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I am the happiest mother!

Oh, thought - guessed about what childbirth to tell, was not defined... Also decided to write how three a moss of children were born.

I Became pregnant in 20 years, happiness was full trousers! And still, years with 14 I already dreamed of children, kept thinking that I will have a big family. I did not think of future profession as my schoolmates, I was concerned more by a question when I marry and will give birth to children. And here, having married and having learned about the most very interesting situation, I was very proud and madly happy! Went very hard, 3 months did not get up from toxicosis, and then from powerlessness because I ate nothing and if something managed to be swallowed, so it was not late more than 5 minutes there. The whole day I lay at home one. Somehow fell asleep, and I dream my late father, there is he in a white suit and hands are pulled, but I do not approach - I am afraid. Here he says quietly so: “Go!“ Where “go“? Why “go“? I did not ask, but all woke up in cold sweat. Such fear captured me, horror dreadful, I run from a bed jumped off and I tear up for the street, well from where forces only undertook, I do not know. Jumped out, even blinked - the summer stood, warmly so, beauty... I raise the head - so beautiful sky, it is gentle - blue, the sun bright. I feel, it becomes bad to me, reached a shop, I sit, I enjoy, here and apples yellow near at hand sweet such, generally, came off on apples in three months. Could not rise then, and stayed till the evening until the husband came.

we Lived at that time in Kazakhstan, but I was registered in Russia, from us to the city hour of driving by an electric train. All prophesied me the boy supposedly and a stomach at you sharp, and eat meat, and I really ate only bananas, instant noodles and meat, could not look at all the rest. To me all the same was who will be born if only healthy! On ultrasonography could not make out. I it seems also agreed with all, but had the return at heart. Doctors predicted to me “Caesarian“ since the basin was very narrow, I for some reason was afraid of operation. Every day inspired in itself that I will give birth. Time I became pregnant, so it is necessary to take out everything that is from above given to the woman.

the Seventh month I passed

with opening on “two fingers“, and at the end of the seventh month fights began. To see, my organism did not sustain such torture. In 12 nights I awake the husband, I speak: “Let`s not to sleep together“. Looked at me, of course, eyes not really - that quick-witted, but rose. My favourite cat Vanka woke up too. If I laid down, sat from above on a stomach, is direct knew that to me it is painful very much. I could not wait for 6 hours since we did not find the car to go, and it was necessary to wait for an electric train. Closer to 6 we pokovylyal to mother, did not manage to approach a gate, and she opens doors, speaks:“ I woke up at night and could not fall asleep, at once thought of you“. Here it, maternal intuition, even in the sleep works.

it Went with me, and in an electric train so flattens me, all see and understand, but from same it is not easier for me! Fights become more and more regular. What is strange, at the time of peak if there passed a man, I was ready to tear to pieces it. When released, whispered to mother: “What the hell they go here!“ The taxi took us to hospital of minutes for five, I speak to mother: “I will not go, I will not eat yet“. Such appetite was played, was ready to eat an elephant, mother brought to the dining room at hospital, I stuffed pies in a mouth, and told: “Time!“

Allocated for

me in prenatal, the girl under a dropper lay there, I such horror on her face periodically read that I about the pain forgot. I suffered still an hour, during this time managed to unstick a wash basin from a tile, itself I will not understand how it turned out, and beds to rearrange. And here I heard the first “tender“ words of the midwife... But I did not pay attention to it, and at all saw nobody... I being afraid to touch, slightly supported the daughter, a small krokhotulka... She lay on my stomach and so tenderly sucked a mother`s milk... This such sense of euphoria, it is impossible to express in words! I think, all mummies will agree with me! I named the daughter Elvira. Now my pleasure already big, and sometimes me it becomes terrible that a little more time will pass, and it will become independent, will leave to build the life, will become itself mother... So sadly and in too time it is joyful, but there`s nothing to be done, it is life!

When to the daughter was 3 years old, I learned that I will become a mother again. It is very big pleasure, this happiness when you expect a desired baby... But the heartless, stale small fry to whom, probably, it is not allowed to learn the real motherhood can select this happiness!

Pregnancy proceeded on “five“, I decently grew fat, and I had very big tummy and round.“ On the girl“, - mother told, but I was sure that there will be a son! At that time we moved to Russia, but I did not obtain citizenship yet. Was registered for a fee, came to reception and gave 100 rubles to the doctor. So passed all 40 weeks. And not just passed, and, one may say, it was wasted with documents since all term went from Russia to Kazakhstan and vice versa. It is impossible to predict in what day will be impatient to you... Therefore in advance to pay in cash desk to give birth in Russia (I will remind, I could give birth only for a fee because I was a citizen of Kazakhstan), considered silly, I can and give rise in Kazakhstan. Money was for those times big for us.

Me took

on April 12, the day before there arrived mother, again felt. And again in 12 nights I awake the husband, he calls a taxi, and we go. The first trouble - us from hospital the manager expels:“ Go under a fence give birth, it was necessary to pay in advance in cash desk that problems were not then!“ The husband puts money: “Take, we did not manage to pay!“ And it in any! My fights are stronger and stronger, childbirth was prompt, and she gets a think hide, pushes in a back and drives. The husband swears, the akusherochka persuades it too, at me in eyes grows turbid, I feel that someone drags me. And it is the second midwife undresses, dresses, the first rewrites something from my book, I do not remember how there was it on a table. I remember that squeezed strongly legs not to give rise in a corridor. Came round from shout of the midwife who awoke the children`s doctor what his majesty would approach me. Difficultly to write me now, it seems so many years passed...

Then departured again somewhere, I open eyes... There is a husband in a dressing gown, I also did not recognize it at once, thought, one more doctor. To me prick some pricks... I look, and Leshka has red eyes, irons my hand. The manager with cries flies: “On which to me before check this „ visyak “ it is necessary!“ I begin to understand that there is no son, my Andryushki is absent! And I have such tranquility and indifference as if and it is necessary. I fell asleep, and woke up in chamber on 10 people in the morning, and I lay one! Not to describe my state... And I do not want to describe, I to the most sworn enemies if such are, will never wish it to worry... The neck of the kid was wound by a short umbilical cord, plus I clamped it. If quickly everything was made, now I was three times as much happy mummy...


A last year at me gave birth one more sonny - Romochka, sweetie pie radiant!

my children for me is an air, I them breathe! It is my life! This the most expensive that I have, and is necessary nothing for me more!

Probably, I wrote much, do not swear... Girls, future mummies! Enjoy the “interesting situation“, think of the kid, of the krovinochka... And all the rest will be put, pregnancy is such pleasant moment in life that then very much you miss it... Good luck to you!