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Ideal doll - self-made!

the Child perceives the outside world through objects which surround it. The interior, ware, clothes, any house utensils influence mentality, intelligence, the emotional sphere of the little person.

what adult it will become depends On what surrounds the child in the childhood. Toys which the child - not an exception plays.

Each of us remembers the favourite toy. Some store them as a happy mascot all life. Therefore hardly anyone - nibud will argue with the fact that the choice of a toy - business of extreme importance.

In shops of ideal dolls is not sold. They can be sewed the hands from cotton fabric and to fill wool.

even worked parts of a body are not obligatory for

And a doll for the one-year-old child. It is only enough to designate the head, hands, legs. The Hollywood smile is not necessary too. The child himself will solve: his daughter laughs or cries.

For the child legs are more senior than

, the doll has to have more issued hands. On such doll it is already possible to sew clothes.

the Traditional rag national doll whom in old times mothers did grandmothers or children from rags, straw, a simple yarn or other improvised materials is very kind and useful toy.

the Doll is a display of the person, with its help we look for own “I“. The Shity doll is intended in order that played it, it was loved, embraced her.

These dolls are made by

of natural materials - wool, cotton, silk and are filled by 100% the natural, nepryadeny, washed-out sheep wool.

Natural sheep wool - light, rather elastic material, eco-friendly, hygienic, it does a doll warm, soft, moderately elastic and very cozy.

Use of natural materials is very essential

to healthy development of the child. The Tyazhelenky, soft doll which “mother“ presses to herself promotes attachment formation, she receives from a doll something in exchange.

Children to much study

by means of touch. They touch different surfaces and structures, love, filling up, to hold something soft. If the doll to the touch does not differ from the machine or the boat, the child loses a set of impressions. The fact that a doll soft and simple, and eyes and a mouth at it are only planned by points gives the chance to finish drawing to the child everything that is not enough for it. The neutral look of a doll allows to join to children`s imagination and to present a doll smiling, crying or sleeping depending on mood of the kid.

All work becomes manually. It is caused by those tasks which face a toy. At the same time, this circumstance does it unique, special. The child with confidence can call such doll of the - such anybody does not have the second.

the doll intends For each age. The child is younger, the doll, and respectively can be less concrete, than is more senior, especially detailed is a shape of a doll.

of the Doll for children from 0 to 3 years

After 6 - 7 months when the kid begins to murmur, not just repeating after adults of the word, but accurately expressing the desires and emotions, he begins to repeat also all manipulations which are done by mother.

Mother plays

with it, feeds, lulls - the baby will try to make the same with the toys. At this time in hands the kid has to have his first doll.

And not only at girls, but also at boys too: each child, irrespective of a floor, lives in this age an image of the person.

Let the first doll only bears a faint resemblance to the person, but it has many “elements“ for game.

Such simple toy gives to the kid many feelings - different structure and a surface of material (a flannel and a chintz), the firm head and soft legs, quiet, but all - different, shades of color. It is convenient to hold it in hand, it easy, soft to the touch.

Such toy promotes development of tactile sensitivity of the child. And, of course, those favourite small knots which fight endlessly... Usually nodular dolls become “without the person“ - the kid every time itself will “finish drawing“, “thinking“ about the necessary mood for the toy.

Such doll it is easy for them to make


  1. a small square of flannel fabric (45 cm x 45 cm).
  2. insert rather elastic ball which is densely dumped from a woolen ches Into core. Tighten, straighten fabric - at you the doll head turned out. Fix the head by threads.
  3. Other corners of a square - two handles and the lower part of “body“ - tie
  4. small knots.
  5. the First doll is made “without the person“, but with a cap of a cool chintz; it is similar to the kid: the head of it quite big and firm, and “hands“ and “legs“ which - are not really coordinated soft.
it will be good

After 8 - 9 months if in life of the child there is the following doll with which the kid will sleep and play. This toy will serve not one year, perhaps, will become the most favourite of all.


For children of this age are suitable dolls in attached clothes. At this age children do not show interest in change of dresses, and in this plan for them it is the most suitable toy.

It is made by

of soft cotton nice on the touch and filled by natural wool. Such doll very soft, and the small child, filling up, with pleasure will lay such doll nearby.

the Hairdress at a doll has to be simpler that the child could not spoil it. whether

Can replace with something a doll - for example, soft toys? Options, of course, are possible, but do not forget that the absolute majority of modern soft toys is made of synthetic fabrics which are “dust collectors“. Look for toys from a chintz, terry fabric - they “live“, “warm“. Also it is desirable without the plastic heads: not really pleasantly in a dream to nestle on heartless cold plastic.

of the Doll for children of 3 years

of Shitaya the doll in clothes which are suitable for children of 2 - 3 years is made of jersey of corporal color, it can have a size any. Such doll can quite make alternative to a Barbie doll. With such the average sizes dolls kids are on friendly terms in large quantities years, fall asleep with them side by side. For such doll it is good to choose skin color, an eye and a hair as at the child.

Such doll repeats a human image, and in this parameter has no analogs. At production of a doll all human proportions are observed. The head of a doll is formed in a special way: it is made of wool, but by more dense stuffing similarity of a human body in which the head is firmer than other parts of a body is created.

This balance between stuffing of the head and body of a doll which is brought closer to natural is almost not observed by

in modern dolls. Rag entirely consist of soft materials, and plastic - completely rigid.

the Minimalism in features of a doll does not affect with

aggressively the imagination of the child, allowing it to develop freely, actively in the course of game. The child is free to conjecture some features of a doll, a mimicry, emotions.

the Mood is not consolidated by

on a face of a doll in the form of a constant smile, it can change at the request of the child. Psychologically such toy is emotionally neutral.

the doll natural sheep wool which is optimum material for children`s toys Jams. Advantage of natural wool before stuffing from synthetic fibers it is obvious. But stuffing from cotton fibers (too natural material) is also undesirable: cotton wool - is much heavier than wool and therefore quickly falls down.

Hair are made of a wool or cotton yarn, in a special way, without use of glue are fixed on the doll head, but, nevertheless, is very strong and durable. Including head skin raying through hair is excluded.

- girls the hairdress is not fixed by

At dolls steadily, it is possible to brush, braid braids, to dream with a doll hairdress. The hair color is approximate to natural that also promotes formation of the correct image.

the Clothes of a doll are taken off by

: it is possible to dress, undress, think out new dresses.

the Toy with which the child has continuous tactile contact has to be created by

according to fundamental laws of a structure since the child has to have the correct representation, a harmonious image of the person - guarantee of future mental and physical health. In it therapeutic influence of a doll consists.

the Doll made manually induces the kid and his parents to actions - there is a wish to sew and knit for it clothes, to equip “residence“, most to do toy furniture. What cannot be told about dolls purchased: for game with them all “objects“ want be not to done, namely to buy... That the kid fully played with a doll, there has to be a game space for this purpose: a doll it is necessary to feed, put to bed, bathe. Do not forget to make “lodge“ for a doll, using a box or a basket.