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Long live, king!

can be argued and spoken About merits and demerits of our medicine much, but I am glad, as in our medicine there were doctors from God and fans of the business...

Calling of the woman - to be mother, and everyone will agree with me that the age here does not matter at all. With age you treat it much more seriously, it is not an instinct of a reproduction any more, and, probably, something is higher - at the level of consciousness.


Ya I am glad that could repeat it at more mature age. At me two daughters of 22 and 16 years from first marriage grow. I am happy in this regard, but that feminists did not speak, an enormous role in our life is played by the man. Four years ago in my life there was a person near whom you begin to understand that it is really possible to find “half“. In September, 2007 I understood that I am pregnant though all convinced me that after the second “Caesarian“ 16 years ago and adhesive processes at me secondary infertility.

All pregnancies at me at my AV (IV) Rh (otritsa.) proceeded normally: neither toxicoses, nor threats. But the age everything is influences the course of pregnancy. From 5 months I was registered on full prelying of a placenta, but I somehow did not apprehend it seriously. I as the physician was disturbed by protein and hypostases on the 7th month — a scourge of most of pregnant women. Put me at the end of April, 2007 in the 7th maternity hospital of SAO (Moscow). Except words of gratitude I will be able to tell nothing about personnel and the office. Double chambers, a shower, food balanced, inspection - everything was pleasant to me. My little girls came to me to chamber on days off.

Exactly here began to sound alarm concerning prelying of a placenta. And they the first made the diagnosis “rotation of a placenta“.

After work in reanimation me in this life cannot already be frightened nothing. And to this diagnosis I treated without panic: if I till 7,5 months reached without bleedings, so everything will be good.

In two weeks maternity hospital was closed on a sink, and I on “ambulance“ was transported in the Center of planning of a family and reproduction on Sevastopol. Put in office of pathology. The manager Maria Vladimirovna Nikishina - terrestrial, absolutely not star woman with a beautiful smile, with a gray hair, which to it to the person, and the professional of the business. To them I was brought on May 4, and operation was appointed on 3, then to June 4, 2008 in the beginning. Having so rare blood type and bleeding after the second “Caesarian“, I tried to prepare for unplanned surprises somehow: two times took for herself a blood test.

on June 3, and me Maria Vladimirovna and the whole team of doctors began to operate with morning on June 4. And here everything began: the placenta really grew into a uterus bottom. The anesthesia was local, all operation floated in literal and figurative sense before eyes. Bleeding began. At once called Mark Arkadyevich Kurtser. Even I cannot pick up the word which will characterize this person. The genius, talent, clever fingers - it is not enough. They fought over me 2 hours, I somewhere failed when a lot of blood followed, came back. I was “entertained“ all the time by the manager of anesthesiology and reanimation Andrey Vladimirovich. Saw Sashka as in fog, told the weight and growth, but I had no forces even to touch it: when “was last time disconnected“, heard that blood loss 3500. Very much the device “Saul Selver“ helped: it as the vacuum cleaner sucks in blood, filters, and it is entered at once back. All operation was removed, and I am glad that young specialists will see how it is necessary to work. Because, I will not be afraid it to tell, at such operation removal of a uterus inevitably. And Mark Arkadyevich brought together her as a soccerball to save my organism from presenilation.

Then, and I tried on myself everything that I did to others. Pleasant it is not enough, but it is tolerant. You know what surprised me: when I told about an antibiotic of new generation of “Tavanik“, Mark Arkadyevich himself brought packing in reanimation. A bottle one costs more than 2 thousand. When he departed abroad to business trip, called and asked twice a day about my state. I think that all of them were afraid that I am goner: the father of my child was passed to me in reanimation. But all - I am “lioness“ - a big cat.

In 4 days me was transferred to office. Thought, in two days action of antibiotics will end, and I will begin to feed synulyu. Milk was, decanted and poured out. Sashunka slept with me in chamber, and this small lump did not strain me absolutely. Everything was good, but for the seventh days temperature rose at night, new antibiotics went, internal seams on the uterus began to inflame. Kurtser two times cleaned, drained. It was sepsis. From time to time were no forces absolutely, became the broken trough. Function of kidneys was broken and hypostasis of vitals went. My children and Andrey came, and it was the real support. You know, I then understood: as if we, women, did not love the man, but we have no right to risk ourselves. I saw how my girls are afraid to lose me, and it allowed me to fight forces. Thank you, my gentle, for support.


was the most adult baby at an extract: 19 days. Wrote out us in birthday of the average daughter - on June 23.

Now Sashunke already 1 g 3 months. I oklematsya slowly, however, the first 2 months did not manage to pass through the road to green light - legs did not carry. The only thing what I regret about that could not nurse it: from temperature everything fused and forces were not something to do. Antibiotics one is stronger than another.

Here such I had childbirth. But I write for two reasons. I want to tell.

of the Woman, understand that pregnancy is not an illness, but a state. All of us know what all of us go on, leaving the child. Also it is not necessary to find fault with our medicine, describing the relation and all other in black paints. “Life for ten percent consists of what you in it do, and on ninety - from this as you accept it“. It was told by Maugham.

But main thing the second. I want to tell huge “thanks“ to all who helped to remain to me in this world - to our physicians, TsPSIR collective, all doctors and nurses who suffer us, a little inadequate in that state. But, of course, the biggest gratitude to the captain of this big professional collective - to Kurtser Mark Arkadyevich. Thanks clever fingers and humanity. Long live, king! Long live!