, and here at last I found the doctor who is ready to accept me. I wrote to the husband about it and told that I will give rise and I will lie there until you do not take away me.

was Given rise by me in frosty and snow evening, in day in which I so did not want to give birth - on January 25, in day of Tatyana, in my day. But as they say, you will not thrust it back. Gave birth to the daughter, charming and beautiful, very similar to the father. However, our father learned about the daughter`s birth not that day, and not from me. He left on a field exit, and the commander before all group congratulated him that, it seems to me, too is unforgettable! And here to take away us to it it did not turn out.

the baby had a suppuration of the plaintive channel, and we from maternity hospital were transported in children`s hospital so our father all the holiday went to visit us.

the First meeting happened in hospital too. And for this thanks to doctors who understood our position. The husband was afraid of it to take on hands and when took - did not want to release. Hard and now to remember our parting after holiday when it had to come back to barracks again. Tears were not only at me... And again expectation of a meeting, but we already waited for it together and forever!

I we will have first anniversary soon: five years of joint life. Our daughter becomes a beauty, and I, remembering the pregnancy, I endure infinite happiness, happiness from the fact that they are a daughter and the husband - at me is!